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    Last night Henrik came on IRC and chatted for a while with everyone about the awakening expansion and beyond! For those who missed it, here is the main parts of what he had to say

    <HenrikNystrom> Hello everyone
    <HenrikNystrom> just wanted to jump in and say hello
    <HenrikNystrom> been working very hard lately
    <HenrikNystrom> need a break
    <HenrikNystrom> sometime its relaxing to hear you guys Veradey
    <@HenrikNystrom> kuthara yes, you will be able to black list ppl in cities
    <@HenrikNystrom> we have converted some things in the prediction system
    <@HenrikNystrom> the test group says its much tighter now, similar to where it was as its best before or around dawn I think it was
    <@HenrikNystrom> we have changed a lot in weapons yes
    <@HenrikNystrom> the test group seem very pleased so far
    <@HenrikNystrom> we have addressed a main issue in all weapons except blades
    <@HenrikNystrom> making it hard to hit
    <@HenrikNystrom> now its easier more that you would expect from what you see
    <@HenrikNystrom> so we see a lot of diff weapon on test
    <@HenrikNystrom> doing good in duels
    <@HenrikNystrom> I dont want to say a date since I would hate to disappoint if we miss it
    <@HenrikNystrom> we really believe in doing this expansion as good as we can
    <@HenrikNystrom> we have gone very far, but we want to polish
    <@HenrikNystrom> and include some features that we haven't mentioned that we would love to get in
    <@HenrikNystrom> we are not "far" away
    <[KotO]Kuthara> Some new armour sets and weps would be awesome
    <@HenrikNystrom> kuthara of course :)
    <@HenrikNystrom> I think we will please in a few areas, not only the AI
    <@HenrikNystrom> we do have a system fully supporting diff logos, and even your own art, but we do not have a working way of allowing you to upload it yet
    <@HenrikNystrom> well, we have improved a ton when it comes to polish and identifying bugs.
    <[KotO]Kuthara> So Henrik, will we be seeing larger keep palisade walls and gates?
    <@HenrikNystrom> we do have models ready for that kuthara, and we would liketo add them soon enough, but as most other it do require a lot of work, even someone may think heck just replace A with B
    <@HenrikNystrom> we do not want to add anything that connects in pvp/sieging/cities that may be risky at all
    <[AXIS]Eladriel> @Henrik: Will you start running some marketing campaigns at the release ?
    <@HenrikNystrom> Eladriel, the plan is to go out full motion when Awakening hits yes
    <[CRIM]Drenn> Henrik, will more races be viable for PvP other then the cookie cutter builds?
    <@HenrikNystrom> Drenn, we will add more styles, actions, weapon types, and we will give the option to alter your stats
    <@HenrikNystrom> No we are not on steam, Yet
    <@HenrikNystrom> they had 1 thing against us when they evaluated us last year, they didn't say what it was
    <@HenrikNystrom> But I have my ideas..
    <Siper> nudity henrik?
    <@HenrikNystrom> siper I think you are right :)
    <@HenrikNystrom> nudity is a big problem in US actually for MO
    <Koshin> Yeah im sure its the nudity Which kills the game for me also Why not force some type of underwear?
    <@HenrikNystrom> Koshin, we have a solution
    <[KotO]Rilman> physicsx boobs mmmmmm
    <@HenrikNystrom> we plan to remodel all player characters actually, to make them look extremely next gen hehe, but it doesn't look like we have time to do that for awakening sadly
    <@HenrikNystrom> eladriel, yeah we are working on newbie experience
    <@HenrikNystrom> there is no harder game I think, for noobs currently.
    <@HenrikNystrom> Tindrem, may be a good place for them though
    <@HenrikNystrom> crossbows comes with the new weapon package group type
    <@HenrikNystrom> No, not in awakening, awakening will not give any new weapon types, but it will give new gear
    <@HenrikNystrom> types as in crossbows instead of bows
    <@HenrikNystrom> there will be clothing, armor, weapons
    <@HenrikNystrom> items in hands
    <@HenrikNystrom> eladriel, its not to easy to add a lot of good money sinks, but I agree we need more of them
    <@HenrikNystrom> Kuthara, I still promise we will get ships, but I didn't promise when
    <Spiritwolf> Henrik, will we be able to craft arrows in Awakening?
    <@HenrikNystrom> spirit, its on our list to finalize that in awakening yes, but its not a promise
    <SFRanger> henrik will you guys do anything with the jungle?
    <@HenrikNystrom> ranger yes
    <[AXIS]Eladriel> Easy ass money sink Henrik: outlawing a person costs ...50 gold per day!
    <@HenrikNystrom> eladriel already ahead of ya :)
    <@HenrikNystrom> but 50 g per day, isn't that a bit much?
