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Discussion in 'Round Table' started by slyy, May 23, 2012.

  1. Resin

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    I think the in-game modifications discussed would work great for the actual game and the actual players that play the game.

    There is a separate issue of distribution networks such as steam and whomever and what they deem necessary to allow SV to distribute MO through their networks. This has nothing to do with the good of anyone actually playing the game or what we want and everything to do with the rules they have in place for all games. Comic books faced similar problems because of the mass misperception that the entire medium should be accesible to children. I see it as the same kind of problem, US censorship run amok, at least they don't want to sell the game in Walmart ;P - think of all the possible new players that we are missing out on. Anyway a client side toggle - particularly one that did pixelation rather than underwear would not be that bad. But don't kid yourself about the issue here. It isn't to help the game in anyway, its to get more subs by jumping through the ridiculous hoops.
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  2. Coors916

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    Yeah that's a good point. But with the 'hardcore' persona SV wants to adopt for MO, I'm not sure if they will goo down that line, but the reality is, it probably would be better for business if it means more subs.
  3. Hertix

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    Are you kidding? Toggling nudity on client side changes gameplay 0% for everyone else, doesn't change shit. Toggling Full Loot changes the gameplay for everyone else playing. You see the difference? You guys keep talking about game mechanics, but a client side pixelated toggle doesn't change fucking anything for anyone playing the game, it is essentially a leisure device for people with different beliefs. The problem is you people are attacking other people's principles rather than taking a second to think about how something like this effects gameplay. You can disagree with the fact that nudity should mean anything compared to violence, but if it keeps MO from getting on a platform such as steam don't be so selfish. They characters are still naked, and you can still look at all the dick you want, and for everyone else the chars are still naked, and whatever they are looking at is 100% the same in terms of gameplay, so yes, no gameplay, no real vision is sacrificed with a toggle.
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  4. Sienidieni

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    Why are you guys talking dicks again?
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