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  1. Dsn

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    1.Flameing arrwos

    In battles you will often see arrows that are on fire (especially at night). These arrows are used to set enemies on fire. This can also happen to ballista arrows, catapult rocks, and various other projectiles. Even if there is no sane reason for them to be on fire. Fire is just cool. Though arrows can still get even cooler, especially if shot en masse in a Rain Of Arrows. :D

    In real life, flaming arrows were seen on medieval battlefields, though to get them to burn reliably one had to wrap them in flammable material and light them first, making them heavier and reducing their range. Also, wrapping a cloth around the pointy bit of your arrow might affect its ability to, you know, kill people; wrapping the cloth behind the arrowhead, as was mostly done in real life, would allow it to penetrate a target. There is therefore nothing mockable about them being used en masse to attack wooden buildings or to try to panic a civilian population, but the trope gets taken to extremes when they are always used in night battles even in situations where the lighting-things-on-fire factor would be a non-factor, such as when attacking a stone castle (except when the attacking army is in a position to shoot over the walls and there are wooden buildings on the inside—which there usually are—in which case it's justified). In addition, no one cares if your enemies are suitably flaming torches. Flaming arrows, however, do give the advantage of letting you see where your arrow lands during the night, so you can correct your shot.

    They are also very useful as signals in a society with that level of technology. :cool:

    Storming the peasant village has never been easier with flaming arrows! Honestly this is a rather simple undertaking. All you need is a good cheap arrow and some kind of paper or cloth piece that you can wrap right up under the tip. There are many flammable substances you can use for this too. I.E. gas, kerosene, lighter fluid, citronella, magnesium tape , etc.:cool:

    My Suggestion is to add a secondary skill to the archery that lets you convert normal arrow(s) into flameing arrow(s) in yust a few seconds in wich it consumes a flammable material and normal arrow(s) that was equiped to player.

    Skill description : This skill is used to convert normal arrow into flameing arrow(s) useing the equiped arrow(s) and a small amount of flammable material. Flameing arrows are used to burn down wood buildings and scare off wild animals but greatly reduses the dmg and lowers the range of the arrow . A higher skill greatly reduses the time needed to convert the arrow and improves the dmg and rage.

    This is a good way to burn down wood buildings like homes and towers(controltowers) over a short time about 3 to 10 h depending on the material used to make the building (the more wood the faster it burns also more arrows the faster it burns).The burning can be stoped with enough watter or other useable material. Also a small chanse of seting players and animals on fire. The arrows already set on fire would have 10 s to 2 min(depending on the material used) of time before they die out (or dmg the player if unskilld and make him unable to use another in the next few min). Torch need is optional. Also a max of 5 to 25 pre prepared arrows in equipment(max 5) + inv. Max of 1 (one) equiped arrow to burn at a time.

    2.Poisoned arrows

    Arrow poisons are used to poison arrow heads or darts for the purposes of hunting. They have been used by hunter-gatherer peoples worldwide and are still in use in areas of South America, Africa and Asia.

    Notable examples are the poisons secreted from the skin of the poison dart frog and curare (or 'ampi'), a general term for a range of plant-derived arrow poisons used by the indigenous peoples of South America.

    Poison arrows were used by real peoples in the ancient world, including the Gauls, ancient Romans, and the nomadic Scythians and Soanes. Ancient Greek and Roman historians describe recipes for poisoning projectiles and historical battles in which poison arrows were used. Alexander the Great encountered poisoned projectiles during his conquest of India (probably dipped in the venom of Russell's viper) and the army of the Roman general Lucullus suffered grievous poison wounds from arrows shot by nomads during the Third Mithridatic War (1st century BC).

    Plant based poisons and Animal-based poisons are the two main tipes.

    My Suggestion is to add a secondary skill to the archery that lets you convert normal arrow(s) into poisoned arrow(s) in yust a few seconds in wich it consumes a poisonus material (like spider mat,poisonus mushroom, or as primary mat a poisoned potion(default)) and normal arrow(s) that was equiped to player.:cool:

    Skill description : This skill is used to convert normal arrow into poisoned arrow(s) useing the equiped arrow(s) and a small amount of poisonus material. Poisoned arrows are used to poison a player or npc. The less hp the target has the more effect it has(chanse of self poisoning if unskilld). A higher skill greatly reduses the time needed to convert the arrow and improves the dmg, also reduces the chanse of the effect being undone by spell or potion.

    NO effect on blood less target and reduced chanse of poisuning if target has full armor(arrow blocking one not letter, silk or fur) and high hp. It is a grate way to kill low hp players and kill off animals. Some poisons have slow down and(or) knock out effect.
    Ps : it could be used to heal player if healing potion is added (50/50 on this idea).:rolleyes:;)

    Pss: sorry for bad the english.
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    So in short you want archers to shoot flamestrike and corruption ... arrows?

    No? Well, if you think about it, that is in fact what it would be. We have the described effects already, under the label of "magic". :eek:

    While I see only arguements against flaming arrows (graphics!, what extra damage would they do anyway? if they could burn houses you can just delete all houses right away, so what is the point?) ...

    ... poison arrows might eventually come. I mean, we do have alchemy, and it would make sense. Combined with more alchemy based healing, antidotes etc. that could be really cool. And who knows, maybe the trowing weapons of the Sators will be poisoned one day.

    But first there are other priorities what should be done about archery (which is finally working nicely with the result of everyone complaining about it).

