Feb 6, 2014
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Jan 7, 1972 (Age: 46)

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Junior Member, Male, 46

    1. Erright
      Erright age: 24
      playstyle: leans toward pve Hunter/gatherer/aspiring cook (so far)
      Previous guilds: None
      Other games will be Chronicles of elyra when beta is available as well as other random games.
      Main Character name: Erright (P2P)
      Reason for joining: I'd like to experience Mortal in the company of good people and good times . ( and some adventures)
      age: 18
      preferred play-style: warrior/guard/beginner weapon armor crafter
      previous guilds: none
      other games played currently: fallout series TES series and other f2p rpg mmo
      name of main character: GIANTSLAYER (F2P)
      reason for joining JUNO: I want to learn the game more through a large guild and meet people
    3. Abaddou
      age: 19
      preferred play-style: Guard/patrol, ranged weapons
      previous guilds: none
      other games played currently: Mount and blade, 7 days to die, Planetside 2
      name of main character: Thorric Braesondlingsson (F2P)
      reason for joining JUNO: I want to contribute to the creation of a civilized area controlled by a strong guild. I've been playing for a week but I just created another character.
    4. Kryptoff
      age (15 and older please): 38
      preferred play-style: Crafter/Tamer/Gatherer
      previous guilds: none
      other games played currently: None at the moment
      name of main character, and alts, along with the main professions of your characters: Edsger Dijkstra (F2P)
      reason for joining JUNO: Juno seems to be a guild that appreciate crafters and I hope to learn more about the game from a (large) guild.
    5. lostguy
      PVE but PVP can be fun
      None (except one small guild cant remember the name)
      ESO GW2 and others
      name of main character THeMAdGod (mage)
      I like the Morals and how you guys are making the game more PVE friendly, I want to be part of something (Virtual) I think yall might be it :)
    6. Simovski
      I want to join JUNO. I used to be an NWO member, but I left because I want to settle in Sarducaa and because they got rather unactive (might also be because of the holidays coming). I know about the "Belrim pact".

      Problem is I am 16.
    7. Rikkuo
      Like PVE and PVP both equally
      No other guilds
      Rikkuo, warrior
      I like the way this guild is set up, where it stands on morals, no RPKs or grief, a guild like that has to have great people in it. Plus where your home is where I want to go, just working on getting there
    8. Faiz555
      preferred play-style: PVE and crafting
      previous guilds: nWo-nave world order
      cs go, rust, unturned
      Faizy (armorer) runun(butcher and bowyer) chrisyg(archer)
      reason for joining JUNO: I wish to be able to establish a good trade relationship with alot of people. I aim to produce decent armor and weapon for starting player and vets alike at a reasonable price.I also wishes help in developing my charcters
    9. HyprActvSqrl
      I prefer not to fight. PVE as needed PVP if unavoidable
      Skyrim (not online)
      Hypr ActvSqrl - Tamer
      You're the only guild I found that I feel I would actually fit into. I'm not interested in taking over the world or killing everyone. I just want to be a tamer maybe learn some other skills. Help where I can, find my place in the (virtual) world and be happy.
    10. xcipher
      age : 21
      preferred play-style: I prefer gathering resources/trading/ being a merchant
      previous guilds: None
      other games played currently: Most recently Mount n Blade, MGSV
      name of main character: Sifr

      Reason for joining JUNO: "We have formed a trade association, Ruah Trade Company, which will operate as our trade and mercantile organization on that continent."
    11. xBLUExGI
      NAME: xBLUExGI
      AGE: 31
      PLAY STYLE: currently a sword fighter mostly PvE at moment but love some PvP)
      OTHER GAMES: check steam (deadmanshotyou) PS4/XBOX ONE xBLUExGI
      WHY JUNO: I liked what I read on your recruitment post.
    12. Phinley591
      Phinley591 Age; 21
      Preferred play-style: Weapon crafting, PvE/PvP
      Previous Guilds: None
      Other Games currently played:
      Name of main character: Phinley would like both to be in a guild if possible, Thorussan
      Reason for joining JUNO: Just started and would like to be with a guild to help craft for them or with them and defend and or attack depending on whats needed, also have a friend willing to join as well
    13. AnderZ312
      age: 18
      preferred play-style: Crafting, PvE
      previous guilds:
      other games played currently: Mostly league and a bunch of others.
      name of main character: Cando
      reason for joining JUNO: Want to be able to get a start in crafting.
    14. darthazog
      age: 19
      preferred play-style: fighter, archer, hybrid
      previous guilds: none
      other games played currently: none
      name of main character, and alts, along with the main professions of your characters: 1 character full fighter
      reason for joining JUNO: looking for efficcent, organised, team working and active guild to join where i can work and help the guild grow. Juno looks like what look for.
    15. Patryczek
      Hi, I see your guild is quite awesome and would be great to join u! Left u private msg.
    16. Grumpster
      age: 16
      preferred play-style: Crafting, PvE
      previous guilds: none
      other games played currently: Fallout: New Vegas; Mount and Blade: Warband
      character: Grumpster, mage
      reason for joining JUNO: I'd love to play this game as a trader, so this guild looks like a perfect fir for me. Also, I want to be a part of the community
    17. kindredlupus
      preffered play style PVE Crafting,
      other games no MMORPG's
      I have one character called Keelain who is going down the Bowyer track atm
      reason for joining Juno; the guild seems to fit with the tradeskilling playstyle I have a desire to learn from a friendly and approachable set of people
    18. Cocola
      Age: 17
      Preferred play style: I like to do a little bit of everything. Weather its RPing, PvE or PvP.
      Other games played: League of Legends, Mount and Blade and Guild Wars 2.
      Characters: I only have one character and her name is Cocola.
      Reason for joining JUNO: I want be a part of this games community. Plus this guild looks freaking awesome.
    19. Hafgrim Frijern
      Hafgrim Frijern
      age: 26
      preferred play-style: PVE or PVP
      previous guilds: none just started playing
      other games played currently: grand ages medieval, life is feudal, APB
      name of main character, and alts, along with the main professions of your characters: Hafgrim Frijern, Fighter
      reason for joining JUNO: Want a place to belong and contribute towards. A place that will help me learn the game and help me succeed
    20. Drend
      Ave JUNO Order's Leader,

      age: 26
      preferred play-style: RP
      previous guilds: none
      games: Magic Duels ; Magicka: Wizard Wars
      character: Drend the Wanderer
      reason for joining JUNO: Discovering the community and guild aspect of the game and enjoying some RP.
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