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Download Game

Setup Installation

Simply click the link bellow to downlaod the installer.
This installer will install everything you need to get started and the launcher will then download the game content.

[ Download Game Client Installer ]
Total disk space required: ~12GB

Desura Installation

You can also install the game using Desura.
Installing Mortal Online this way will in most cases speed up your download speed.

[ Download using Desura ]
Total disk space required: ~12GB

Torrent Installation

This option is for advanced users only! If you’re having trouble installing with one of the above methods, this torrent will download the entire game client up to a very recent version for minimal patching. When the download is complete, start Mortal Online using the “Mortal Online Launcher.exe” file in the main folder.

Attention:If you’re using this method you may need to manually install a couple pre-requisites. Install both DirectX and VC++ Redistributable.

[ Download Game Client Torrent ]
Total disk space required: ~12GB


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