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Code of Conduct

Since Mortal Online is a sandbox game, a multitude of features emerge that were not originally intended, however not all of those things are considered exploits, nor are we able to lay down a general rule-set that would allow us to adequately enforce the rules on the server. Therefore we will follow a policy where exploits are explicitly stated, and any further occurrence will be actively punished. Exploits will be removed from the list once they have been resolved by the developers, and placed in a history list, so that if it is suddenly again possible to do, all players still have reference to what was considered an exploit in the past. It will be up to the players to know and keep themselves up to date as to what is considered an exploit, and a lack of knowledge doesn’t alleviate one from punishment. Therefore if you are not sure about a new mechanic, petition a GM to be sure.
  • All players must comply with instructions given by the in-game staff
  • Any issue with in-game staff is to be reported to the Game Master at [email protected]
  • Duping of any kind will result in a permanent ban
  • In order to take action GM’s require adequate proof, or bear witness to an event
  • Players who had multiple petitions filed against them will be actively monitored
  • Confirmed exploiting of any kind will result in a ban
  • Please do not use Keeps to AFK store anything, currently they are not safe.
The Following are Considered Exploits:
  • Resurrecting through a palisade wall
  • Resurrecting another player inside of a structure from the outside
  • Accessing a structure without the use of a key, or in any other illegal fashion
  • The Roof of a Keep is considered as part of the “Inside of the Structure”
  • Remaining inside of a locked structure that you are not a friend of upon logout.
  • Climbing a palisade wall
  • Spamming friend request
  • Using a fledgling character for safe storage or transport
  • Blocking entrances with pets in towns
  • Light bugging the pure darkness of the caves in order to gain any advantage.
  • Not allowed to lure the npc’s long distances and use them from there original location
The Game Master’s reserve the right to teleport any player into a dungeon for questioning, or to give a verbal warning to any watch-list player at any time. The list of exploits is only to resolve ambiguity on disputed mechanics, if it is not explicitly listed here does not automatically make it allowed.


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