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Discussion in 'Round Table' started by slyy, May 23, 2012.

  1. Kuroi

    Kuroi Well-Known Member

    lol just read the interview... next-gen models -> next-gen dicks&tits :eek:
  2. realnaste

    realnaste Honored Member

    Next gen= a leap in quality? or is it? :confused:
  3. georgatos7

    georgatos7 Senior Member

    Don't know about that.

    I guess realnasty is gonna buy a 2nd,3rd... account or something.
  4. realnaste

    realnaste Honored Member

    ;) Sure you don't
  5. georgatos7

    georgatos7 Senior Member

    No i don't.
    Can you give a clue?
    Does it have to do with money? Cause i could use some extra.
  6. Coors916

    Coors916 Junior Member

  7. Bobzer77

    Bobzer77 The Writer

    A city full of naked people in a medieval setting isn't gritty or realistic, it's just fucking ridiculous.

    I'm fine with nudity being in but the people defending it on artistic or immersive merit are clueless, if you fap to it thats fine, just admit it, it's a better reason than 5 well toned naked veela veelas sexually assaulting you in the bank adding to realism.
  8. Henrik Nystrom

    Henrik Nystrom CEO Staff Member Developer

    oh my, was it really 4 pages of nudity discussion?!?
    Anyway, we are not completely removing nudity, we are talking about a possible toggle.
    Like I explained, if we are banned on all platforms due to this, and it makes it difficulty for us to sell the game in a wider scale then its worth discussing it isnt it? This doesnt mean we are removing the game features MO stands for, such as the core, full pvp, full loot. Thats important to remember.

  9. Kuroi

    Kuroi Well-Known Member

    well if you mean a way to turn it off and on it's ok to me :) maybe like a pixel-censorship as in my signature :D
  10. georgatos7

    georgatos7 Senior Member

    Oh and plz add the choice to declare this legal/illegal in the controlled towns by the controlling guild for sandbox and lore reasons of course.

    You're the Bauss!
  11. Resin

    Resin Well-Known Member

    I know there was plenty of other things said, which make it seem sad that this became the focus topic, but I can recall back when we would have three or 4 threads all on nudity, pages and pages and pages of it.
    Truthfully in and of itself its not a big deal, as long as its not the first pebble in a landslide. When the game launched you staked out some grounds on what the game would be like. If you compromise on this, what's next? 3rd person mode in certain situations, since the mirrors aren't in? That sounds reasonable. How about fast travel? In a limited way, of course, just as a place holder until we have the ships working the way we really want.

    Did you not know at launch that this is the way it would be? I seem to recall a certain F them we can do what we want because we are self-distributing to a niche market attitude. I liked that attitude.
    I realize you got bills to pay. I realize that most of these little scenarios seem like we would never do that crazy talk. I want SV to have money to reinvest in the game, and a player base to play with.
    But don't sell out.
    If we let them take the penises next will be the boobs, and then it will be the Horse Piss
    DON'T LET THEM TAKE OUR HORSE PISS! (we need that for fixing the dyes)
    also if they take all the player penises and horse piss, you know the next thing on the list will be Belbus Balls. And what would Mortal be with out Belbus Balls, a souless husk of a game, thats what.
    Belbus Balls are Art pure and simple.
  12. Paratus

    Paratus Guest

    Don't worry, we recognize that horse urine and belbus balls are staples of a strong game.

    We haven't committed to anything on this yet as far as I know, but what we're discussing is a simple toggle. That means that when people play the game everything will be just as it is now; however, if players wanted to they could turn off nudity in their client only. They wouldn't see the nudity, but if you left your setting as it is you would not notice any change. Options are good, in my opinion, when they don't affect the game in any perceivable way.
  13. MeduliMadness

    MeduliMadness New Member

    As long as were given choice I'm cool with it. Just don't let the critics turn this game into hello kitty online.
  14. Resin

    Resin Well-Known Member

    Straight to the sig with that quote, I'm going to hold you to it!

    I hope that such a toggle will not be seen as a fix for all the nudity in town. I would still like to see people put some damn clothes on, because rags are easily available and there is a reason not to be naked i.e. sophistication penalty. Just because I've been arguing for keeping Nudity in the game doesn't mean I'm not against seeing it all over the place.
  15. Dovahkiin

    Dovahkiin Senior Member

    Hnerik and SV staff are bawssss :cool:
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  16. madsholme

    madsholme Senior Member

    corruption always start as small things.. How about you just stick with your vision and implant some clothes people can buy, the only reason people are nude more or less is because the rags are ugly, and if you lose them you cant get new. How about
    - make tailoring a profession
    - make npc selling rags cheap
    - give some disadvantage to being nude, illegal in areas, social status will degrade and so on?
  17. madsholme

    madsholme Senior Member

    but there are other ways to fix this, other than to remove nudity. like:

    - make tailoring a profession
    - make npc selling rags cheap
    - give some disadvantage to being nude, illegal in areas, social status will degrade and so on?

    i am for nudity, but that does not mean i want it everywhere. How about SV tryed to implant ways to get clothes, prober clothes, sofication, and see how big a isue is with people running around nude is when that is in? i bet that would fix moste problems, and yes you will still see a guy running around nude, just becaus he can, but at least it would "cost" him something. and the walk of shame, should always be nude!
  18. Dovahkiin

    Dovahkiin Senior Member

    Im all for nudity (only for females charachters).
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  19. realnaste

    realnaste Honored Member

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