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Discussion in 'Round Table' started by slyy, May 23, 2012.

  1. Cob4lt

    Cob4lt Junior Member

    Puritanism is the word you guys are searching. I dont see myself the problem with nudity, and i would like to remind everyone that this game is rated 18+...

    Are you guys screaming scandal when one of your little brother/children come in your room and see you watching a porn movie? Even if you dont watch this (i know you do :p), thats not the point. Same for horror movies. Its the duty of the user of said medias to protect other vulnerable peoples from seeing it. Not the duty of the 18+ rated media editor to moderate content.

    I also want to ask: who said a nude body is traumatic for a child? Your mom? Jesus? The president of USA?
    Catholic puritanism? A child psychiatrist? Certainly not the last one.

    Breasts are ok? Pussies? Dicks? What about penis sheath like in Papua? :p

    All in all, we live in those kind of societies and cannot change them (so fast and so much and individually), so for the better future of MO i also am in favor of a toggle nudity on/off, just put underwears when off. This idea is simpler than what i thinked of, and more effective. But my idea stand on a "realism" point of view.

    Every potential player is good, and nudity is not a strong enough gameplay lever to be uncompromising about it.
  2. realnaste

    realnaste Honored Member

    No compromise!
    Corruption always starts from small things.
  3. Marcus Aurelius

    Marcus Aurelius Silver Supporter

    Thank you. Always a pleasure when the developers come out and chat to us on the same level. Something that'll probably get harder in the future.
  4. madsholme

    madsholme Senior Member

    So is there something wrong with not being uncircumised? ;)

    also i think the should allow us to remove violence, after all its harmfull. Do you see where i am going with this? I think there are better ways to prevent nudity, than to remove it completly, i bet social status, and the guard system will be a part of this. But i want SV´s full vision for this game, inc nudity and sex, if that is in their vision, i do not want some Americanized version, just becaus cracking skulls is ok, but naked men/women is "wrong"...

    btw your argument about your brother just makes me sad.
  5. arcca

    arcca Trial Member

    Or you could look at the reason why some people are naked to begin with and fix that too.
    two main reasons here, one mentioned already and another not.
    people destroy or lose them
    my toons that I leave naked i leave naked because the noob rags look horrible. the characters just look better naked rather than equip those eye sore rags. so i intentionally destroy them until I can replace them with gear that LOOKS GOOD. nothing more. so if dye is added, you'll see an increase in a demand for ROBES because people will now have more colors and styles to choose from. really simple.

    I personally would not mind if players could choose to have nude on or off. I'd leave my nudity setting on because i'm no homophobe (the cock and balls don't bother me) and enjoy the nice view of perky boobs once and awhile.

    So I really think you will see less nakeds if rags didn't look horrible to begin with, if dying robes is implemented (which it's said it will be) and the option to have priests offer you robes when you speak to them (dead or alive)
  6. ltankhsd

    ltankhsd Senior Member

    You seem to have a real problem with Americans considering nobody else in this thread is focusing on countries and act like it's impossible for a european to not want to see nudity in a video game. Did some bad american touch you in your naughty place when you were younger or something?
  7. arcca

    arcca Trial Member

    also needed to add that you are giving younger players too much credit. as soon as the young ones realize they can run around naked, they will TOO!!!
  8. Subetai

    Subetai Trial Member

    Who fucking cares about nudity? I mean for fucking sake we are chopping off eachothers heads and arms and slaughtering rabbits and other wildlife yet when a dick comes into the picture its all bad n' shit. Its a 18+ game and if you find dicks offensive then you might not be old enough to play the damn game.

    Edit: Giiffff update 8!!!!!!
  9. Bobzer77

    Bobzer77 The Writer

    Here's my two cents,

    Societies problem with nudity is no-one here's fault, there is no real reason why society should deem nudity more harmful than violence but it does. I think we all agree, even the ones who are against nudity in MO that violence is a lot worse than nudity. We cannot however ignore this societal ideal and the idea that a niche mmo on the fringe of public perception taking a stand on nudity is going to change anything, it isn't anymore than furries humping each other in second life will.

    What would be best for the community is to think about the impact that nudity has on MO. It is realistic, yes and it does add to immersion (although arguably the opposite as I doubt any medieval society had as much nudity as MO does) but how many players do you think it is putting off? How wide a market is excluded due to nudity and the M rating? We already know steam won't take MO while it has as much nudity as it currently does. And to the people that are arguing that the people against nudity are somehow socially regressed or just not liberal enough to "get it", you are as bigoted as the puritan conservatives.

