Developer Update

Progress update


Thought I would take some time to update you on what we have been working on and what will be coming to you in the next patch.
If you didn’t already know, the last patches have been mainly pure bug-fixing deals.
A lot of old issues have been sorted out and lots of annoying bugs such as the pet pathing have been greatly improved.
This has been great and it’s a good feeling to thin out the internal bug-tracker a bit.

The Friend List
One annoying issue we have on live right now is that friend-lists don’t exactly work perfectly. Earlier this week I rebuilt that system from the ground up so that it scales better when you have a lot of friends.
While doing this I also added support for adding/removing friends who aren’t online. The new system also cleans up your friend-list in a better way if someone deletes their character.

Thank you all for the great feedback we have received on the new VOIP system!
In the next patch we will make it even better and hopefully make it easier for you to contact other players using VOIP.
We had added a lot of UI features to help VIOP users, e.g. you can now see if other players have VOIP active by targeting them.
You also have your own UI icon that shows you when you are sending voice out, this plus a couple of technical improvements such as threaded connect and disconnect from the VOIP will hopefully make the experience even better for you.
Oh, and people without a connected mic can now connect to VOIP server too but obviously can’t talk.

Mount spawner changes
One issue we have heard a lot of people talking about is the fact that taming in the wild is incredibly uncommon now that breeders have gotten to the point where they can safely breed incredible mounts using their own pool of mounts.
This somewhat impacts the rest of game as less people will be found in the wild than before.

So in a attempt to get more tamers out there we have added a 10% chance that the mount spawned by a spawner in the wild is “exceptional”.
Exceptional mounts get a flat 10% boost to all their stats ignoring the max-cap for their mount type.
This mutation does NOT transfer when bred, so the only way to get a exceptional mount is to find it in the wild.

Mine changes
Well this is a hot topic. For a long time people have complained that the mines introduced with Territory Control simply gives too much resources with too little effort.
We have in response balanced and tweaked numbers trying to reduce the rampant use of these mines but with very little success.
So it’s time for a change: mines will no longer actually produce ore, instead they will aid players who mine close to them.
This is a rather large change but we feel that it’s necessary for the game.

Other changes
These changes, balance changes and much more are currently being tested on the test-server and as soon as we get the OK we will send it all out to you.
There are also a lot of smaller changes: drawing papers should now work again, stats window will show you progress until you reach the next title, etc.
Also, we added a new strange relic that has a chance to drop. :)
Note that it’s all still in development and things can still change!


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