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In-Game Support FAQ

How can I get Help Other Than GM’s

Players can always use our out of  game support to help with account or billing issues , remember that the out of game support is the final word on all issues, they can not be appealed by anyone. to reach them please go to

Help! An item(s) in my inventory have just vanished. I think I have an invisible item(s)

Depending on the item, this can be a bad situation. Here are some things to help you avoid trouble. 1) * If it’s a valuable item or gold, we advise you to log out and open a petition on another character, so that the character with the hidden item remains safe, if you are not in a area where you feel safe to remain. 2) * Stackable items which are already invisible will take the same items brought into the inventory and add them to the invisible stack. We see this the most when an a player has an invisible gold pile, and sells items to a vendor, then thinks the vendor did not pay them their gold. 3) * Dying will cause the invisible items to fall into your lootbag. If you are in a safe area, and certain you will not be looted you can use the Suicide option, resurrect, and loot yourself. 4) * As of the writing of this FAQ, we are currently aware that node-swapping can in some instances cause items recently taken from a chest to go invisible. We see this most with pickaxes.

I was told that if I get multiple people to petition about an issue it will get answered more quickly. Is this true?

No. We only need to read about an issue one time to be aware of it.

I know a GM or Counselor is online as they helped me recently. Why do they not reply when I whisper them?

Support staff can only see messages from players when they have a petition open and that GM/Counselor has claimed the ticket. It looks like the whispers will have gone through, but the staff member cannot see them without an open, claimed petition.

I am lost and have no idea how to get back to my city. Can you teleport me back?

We do not teleport players unless they are stuck and unable to move. Players must rely on help from others in order to discover their way through the game world.

Rage! There is something I don’t like or don’t agree with about the game or a game mechanic. What can support staff do about this?

In game support cannot be used to circumvent or alter game mechanics. Simply put, we interact with the game world with as much of a “light touch” as possible in most situations. This is a player driven sandbox style game. When an issue arises with what’s called a “player solution”, it will be up to the player(s) to resolve it. In most cases, a counselor or GM may only intervene if a game mechanic is not functioning correctly, or a bug or glitch has occurred. Also, as this is a PvP-centric game, Support Staff takes a very strict stance on interference. If you have an issue that needs to be resolved, we will generally ask you to contact us once you are done with and well clear of your battle. This may mean that the issue may not be able to be resolved to your satisfaction in cases such as disputed and/or bugged lootbags where two or more players are present and have a valid claim. In such cases we may not be able to intervene.

I own a house, but want to change ownership to another character on my account.

This is not an issue for which we can provide support, as it has a “player solution”. The house will need to be transferred to a trusted friend or guild mate, who would then trade it back to the character you wish.

Help! I’ve died and can’t find where I was to loot myself

This is an issue for which we are unable to provide support. A player is responsible for finding their own loot bags, even if they are in a dangerous spot and could not be reached while wearing no gear. If a loot bag is found and is unlootable, or “out of range” when you try to loot it, please submit a petition. This is a time sensitive situation, as lootbags with more than two items only last for 30 minutes in the game. Please note that deliberately jumping from great heights in order to avoid being looted by another player does not qualify for having a lootbag summoned. Even if it is out of range, it will be forfeit.

I’ve just witnessed someone cheating. Please ban him!

If you witness a player that you believe to be hacking, cheating, or breaking game rules, please open an “Exploitation” petition, and be as descriptive as possible. Naming the potential cheater may be crucial, so please try to include the player’s name (remember case-sensitivity of names). Exploitation petitions are thoroughly investigated and while we cannot discuss actions taken against another player’s account, appropriate action will be taken if someone is discovered to be cheating or breaking game rules. Actions taken may include a verbal warning, kick from the game server, temporary suspension or permanent ban from Mortal Online.

I am being harassed by another player. What do I do?

If you feel you are being harassed, please open a Harassment petition and a member of staff will handle the situation. Please be aware though that Mortal Online is a Mature game, and things such as trash talking, general insults, and cursing are acceptable. What is NOT acceptable, however, is racial or homophobic slurs, hate speech, religion bashing, sexist remarks or real life threats. Also please be aware that a player killing you, even if it’s repeatedly, is not considered harassment. All harassment claims are investigated and taken very seriously. Using the F10 key to take a screenshot may help facilitate an investigation by staff, when it is possible to do so.

I have a question about how the game works. Can you tell me the answer?

In game support staff may not reveal game hints, tips, or secrets. A large part of Mortal Online is discovery and experimentation. Staff cannot reveal this type of information

I need to log in my other character. Will my petition still be open?

Your petition will remain open if you log into another character. However, petitions are character-specific. If you log another character in while the petition from the original is active, the staff member will see you as offline and close the ticket. If you open a support petition, we ask that you please try to stay on that character if possible. If you must switch characters, you will need to open a new petition in case the first is answered while the character is offline.

Help, I’m stuck! What do I do?

In Mortal Online, a player is considered to be “stuck” if they are unable to move from their current spot, or have gotten lodged within the walls of a building or structure with no way out. We ask that you first try using the /stuck command to try and get free. If that does not work, please open a petition. Please note that a player is not considered to be stuck if they are lost, or in a spot where the only way to go is down a steep cliff face. We will not intervene in these types of situations as you are still able to move about freely.

Do I really need to put something in the text body of the support petition? Can’t you just come help me?

We do ask that you put a brief description in your support ticket. It doesn’t need to be a fully detailed description, but here’s why we ask that you put something other than a blank ticket or “I need help”. Some issues are considered to be critical or time sensitive. While we try our best to take tickets in the order they’re received, some issues such as those dealing with harassment, exploitation and loot are often critical, and time sensitive. When we see a ticket with nothing in it or with “I need help” we will prioritize below any critical issue that may be up currently, even if yours came first. Please be descriptive in your support tickets.

I need help. How can I contact support?

to open a support petition, please hit Escape, and click on Support. Select the most appropriate category, and put a description of your problem in the text box and click on Submit. Unlike other MMO's out there, your petition will be responded to by a real life person who will speak with you about your problem. We do not use bots, or make you wait potentially days for a generic Email response. As such, some petitions can become quite time consuming, increasing the general wait time for a response. We thank for your patience in this matter. As a reminder, please reply to support staff with a reply whisper (/r command).

What is Star Vault Support? Who makes up the team?

All members of Star Vault Support are paid Game Masters.


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