    It is fine to be ok with nudity and it's fine not to be. What however is best for MO?

    We know it cuts off a large market and I doubt anyone is going to leave if it was removed (and if you claim you will I'll call you a liar), a part of me would miss it but most of me would understand if it were to go. The people in here crying for society to grow up and handle nudity are wasting their time, they aren't going to change anything typing on their computers, society will change if people try to instill an acceptance for nudity in their children, family and friends. This has not happened yet so we need to accept it.
  10. Darran

    Darran Well-Known Member

    There are people who are ok with nudity and people who are not. Why not just add option to disable it, wouldnt hurt anyone, and could bring people in the game who are agains nudity.
  11. realnaste

    realnaste Honored Member

    You're on
  12. Resilient

    Resilient Guest

    i agree an option too disable won't hurt anyone.
  13. jjmc00

    jjmc00 Member

    agreed, for the good of MO no nudity would work. Personally, I don't care one way or the other, because I am always clothed to be decent.
  14. Wyndal

    Wyndal Trial Member

    Has hashed and rehashed enough times.. SV already commented that something would be changed in the way it's handled so just give it a break. You have a choice to play or to not play. The game is 18+ so those who choose to play should be able to handle whatever the game designers want to include. I'm not against allowing players to set an option but it just seems unnecessary to me and speculation on other ways to address this "problem" are useless until we know what SV has already done or intends to do...
  15. madsholme

    madsholme Senior Member

    not at all, im just tired if it. in my experience last time we had that talk here, it was mostly americans who were having any isues with it. And with the lastest ravings on forums from americans on how there is to much sex in series like game of thrones, and spartacus while they have no isues with the raw violence on that show, it just gets to me. Its time to stop this madness :)

    I just want SV vision of the game, i dont want them to change anything becaus some people might not like it, they are also gonna make drugs possible ingame, again this is more "ok" in many eyes than nudity, and i think that´s just sad.
  16. MeduliMadness

    MeduliMadness New Member

    No there's something wrong with being circumcised. Genital mutilation is wrong regaurdless of weather it's a clitoris or a foreskin. That fact that many parents take away there childrens choice as to rather or not they should be circumcised at birth is disturbing.

    With that said, I hope someday StarVault will allow us to customize our in game penises as to rather or not its "cut" and maybe add some possible piercings like a ladder, or a prince Albert. Any married person can tell you looking at the same penis all day gets boring.
  17. georgatos7

    georgatos7 Senior Member

    Sorry but some guys got it wrong.

    The facts here are.
    1) Nudity is taking away from the immersion of the game and thus having a medieval city with people walking around with medieval clothes is totally different than a city full of nude people.
    2) Full free nudity cannot stand logically for sociates that are advanced enough to not live in tents.
    3) The ones with family members around and especially children might not be able to play the game if nudity isn't at least togglable.

    And sorry but the argument that if you can't stand the penises then leave is at least laughable and reminds me of the argument if you want a broker vendor then leave cause this game is not for you. Sadly SV's reaction was far too late.

    EDIT: Oh and nobody is talking about the half nude tribal-like female NPC because that obviously looks like a clan dressing style. On the other side full free nudity is plain silly.
  18. Mycke

    Mycke Well-Known Member

    See this is where I have a problem...

    This game has killing and blood and decapitations and limbs being severed and yet people are worried about their kids seeing a naked person?

    Maybe I'm crazy but if someone has no issue with someone seeing all that then I don't understand where the issue with nudity comes in.

    I can picture it now as some guy plays with his 5 yo daughter on his lap...

    "Now don't look at his penis honey, but watch how I cut off his head. Wasn't that cool sweety?" :rolleyes:

    The violence in the game should be enough that any nudity should be irrelevant in regards to who you would want to see you playing...
  19. georgatos7

    georgatos7 Senior Member

    Violence is already a part of many aspects in the everyday life like (movies, news, sports, games) it's basically a part of today's world culture, full nudity and genitalia aren't. It's not hard to understand this.

    But even then since you quoted me you didn't answer the first 2 arguments which are the most important imo.
  20. Allastar

    Allastar Well-Known Member

    Awesome stuff. Sigh seems like I'll have to wait for awakening a bit longer...

    As for the nudity thing, just give us an option to toggle. Everyone's happy that way.
  21. realnaste

    realnaste Honored Member


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