Godkin Veratas
Oct 28, 2012
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Godkin Veratas

Senior Member, Male

watching the tide, waiting for the swell. Apr 16, 2015

    1. Molon
      Long time no see man... Shoot me a PM sometime.
    2. Godkin Veratas
      Godkin Veratas
      watching the tide, waiting for the swell.
      1. Molon likes this.
    3. The Elsewise
      The Elsewise
      I will give the Zeal a chance... show me if it is indeed the better path.
      1. Godkin Veratas
        Godkin Veratas
        We can show you the path, it will be your challenge to walk it.
        Nov 26, 2014
    4. Najwalaylah
      Your signature is based off a painting by John Charles Dollman; found the name of it and it is "Famine".
      1. Godkin Veratas
        Oct 28, 2014
      2. Godkin Veratas
        Godkin Veratas
        Which reminds me, we need a cook.
        Oct 29, 2014
    5. Godkin Veratas
      Godkin Veratas
      is listening.
      1. Najwalaylah
        He will take the first man that screams.
        Oct 28, 2014
    6. Godkin Veratas
      Godkin Veratas
      Scrying for a powerful mage to join our congregation.
    7. Godkin Veratas
    8. Godkin Veratas
      Godkin Veratas
      "Mit der Dummheit kampfen Gotter selbst vergenbens."
    9. Godkin Veratas
    10. Robbor
      Love your guild lore, but it seems today our god Soldeus saved us from your gods wrath! :)
      1. Najwalaylah and Godkin Veratas like this.
      2. Zirus Altruist
        Zirus Altruist
        Friendly as shit comment that leaves nothing else to desire. 10/10 Robbor.
        Sep 26, 2013
        Najwalaylah likes this.
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    HK (Heathen Killer)
    She stood in front of me in rags, wet blood textured on her dark Sidoian flesh.“This is the end!” she shouted then laughed. “The Gods grow so weary of the diseased and corrupted souls of Nave, even hell refuses their arrival!” Her laughter became so loud and intense I began to feel unsettled but stayed my hand. “Nave has lost its way. Every single pathetic soul, corrupted in pursuit of wealth and power, but the Gods refuse to be forgotten.” The laughter stopped and her voice softened to a whisper,“I see your soul, I see the doubt of a child, ready to weep upon the first sacrifice.” She looked past me toward a young woman collecting herbs by the river's edge. “This is the end, for all those that reject the will of the Gods you sad idol worshiping fool!” She took a step toward the woman and almost from nothing, a bone dagger appeared in her right hand. I reached for my mace. She struck me twice in the leg and, once on my knees, again in the right arm where no armor protected. Spit and blood poured onto my helm as she leaned over me and she seemed to smile.

    Like a flower.

    Like an angel.

    She began to whisper a language I had never heard, laughing as she plunged the dagger into my neck.

    I came to know.