    <@HenrikNystrom> if you want to ban 10 players thats 500 gold a day?!?
    <@HenrikNystrom> yeah but 10 ppl are nothing as well, start mass banning and you go bankrupt fast
    <@HenrikNystrom> that could be 1 player eladriel using 3 accounts :)
    <@HenrikNystrom> pluro already made a lot of hard work and balancing in weapons
    <[ENVY]Pluro> Henrik will you be introducing prostitution???
    <@HenrikNystrom> pluro, you already know the answer on that one
    <[ENVY]Pluro> SWEET!!!!!
    <@HenrikNystrom> Pluro, well, we are doing A LOT, especially for being such a small team with little resources, if you get to see what we are doing and compare us to others, or if you were a game dev company you would know how good we are progressing
    <@HenrikNystrom> we just want to make sure awakening works well, and that we can deliver all promised features
    <@HenrikNystrom> and some more as a bonus
    <@HenrikNystrom> since we want to add some secret stuff as well
    <@HenrikNystrom> ltankhsd, AI is coming along very nicely, the test group have gotten a lot of beating from the minotaurs already
    <@HenrikNystrom> push bug is fixed that i know (on test server)
    <@HenrikNystrom> we have fixed a lot on awakening client
    <@HenrikNystrom> already
    <[KotO]Kuthara> Do horses now crap as well as piss?
    <@HenrikNystrom> no they only piss
    <@HenrikNystrom> the piss feature took 49 seconds to add
    <@HenrikNystrom> time decides such feature
    <Torikhtil> birds shit
    <Torikhtil> close enough
    <@HenrikNystrom> no 64 bit will not req a reinstall
    <@HenrikNystrom> it simply points to other packages
    <@HenrikNystrom> which we include in the new client
    <@HenrikNystrom> there will be some new mobs in awakening that drops other things than carcasses
    <@HenrikNystrom> for instance the gear they wear in some cases
    <@HenrikNystrom> player crafting will always be the key, even with dropable loot
    <@HenrikNystrom> guards will drop their gear
    <@HenrikNystrom> but murdering a guard have penalties
    <@HenrikNystrom> also its illegal to wear their gear.
    <@HenrikNystrom> ltankhsd yes you will be able to make money on fighting only
    <[AXIS]Eladriel> so you're saying you will stay grey when wearing the guards gear ? i doubt that is implemented ;-)
    <@HenrikNystrom> eladriel, you will see :)
    <@HenrikNystrom> like I mentioned before, we are finally getting to the illegal stuff feature, with drugs and gear
    <ltankhsd> Henrik is something eventually going to be done to even the racial playing field in game so that "the" race to be isn't Thursar Kurite?
    <@HenrikNystrom> ltankhsd yes
    <@HenrikNystrom> ranger you will love the 64 bits support if you have a monster rig
    <@HenrikNystrom> there will be no more limits
    <@HenrikNystrom> we have changed night setting a bit
    <@HenrikNystrom> since most ppl would crank their gamma anyway
    <@HenrikNystrom> so its more enjoyable for noob and vets to play at nights
    <@HenrikNystrom> without touching gamma
    <@HenrikNystrom> we play the game every day on the feature we work on, but we have little time to play on live lately
    <@HenrikNystrom> ranger, I've said many times Im very happy for the hard work the community gives to the game, Im happy with that
    <Rhodri> Here is a good question, will there be systems in place to prevent people from giving out Guard-Suicide MC's?
    <@HenrikNystrom> rhodri already fixed (on test)
    <SFRanger> henrik whats the real max capacity of your MO server?
    <@HenrikNystrom> ranger, there is no real cap
    <@HenrikNystrom> its a dynamic system
    <@HenrikNystrom> I would say, The only cap we have currently is Myrland.
    <@HenrikNystrom> siper, well right now its not to small, but if pop goes up it will get to small yes
    <Spiritwolf> Henrik, how is the roll out to China coming along?
    <@HenrikNystrom> spirit, slow, very slow, they are not working as we are used to work.
    <SFRanger> henrik where do you see MO 5 years from now?
    <@HenrikNystrom> ranger, close to Eve ;)
    <@HenrikNystrom> population wise
    <@HenrikNystrom> pros may forget its not that easy to handle spell aimings correctly in a decent sized fight. ending up releasing them on wrong target..
    <@HenrikNystrom> we don't go fully traditional as in class wise and a counter wise, though we try hard to make all the diff skilset viable in pvp in different forms, though some will always be worse and they are meant to in some cases
    <@HenrikNystrom> alright I think I will be off trying to beat the "hell" act in the new dungeon in MO now then guys, thanks for the chat tonight!
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    Thank you.
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    Thanks man, awesome read, i really am looking forward to Awakening now.

