A Farewell to Kuthara

Discussion in 'Guild & Player Politics and Discussion' started by Diphling, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. Cuneglas

    Cuneglas Member

    destroy their guildstone and the large portion of derps will never find their way back into the guild. easy as pie
  2. Saphirix

    Saphirix Senior Member

    Sorry to hear such words Kuthara, and would be good to hear it from your mouth aswell. But I know, and many more in these forums know, that you have been on Nave for too long to leave it for good, I hope you get a little break and we will see you back again when the time is right, be well and hope to see you soon again.
  3. Tehmudjin

    Tehmudjin Honored Member

    He said his subs were running out and he was not gonna resubb.
  4. lonewolf9567

    lonewolf9567 Senior Member

    "MY names Strongmad, and here's five buuuuuucks"
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  5. Rilman

    Rilman Senior Member

    Like this has anything to do with a bunch of scrubs like guts, please, get over yourself.

    You guys are so butt sore its funny. Want to buy some potions? :D

    Come kill some more Meduli horses that aren't even ours, that's about all you scrubs can manage.
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  6. Yamaka

    Yamaka Trial Member

    Satansarah what is even your point?
    I was talking to my homies and you just BS me ?
    Man get a job or a life...facking lootbag.
    Typical RLC try to touch some you cant fuck with..

    JUDGEMENT Member

    sad too see ya go dude, you were a loyal companion for sure.
  8. Diphling

    Diphling The Desperado

  9. Kutai

    Kutai Member

    I guess I should type something in here.

    Well you all know me well enough to know I am not really the sort of person to hold any grudges against people. E.G. Several people I was previously at war with are now close friends in KotO. So for anyone who I have been at war with, killed or been killed by, Thanks for the fun! Its what makes this game great.

    The wardec with Guts and the fighting in fab has actually been a highlight for me. It was great fun and I really enjoyed it. It was for sure one of the only reasons I logged on over the past couple of weeks.

    This has been a long time coming and I ensured things were set up so that when the eventual 'push over the edge' came that KotO would go on without me and I am sure that my boys will step up to the task at hand.

    Being in charge of such a large guild is taxing as Diph said. Add to that the fact that we are one of the few guilds not to resort to RPK even when the server population dwindled and very few good fights were left to be had. I was often in contact with a dozen or more different players at any one point and trying to solve everyone's problems. When someone was killed in Meduli, they looked to me to sort something out even if they were not KotO.

    Unfortunately with my Job combined it was a bit too much for me and I stopped enjoying the game. For every hour I spent in game, I had to spend a few hours in conversation with different people. Guilds came to KotO with their problems whether they involved us or not and I did my best to help them find solutions.

    I can only hope that the game progresses and becomes what I always wanted it to be. I can also only hope that the community starts to act more responsibly and take it upon themselves to MAKE this happen. At the end of the day the GM,s and Programmers are under immense amounts of stress also and its up to you guys to keep the community and the game alive until Awakening. This is what I tried to do, unfortunately the frustration of it got the better of me.

    P.S. Thanks for all the fish.

    Ex Guild Leader of Keepers of the Oath.

    P.S.S I take the secret of the Oath with me. You shall never know what it is.
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  10. KhaoticKaos

    KhaoticKaos Well-Known Member

    I did sortof always wonder what the oath was.
  11. lonewolf9567

    lonewolf9567 Senior Member

    There is no oath shhhhhhh
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  12. Rilman

    Rilman Senior Member

    Kill the Heretic!
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  13. grasthard

    grasthard Honored Member

    KotO is done for good. Khutara was the only one with some leading skills. leaving the guild in the hands of some cheap griefers like pockets or spiritpup it will seal KotO's fall.

    but with awakening it would have probably happened anyhow (see below)

    they become second guild in TC in a time when most of the big guilds had half of their member unsubbed (and recruiting a mass of new players who probably don't even know what the acronym KotO means :D ). with awakening most big guilds will be back in full numbers, and all the people they stepped on during this low pop time would take their revenge back.
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  14. MolagAmur

    MolagAmur Well-Known Member

    Sorry but this is completely true.
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  15. Aezreal

    Aezreal Arena Champion

    I hope koto takes the next step and forms into a community like AQ.
    Just because kuthara isn't playing MO doesn't mean he still doesn't co-lead the koto community keeping it toghether.
    Hope to see you in other games kuth and still leading the koto section of that game.
  16. ThaBadMan

    ThaBadMan Exalted Member

    Sad to see u go Kuthara, we have had many fun fights both against and with one another.

    I wish u good luck in whatever ur doing next ;)
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  17. slyy

    slyy Senior Member

    There will be a gap needing filled and some adaptions made - but the rest of this is totally incorrect. Neither myself or Spiritwolf are "cheap griefers". Perhaps your thinking of the old Pockets - I don't grief and I know for sure Spiritwolf has never either. If your talking about thievery, thats a different matter.

    Didn't step on anybody, fought for keeping what is ours - and I also personally orchestrated a keep siege agreement to let TC get properly used at last. During this period we have been very understanding of the larger guilds getting into TC for the first time whilst doing our fair share to help smaller guilds become better established.

    However if this was to happen KotO would not simply disapear and once again, fight our way back ;)
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  18. PoeX

    PoeX Silver Supporter

    I hope you come back sooner or later, Kuthara. We've had some fun fights.

    Best of luck! :)
  19. Rilman

    Rilman Senior Member

    I'd like to know who wev'e stomped on, when you consider what we could have destroyed the last couple of months had we been the malicious type.

    We've actually had pretty good relations with most guilds, still fighting them but we haven't gone out of our way to make anyone's life unpleasant or destroy their assets.
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  20. Malgor

    Malgor Junior Member

    Take a break Kuthara, we┬┤ll hopefully see you again some time after awakening! (when the inevitable bugs are ironed out...)

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