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Ten races with custom bloodlines

In Mortal Online, not only do you choose the race of your character, but you have the ability to mix the bloodlines of up to four races together. This will influence the appearance of your character as well as the skill caps of your avatar.

Full loot & Full PvP

Life in Mortal Online is dangerous. There are no safe zones or PvP areas. You can attack everybody (and everything) anywhere you want. However, you will have to deal with the consequences. Most of the NPC cities are guarded and local law enforcement does not look kindly on criminals.

First person only

In Mortal Online you will experience an immersion no other MMO has achieved so far. You see the world through the eyes of your character and experience the world hands on. You don’t play as your character, you are your character.

Aim-based, real-time combat

We want you and your character to be one. Your skills as a player combined with the skills of your character will determine the outcome of any PvP or PvE fight.

In the first person perspective of Mortal Online you virtually perform every action your character does – there is no such thing as automatic combat or your character doing the job for you. Aim and strike anywhere you want, and experience your characters combat skill increase as well as your own.

Several hitboxes with individual armor zones

With combat in Mortal Online, aim matters. When a sword slashes your thigh, it is the armor you’re wearing on that particular leg which affects the damage you received; a well-placed strike to your opponent can sever limbs, or even their head. This combined with the true First Person View makes combat more immersive than ever before.

A true open world

We do not artificially limit your movement in Mortal Online based on “levels” or other arbitrary restrictions. You can roam the world freely and explore the beauties and wonders of Nave. The world can be a dangerous place though so be prepared!

Non-linear gameplay

Mortal Online is a true sandbox. You are free to do whatever you want, whenever you want. The path your character goes is only chosen by you, not by quest NPCs with shiny question marks over their head. Whether you want to be a ruthless assassin for hire, an honest weapon smith or a bandit living off of other people’s goods, the choice is truly yours. Pick the skills you want, train them (both passively and actively) and develop your character in any direction you wish.

Open Skill system – no classes

In Mortal Online you do not pick a class that defines and limits your path, you create your own “build” based on what you want to do. You have 1000 skill points to spend on your primary skills and full freedom to progress your secondary skills. Become a jack-of-all-trades or a master in the discipline of your choosing. Focus on PvP or survival in the wild, combine what you need and play the character you want.

Dualistic skill progression

You skills are trained in two ways, passively (by reading a book) and actively, by using them. As your character shapes its path in Mortal Online he automatically gets better at what he does, but you have full control over the skill you want to learn and train or unlearn to develop your character in a different direction.

No instances, no loading in game. A fully streaming world

In Mortal Online you play together with everybody else on one big server. The entire game world is streamed seamlessly so you will never encounter a loading screen in the game.

Farthest viewing distance ever seen in an MMORPG

In Mortal Online, you can see as far as the human eye and weather conditions allow. If you were to climb a mountain on a clear day and turn your gaze to the scenery below, you may see as far as the environment allows, often a distance of many kilometers.

The powerful Unreal Engine, combined with EPIC’s new cutting edge ATLAS technology gives Mortal Online the furthest viewing distance ever seen in an MMO to this day. Carefully designed LOD systems ensure that your system only has to cope with what is necessary while giving you a feeling of freedom and distance you have never experienced before.

Player Housing

If you get the feeling you want to settle down after a long life of adventuring or you want to found a completely new settlement with your friends, construct your own house. Different tiers let you upgrade and transform your home. Not only can you stable your mounts there, you can even hire and NPC and open up your own shop. Future customization options will give you the ability to construct the home you always wanted. Be nice to your neighbors thou, otherwise you might come back to a pile of rubble or your valuables have been stolen.


Around the entire world you will find foundations of structures yet to be build. Some can even be of great strategic importance. Band together with your friends or your guild and construct bridges, palisades and more ¬- or burn them down to deny the enemy and advantage.

Player guilds

Life in Mortal Online can be tough when you’re on your own. Find friends in Nave and place a guildstone in your new headquarter. Wreak havoc, stealing and plundering other players or band together to fight for justice and freedom. Control the resource flow of an area, dominate the local market. Form mighty alliances and become powerful enough to reign over entire regions in the world. Strength lies in numbers.

Fully dynamic weather system

The weather system in Mortal Online is a complex yet fairly simple simulation of real weather mechanics. The world of Nave is divided into “weather regions”, each with its own unique properties such as moisture level, average temperature and more; just enough properties to define a desert as a desert, a jungle as a jungle, a mountaintop as a mountaintop and so on.