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    thanks man!
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    Got to get that monkey off your back (cit)

    Just hope that you guys have done a good work on the rebalance of the weapons, im tired to see only 2 weapons in game...
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    Nice Pockets!
  8. Defiler

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    where did i put my carebear uniform.... i was sure its here somewhere...........
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    Nice, Gives some good info thanks pockets
  10. Mas

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    polish polish polish
  11. Subetai

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    Sounds sexy.
  12. sunshiner

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    sounds smexy, got a brand new pc that i payed way to much for:oops: 64bit will help mend that wound quite alot!
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    Nice! Thanks for sharing it Pockets!
  14. Hemperor

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    I've had an account here for a long time, and lurked even longer... I'm looking forward to using my account when Awakening comes, hopefully it works out.

    I have a "monster machine" and it will be nice for MO to finally use it.

    Also, on nudity, it's nice to hear some talk about change on this finally. When brought up in the past, people would try to push running around waving your dick in town as a key feature to sandbox play...yet in real life you wouldn't last very long. A lot of people have kids around and don't want to play and have that streaming across their screen, and also this opens the door to younger players... Yes, they add a lot to MMOs too, diversity is what makes MMOs great, and you open the door to a much larger group of subscribers.
  15. Resilient

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    I totally agree. :p
  16. realnaste

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    Nudity should stay.
    Models should change though :p
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    Thanks dude.

    But i i really hate irc(the MO's global chat)....
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    I don't understand, they want to get rid of nudity, but add prostitution? Did I read that correctly? I honestly don't care if they get rid of nudity if it means more population on Steam. I don't think the US has a problem with nudity in games...(probably more than the EU though) From my understanding the US doesn't care as long as it's labeled...it sounds like Steam is the one who's throwing fits. But you can't blame them because of PR.
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    I remember how impressed I was initially that SV just went with nudity and didn't knuckle under to the anti-nudity people who rule all of retail. I was tired of the sticky silly looking underwear that you see in other games and thought it was ridiculous that decapitation and over the top gore was okay but nudity :eek: ahhh!!!
    This BS is rampant in the US ( where i live) I blame the religious organizations, and PTA.
    But, I do have little ones as well, and seeing flapping dongs everywhere on the screen does get kind of old.

    Please don't give everyone sticky underwear or castrate the server.

    I wouldn't mind free rag restocking, and sophistication and/or environmental weather damage for nakeds

    If you are planning to make Viagra one of the new contraband drugs, please make it very rare/expensive.
  20. Marcas

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    Good ideas though with dealing with nakeds.

    I think they should just make it illegal to be naked. Not an executable offense, but rather a throw you out of town offense. You are naked, guards show up and escort you outside of town limits and pummel you in the back of the head leaving you unconscious for a few moments. :)

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