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Discussion in 'Round Table' started by slyy, May 23, 2012.

  1. MeduliMadness

    MeduliMadness New Member

    Same number of subscribers as Eve Online in 5 years?
    Looks like sandboxer picked up on this. Henrik and his hubris lol.......
  2. ltankhsd

    ltankhsd Senior Member

    Yeah seriously, why should a CEO believe in his product...the nerve of some people!:rolleyes:

  3. Thorvald

    Thorvald Junior Member

    Skyrim Nudity. Sure its a mod, but its the same as MO in terms of Nudity.
  4. Hydras

    Hydras Well-Known Member

    cannot wait to play MO again. I hope dyes are in.
  5. Bobzer77

    Bobzer77 The Writer

    "You see that son? That's what the human body looks like but don't you dare look at it because it's dirty and shameful!

    Now watch me cut this guys head off."

    Nah as stupid as it is I get it though. Removing nudity would mean I wouldn't have to stare at the sky whenever someone enters the room :p
  6. Tizio

    Tizio Focus Group

    pfft, so true!
  7. realnaste

    realnaste Honored Member

    Also a grey flag for nakeds and all should be good.
  8. Cob4lt

    Cob4lt Junior Member

    About nudity, you just need to control it:

    -Each NPC should be able to give you rags: when you speak nude to a NPC, he tells you: "Put those rags on you poor fellow" and you can answer YES/NO then get wears on or not. (the priest NPC asks it BEFORE he does rez you). Cause often the rags have been deleted by players. Or more simply an option "Rags on /off in character window" would do the trick

    - Each naked player goes hidden criminal for everyone. You can shoot him at will. Guards will attack any nude character.

    -Certain special locations/buildings (i think of Tindrem) where nudity doesnt make you grey....

    -Also sophistication goes instantly to negative value/zero if killed/guarded while nude.

    So now you got a system where everything is possible, but no more naked dudes everywhere in town. Peoples with children would have very low chance to cross a naked one in the wilderness/ inside town. Problem solved.

    Retards/kiddies that would intentionnaly goes naked outdoor in towns and get ganked/guard whacked repeatedly would soon enough be tired of it i guess.
  9. Rilman

    Rilman Senior Member

    Just an option to turn rags on and off would do me fine, (so even nakeds look to be wearing them)
    the people who like looking at cock all day can and those that don't, don't have to.
  10. Groenholdt

    Groenholdt Senior Member

    Well, if they get attacked all the time (cus they somehow lost their rags) how can they get them back? They cant enter the city cus guards and players will attack them..
  11. Coors916

    Coors916 Junior Member

    Yeah that's so cool.
    I'm loving that sentence^^ Oh yeah!
  12. realnaste

    realnaste Honored Member

    Not if a priest would automatically give you rags if non would be detected in your inv.
  13. Darran

    Darran Well-Known Member

  14. madsholme

    madsholme Senior Member

    so its ok for kids to see people killed and blood/gore, and for some reasons nudity is harmfull to them? you must be american right?
  15. Hemperor

    Hemperor Trial Member

    I'm Canadian.

    Violence is everywhere today. My little brothers played UO with me. They enjoyed crafting, taming and all the other roles. Sure, they weren't pros, but they enjoyed. Newbies make MMOs BETTER.

    Every game that I play, I play with my little brothers, it's a lot of fun. MO is a different story, and that's definitely part of the reason I haven't gotten into it as much. My brothers have understood violence from every movie and game, but they might not understand big hairy uncircumsised cocks just yet. As another player said, why not have the option to disable nudity? Why do YOU want to force dick in my face and have me pay monthly for it?

    There is no doubt that removing nudity or having an option to do so will open the door for many more subscribers. Are a thousand identical hairy dicks worth holding this game back a bit?
  16. realnaste

    realnaste Honored Member

    For the ideals :D
    You seriously don't see anything wrong with that... o_O
  17. ltankhsd

    ltankhsd Senior Member

    Just make an option to turn off nudity for others and it's fine. People who still want to see dong can see it and those who don't want it can filter it. Problem solved everyone wins.
  18. realnaste

    realnaste Honored Member

    I think this was discussed more than enough in the past, and there is no sense in repeating same thing again. Nudity stays. Viva la nudes!
  19. IMNestea

    IMNestea Trial Member

    I really think it's that uncomfortable factor that makes a lot of people uneasy about nudity...I see a lot more people complaining about seeing a penis then breasts or anything else really.
  20. grasthard

    grasthard Honored Member

    lool so much fail in this sentence. you think the violence depicted in movies is educational (especially in hollywood movies in which violence is extremely condemned and some time even supported if you are a "good" characters who kills all the baddies).

    also how can he not understand what's a penis is?this are things kid learn when they are around 5 already.
    he never questioned himself what is the thing dangling in the middle of his legs?
  21. realnaste

    realnaste Honored Member

    Why would anyone question a tail?

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