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  1. Oscarsoriano
    Reunion of √Člite
  2. Tryptik
    WTB GUILD and KEEP, max price is at 30k gold. thank you
  3. DeadLikeMe
    cant launch the game >< scan error , my bad that work now
    1. Keurk
      fresh meat to throw against pyre walls ! YEAHH
      Jul 18, 2017 at 11:50 AM
    2. snipervinnie
      Are you back?
      Jul 18, 2017 at 10:30 PM
  4. Nefan
    @gluglok bruh you gave me a heart attack.
  5. finegamingconnoisseur
    The rings and amulet system can be a great feature, SV just needs to implement it carefully and keep it hardcore. We shall wait and see.
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  6. Dalacor
    Henrik has no clue, that is why we are in this mess. He gets input from the wrong people and cant prioritise
  7. chingaperros
    Henrik should have said he wanted to make a themepark from the start
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  8. Rathgar
    Henrik just wants HIS dream game, even though they don't play. They don't care about our enjoyment or our money apparently.
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  9. Revann1
    Henrik Eve listens to their players and changes what they are working on accordingly, it's why they are so successful. Please listen.
  10. Henrik Nystrom
    Henrik Nystrom
    Cheek read my response on that vote if it should drop on death thread. :)
  11. Henrik Nystrom
    Henrik Nystrom
    We listen on all feedback and suggestions, you can see that in many of our patch notes. However we must follow our game design
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  12. Laxius
  13. Henrik Nystrom
    Henrik Nystrom
    Valhalo if we listen on game design on the forum MO would be something else quickly. We need to stick to our promised vision.
  14. Henrik Nystrom
    Henrik Nystrom
    AuntLinda its understandable to expect reaction on such new feature. Though this is a 14 year old design we adding in MO
  15. Outsane
    Shizzle in my nizzle?
  16. gluglok
    Aralis will pay 10-fold in heads, Otanashi ;D
  17. Xhodan Xeus
  18. Darthain
    Darthain Bordelli
    i would like more info also
  19. justin
    justin Bordelli
    I would like more info
  20. Tryptik
    -posting for a friend