¿Who have been aspirants to the imperial throne?

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¿Must be the emperor show your face to populus?

  1. yes, the imperial servants demand it!

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  2. mmm maybe, the people need a leader

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  3. Nah, i serve my warlord!

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  1. ruben ibarruri

    ruben ibarruri Senior Member

    Where are you now?
    For years different aspirants have shown their aspiration to be appointed emperors of Myrland.
    Puppets from other houses? Candidates with legitimate rights?
    What do we really know?
    This is what I found:


    I do not know much about this mysterious subject.
    From an unknown name, he called himself "the emperor"
    Some rumors suggest that it was a bastard of a high official of the imperial court, that tried to gain supports between different houses but was ignored.
    His whereabouts are unknown.
    Recent information has told me that perhaps he could have been killed by Imperial agents and thrown into the sea. Who gave the order?


    Proclaiming himself emperor by the grace of God, Levi I raised some controversy for a while.

    It is rumored that he had the support of a group of dark eunuch officials who tried to be named emperor in a palace coup.
    The process was very strange and nobody knows what happened behind the walls of the imperial palace.
    Finally agents and imperial guards removed it from the palace and after an ephemeral attempt to govern that lasted only 3 days it fled of Myrland.
    It is rumored that he was seen in Meduli, where he took a boat to Sarduca, his whereabouts are unknown. Possibly it is alive.


    Levi I mortal enemy, put price to its head and after the flight of this wanted to be named emperor by the guard of tindrem.
    He was overthrown and after a brutal torture, executed.
    He never revealed relevant information during his torture. He took his secrets to the grave.


    This curious subject has been seen in Vadda, it is rumored that he tried to gather support to lead a claim to the imperial court from that city.
    For now there is no more information about it.


    It was a thursar who tried to be named emperor with the support of some members of his tribe. A meeting was organized with imperial agents to discuss his claim and there he was brutally murdered by his own men, who had been bribed. Who paid for that gold?
    You will never know.


    Many have identified this powerful lord as the true emperor of Myrland.

    Endowed with executive powers, he directs the imperial government and makes decisions of government with iron hand.

    He has resisted showing himself publicly as emperor, but many lords consider him the true power in the shadow.

    Is the real emperor? If so, ¿why not publish your claim?

    What happens behind the walls of the imperial palace?
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  2. Slomp

    Slomp Trial Member

    I really wish SV would have a bit more lore to their game and do more events catered towards RP rather than combat.
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  3. ruben ibarruri

    ruben ibarruri Senior Member

    role historys are funny and nice yes. some times is good.
  4. Marcus Aurelius

    Marcus Aurelius Silver Supporter

    What about the Prince of Meduli?
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  5. Kokiri_Glade

    Kokiri_Glade Well-Known Member

    theres a prince? ive seen a Mayor a Lord and a King so far. but not a prince.
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  6. Xhodan Xeus

    Xhodan Xeus Honored Member

    Lord of Meduli here
    how may i help?
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  7. Maturana

    Maturana Member

    The emperor is dead! Death to the tindremic empire!
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  8. Marcus Aurelius

    Marcus Aurelius Silver Supporter

    After a second read, I may have misread. I thought this was a Merchant Prince of Meduli, but it seems they were a visitor. But this is the original article:

    The Caravan of Gems
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  9. Kokiri_Glade

    Kokiri_Glade Well-Known Member

    ohhh i forgot about that.
  10. finegamingconnoisseur

    finegamingconnoisseur Senior Member

    My theory is that the "Emperor" is in the imperial city of Tindrem at this very moment, but has taken every measure to not be seen by the public eye and to further shroud himself as a mystical figure so that the populace whom he rules over will devote their attention and efforts towards this alter ego that he has constructed for himself, rather than allow himself to become the target of dissidents and malcontents if he were to ever be seen.

    It is not too unlike how most of the other political elites in the upper eschelons of what remains of the once great Tindremic Empire spend their days, again these are my speculations. Most of the municipal buildings in the city are locked, the windows are covered and no explanations as to why that is the case is ever publicly disclosed. We may even be living in a state of martial law at this very moment, where only those deemed expendable, namely all of us who not part of the higher castes, commoners, merchants and the guards themselves, are permitted to walk the city streets. Hence there is no hesitation for the guards to mete out capital punishment on the spot for even the slightest infractions of the law, regardless of the motive.

    Should a crisis of catastrophic proportions ever befall the imperial city and the Empire itself, it is likely that we are the ones who will be left to die or to our own devices while the "Emperor" and his entourage of subservient rulers, magistrates and clerics escape through an as yet unknown secret passage to some distant land prepared and waiting for him to continue his rule.

    As far-fetched as it may seem, it is perhaps even possible that the title "Emperor" is not held by one person alone, but a cabal of powerful business executives who each play a part in a collective enterprise and have a share in the financial fortunes raked in by the trade brokers whose net worth exceed even that of the most wealthy of guild lords. While the lucrative markets continue to reap untold profits for whoever controls the underlying purse-strings, they gladly bide their time until the proverbial leech has sucked its host dry, at which point the next stage of their plans for world domination will take its course.
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  11. grendel

    grendel Senior Member

    You are onto something here...but be careful, now THEY know you are onto them.
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