2 steps to reduce game lag (network)

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  3. Instructions where unclear, now my shoe is stuck in the toaster , wat do

  1. pupsi

    pupsi Junior Member

    Hi all. I am writing this thread to help out a bit with network lag in game.
    I have verified that this helps reduce lag on many online games , not just mortal.

    ---while I know for sure that this will not harm your pc in any way, I can not take any responsibility whatsoever if something goes bad---

    Supported operating systems are
    Windows 7, Vista, 2008

    In order for the tweak to take effect you need to perform 2 steps :

    1. Run cmd.exe as administrator.

    To do that you must click on windows start button 1 (bottom left most cases) and type in the search field 2 "cmd" without the quotes 3, once it finds you the program cmd.exe 4 , right click on it and select "run as administrator" 5, if you don't have administrator privileges this will not work.

    2. Type in the cmd window : netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled

    and hit enter 6

    if it says "ok" you did it right and are set to go. It takes effect immediately.

    Windows later versions have an autotuning "feature". What this does is change your tcp receive window on the fly to accommodate most network situations. While it does that , it adds lag to the game or any game from what i have tested so far. Browsing the web or downloading a file is very different and hardly noticeable as you care not for when the packets arrive to see if someones sword is about to get jabbed in your gut, but when it comes to a reliable stream of data , tcp receive window needs to be at a predefined state so you can have a predictable stream of information coming in. That is the main reason it needs to be set to disabled. By doing so your tcp receive window is set at a predefined 64kb.

    Should you ever feel the need to revert back to defaults just put =normal instead of disabled.

    The difference is mostly notable if you duel with someone, so to see for yourself just get a friend to duel before and after to verify.

    Some other things that cause lag and need to be cared for when testing it out to make sure your result is reliable :
    -If on a shared connection, make sure you are at the time the only one using the net.
    -Don't download anything while gaming (torrent, files , etc) as their effects in game are detrimental.
    -Wireless connection to the router will get you with a lot of lost packets , plugging your pc / laptop on the modem with ethernet cable is HIGHLY recommended.

    At last I hit 10 forum posts! The source of information for this was :


    It has tons of info about the networking properties of the newer versions of windows.
    Worth a look if you are into tweaking and has a lot more cred than some random person in the forums :p

    Also it has a program called tcp optimizer that does most of the things for you with a friendly UI instead of having to manually input commands on cmd window or going into registry to change the values :


    I hope this helped you guys out a bit . EDIT added picture :s
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  2. davor242

    davor242 Gold Supporter

    Speakin' of, does MO turn off nagle alg? If not forcing it off might do some magic. I have liek 0 ping to MO server so sumbody else'll have to test it out...
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  3. pupsi

    pupsi Junior Member

    Hey , just a little clarification, this will not reduce your ping or anything, it affects the way data is streamed to you making prediction work a little better.
    I wonder about nagling too , i have disabled it on my pc a while now, should help if peeps try it out, good point davor!
    In essence what changed when i had my friend switch it off , was that he no longer hit me while being 10 ft away from me with shortsword, nor end up looking the other way and me getting hit (like he used to).
    Also parrys registered better, all in all the game worked like it was supposed to.
    Now , I know that some might enjoy laggy fights as it gives a weird edge , but that does not mean that it works right.
    I am all about getting things to work right.
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  4. Kubalay

    Kubalay Cuprum Supporter

    Do I need to reboot my game or something after it?
  5. pupsi

    pupsi Junior Member

    No it takes effect instantly as soon as it says "ok." so you can switch it on and off to check it out
  6. Kubalay

    Kubalay Cuprum Supporter

    Game definitely feels smoother with it on :).
  7. pupsi

    pupsi Junior Member

    Odd, the exact opposite for me and my friend, I guess it does not work for everyone , worth a try though, thank you for testing it.
  8. reavon

    reavon Gold Supporter

    I tried it, it definitely helps with getting hit from 10 feet away and stuff. However, I'm noticing an issue with multi clienting while using this fix.
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  9. Sebas555

    Sebas555 Senior Member

    What kind of issue, can you elaborate on this... I'm curious! :cool:
  10. pupsi

    pupsi Junior Member

    Added a picture with numbers/ steps along the way to help the peeps with shoe stuck in toaster. Sadly, this turned my 2 step guide into a 6 or so steps guide lol.
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  11. Kamy stifiant

    Kamy stifiant Member

    its because kubalay play with tons of window and streaming on, ofc he likes lag switching and stuff like that. so dont even bother reading his post. some guys play better with lags to pass parry and hit from 10m.
  12. pupsi

    pupsi Junior Member

    He did vote that it worked for him so I guess he tested it more? truth is you will always have trouble if you stream on your pc while playing etc.
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  13. Kamy stifiant

    Kamy stifiant Member

    he says "with it on" but you have to disable it. haha. even the creator of the thread got it that way.
  14. pupsi

    pupsi Junior Member

    I don't think we are on the same page here , lol.
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  15. reavon

    reavon Gold Supporter

    Bump cuz this thing works.
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  16. Maximiliuss

    Maximiliuss Well-Known Member

    Do I have to do this every time I boot my PC?
  17. pupsi

    pupsi Junior Member

    No, it keeps it that way even after reboots.
  18. pupsi

    pupsi Junior Member

  19. Maximiliuss

    Maximiliuss Well-Known Member

    Thank you pupsi, I promise to let you pass the next time I see you! :p
  20. pupsi

    pupsi Junior Member

    sweet! xD

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