For instance, if the wind is blowing through a region with a high temperature, it will carry heat and humidity into the neighbouring regions in the wind direction. A high humidity forms into clouds, which in turn may create low atmospheric pressure, causing rain to pour down. The low pressure will then spread to other regions causing a front to pass over the world. After some time you may begin to see these patterns in the weather, and you may also try to predict them.

History doesn’t repeat itself

Is your goal to face a legendary monster? Well, that is usually suicide – if you can find one. But if your guild would actually manage to kill one, it’s dead. Gone. Rare monsters and quests do not resurrect or come again, whether it’s an ancient beast, a crumbling temple, an island rising out of the sea or a great ritual that fails or succeeds.

You might get away with an item never seen before, or the unique scar that tells about the experience. There are not many of these opportunities but they are usually important enough to affect the whole world and its history. All you have to do is be at the right place at the right time.

Next generation graphics

With Mortal Online we aim to take the MMORPG experience to a different level by creating a fantasy world that is believable and cruel, and that vision requires both realistic graphics and sophisticated gameplay.

To meet these highly set standards we use a state of the art engine as well as a comprehensive toolbox. Unreal Engine 3 is our weapon of choice, and together with Grome and Speedtree we are able to make our vision a reality: a world of detailed characters, realistic terrain, lifelike creatures and intricate detail all coming together to immerse you visually.

Guild warfare & territory control

Your guild managed to construct a massive keep. Now it is time to take control over the land. The world is divided into numerous zones (each with two or more keeps). Only a guild with a keep will be able to claim official ownership over a specific zone. Once established you will be able to tax the owners of each house in your territory. Be wary though, the keep only grants you the right to do this, the people living under your rule have to accept you though.


Tired of spilling the blood of your enemies? Why not relax at the Meduli pier for a few hours and fish. Mortal Online’s fishing system is not only fun and relaxing but offers a level of detail and complexity that is outstanding. Not only is the equipment you use (rod, line, hook and bait) a big factor, but also your character’s skill as well as your skill as a player.


Almost all creatures you encounter in Mortal Online can be tamed. Your skills in taming as well as creature control determine the success of the tame and the level of control you have over your pet. Use wild beasts you tamed in battle, find and tame one of the rare horse breeds and gain a massive advantage over others.

Siege Weapons

Siege weapons are the ultimate force when dealing with an enemy settlement or keep. Constructed on the battlefield, these massive machines cause terrible damage and are able to bring down most of the structures in Mortal Online.


Physical labor is not for you? Morals are negotiable? Sounds like thieving could be for you. Train your skills in pilfering and pickpocketing and rob unknowing bystanders of their house key or their coin. Be careful though, if you fail justice is usually dealt swiftly and harsh.

Destructible spawners

Around the world you will find small totem-like objects. These spawners control the creatures around them. Take one out, or protect it from others, to further your agenda. Rid a plagued region of terrible creatures for a while so the people can continue their days work in peace, or protect the spawner so that your enemy has a more difficult time entering your territory.


With several different schools of arcane studies, magic varies between the magi who wield it. Whether you wish to unleash destruction on your enemies, heal the wounds of your allies or commune with the dead, magic is open-ended and always expanding.


Physically correct projectiles and trajectories, combined with Mortal Online’s unique First Person View, make archery an exciting and feared tactic on the battlefield. Master the physics of archery where rain, snow, wind weight and draw strength must be taken into consideration.

Open ended extraction, refining, alloying and crafting

Extraction is used to get basic materials out of raw materials using a catalyst and special tools (which you can find in the world). Not only is extracting an essential part of the crafting procedure, there is also good money to be made with extracted raw materials. All crafting in Mortal Online is done by combining one or more materials and using a workbench. These can be found around the world in towns, cities, player-built houses or even as purchasable mobile objects. There are countless materials which can be used in the crafting process adding up to millions of possible variations of weapons and armor. Your skill levels, the materials used, their density, all those factors determine the quality of the item you are crafting in the end.

There are no restrictions in the system as to what you can create. Come up with your personal favorite weapon and dominate in combat.

Myrland, a 64km2 continent

From the sandy beaches of Meduli and the frozen tundra of the high Talus Mountains down to the lush jungles of the Stairs of Echidna, Myrland is a vast continent with a wide variety of geographical landforms.

A total of ten civilized races live within the dangerous and unforgiving continent of Myrland, each with their own history and society.


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