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Donate to the development of Mortal Online

When you donate to Mortal Online’s development, you’re helping us reach for the game’s incredible potential in many ways. When you purchased Mortal Online and paid subscription fees we only receive a small fraction of that income; however, with donations 100% of all funds go directly into Mortal Online’s continued development! At the end of each month, that month’s top donor will get a one on one interview with Henrik to get your questions answered. These will be posted for all to see. “The packages do not stack”

Goal met

Character Animation

May Leader
X X.
  1. William N.
  2. Wreml
  3. Thetruezazka
  4. Martti A.
  5. Aralis
  6. KilLox
  7. Diphling
  8. Reina T.
  9. Ryan S.
  10. .
  • Custom forum title, “Cuprum Supporter”
  • Custom forum title, “Silver Supporter”
  • One month free gametime
  • Custom forum title, “Gold Supporter”
  • Two months free gametime
  • Tindremic loin cloth, orange (account-wide)
  • Custom forum title, “Cronite Supporter”
  • Three months free gametime
  • Tindremic loin cloth, white (account-wide)
  • In-game title, “the Kind” (account-wide)
  • Custom forum title, “Oghmium Supporter”
  • Six months free gametime
  • Unique bronze cloak (account-wide)
  • In-game title, “the Honorable” (account-wide)
  • Custom forum title, “Champion of Nave”
  • Lifetime game subscription
  • Unique silver cloak (account-wide)
  • In-game title, “the Generous” (account-wide)
  • Name an NPC in Nave with Henrik Nystrom
  • One discontinued “full loot bag” signed by Henrik Nystrom and Sebastian Persson (sold out)
  • Custom forum title, “Hand of the Emperor”
  • Lifetime game subscription
  • Unique golden cloak (account-wide)
  • In-game title, “the Benevolent” (account-wide)
  • Name an NPC in Nave with Henrik Nystrom
  • One discontinued “full loot bag” signed (sold out)
  • Design a new game weapon with Henrik Nystrom
  • Design and receive a custom cloak


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