    1. Shields!
    Yes, the first thing to do about archery has nothing to do with bows or arrows or aiming. Shields have to block arrows (that is what they are made for). We need equipment hits when an arrow hits a shield, even when the shield is not used for blocking. Now it is not the shield that blocks the arrow, but the action of blocking, and blocking arrows with your bare hands is ... you know :rolleyes:

    2. Fletching
    Before making any flaming and glowing-in-the-dark arrows, fletching of normal arrows should be introduced. Haha, I already see a great slaughtering of terror birds, being hunted down for their feathers. :p

    3. Projectiles
    Now you aim, release ... and you hit or you don't. There is no projectile arrow really flying around. Yes, you see an arrow stuck in the ground where you shot, but that arrow teleported there, it did not fly there. Just have a look at Mount & Blade, there you can see arrows flying around, run into the path of an arrow, or see the arrow coming and dodge it (maybe:D).
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  3. Dsn

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    1. Shealds
    I totally agree with you on the first one

    as for
    fletching can be added whan they make a separate table for makeing arrows :cool:,(I see this one as the best) a table that can be used to make arrows with 3 separate mats one for A.arrow tips one for B.arrow body and one for the C.back part (fletching as you name it(first time i heard)).
    A. Material for dmg.
    B. Material for range and weight and minimal amount dmg and (stamina effect) and maybe a bit aim effect if its raining or windy.
    C. Fletching for aim, range, speed, and dmg (because speed is dmg)

    Or add it all to the bow table it is easier to do.

    And 3.
    I dont have any
    opinion of it.

    But 4. actually hitting the target
    I take my bow fire a arrow from less than 1 m(pvp on head) and it misses i fire at a horse and it misses. The point is that if i fire at horse head it misses fire at behind of a horse it miss(all gone
    through of corse but didnt dmg or hit) and at mounted players it is the same if you (horse not moveing) hit anywhere but the saddle it misses.

    5. my actual post
    you sead said :
    No? Well, if you think about it, that is in fact what it would be. We have the described effects already, under the label of "magic"

    While I see only arguements against flaming arrows (graphics!, what extra damage would they do anyway? if they could burn houses you can just delete all houses right away, so what is the point?) ...
    It wont be like magic because
    actually it wold be more effective like (no mana use and a bit more time needed lower rage and dmg for fire arrows and more dmg and dmg over time for poisoned arrows+ knock out(cant mowe at all) and slow down effect)
    It is a cheep way to
    burn down control towers and scare off wild animals. I ment the control towers to be burned down fast and easy so that control towers need to be guarded the houses were yust a bonus and it can be turnd off by rain or wattering ( and stone doesnt burn so houses loase only half of hp and keeps 1/3 of hp controltowers 100% and wood walls 100%) .
    C. Swords(poisoned swords(daggers)) and torches(burn down and scare off) can have the same effect.

    Ps: sorry for bad the english.
  4. blackbird24

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    There is a reason why destroying a house (with a hailcaster or mangannon!) actually costs more than a house. If it were cheap and easy, every stupid griefer could just go around with a torch and set a house on fire. That is why I said that you can delete the houses right away. It would not even take a day, and all houses were burned down.

    Nothing else can be true for control towers. They do not even have that many hitpoints (if you believe the teasers that were released). Taking them down with anything less than expensive and slow equipment would mean the death of all towers. They would be destroyed much faster than anyone on Nave could build them up again.

    And what is even worse, the tower owner would have no way to defend them. It is already hard enough to defend a keep, or a house, if someone is determined to take it down. But if anybody with a torch (or a flaming arrow which takes 10 or whatever seconds to make) can take down a control tower, then there will be no control towers.
  5. Dsn

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    What if they yust add poisoned arrows and fire arrows dont do dmg over time but still do damage to structures and scare off wild animals.
    That would take much more time but it can be used like 100-500 dmg arrows and 200-1000 dmg for torches.+ add a MC if used on house for every use or every 10-100 uses but you can also add alarm for all TC towers to warn guild members.
  6. Dsn

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  7. Derik

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    hmm a good suggestion... Right with the fire arrows i like the idea of setting buildings on fire, but this is MO so think realistically a better suggestion would be fire arrows do more damage versus buildings, right now the only viable way to take down a building is either a manganon or a heavy mace, i would see this being implemented as a nice way to increase damage versus building and towers

    Now the poison arrow, really this makes sense in an mmo but frankly there isnt enough slows and stuns in the game which would make even a single slowing ability within MO VERY VERY Overpowered, my suggestion for that is to make the poison arrow similar to a mages corrupt spell so it would become an arrow doing less damage than normal but allowing warriors to use a ranged corrupt, this ofc would be OP due to Mounted archer spamming it so to counter this you would make a timer so it could only be re-applied say every 10-15 seconds and lasting only 5seconds making it a nice way to kill low hp players who persistently try and run.

    overall making those who choose to use a bow as the main weapon more viable overall in not only group fights but 1v1's to.
  8. Dsn

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    well there are +es amd -es in everything.
    SV can do it we just need it done.
    and they said we get more from alchemy at GUI and AI.

    i am for using arrows to slowly destroying buildings and fast distroying of towers.
  9. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

    ahh yes one of my fist suggestiones...
    last i remember there were mixed feelings about it.
    but i still want them in.
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  10. superflypony

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    Why that game have poison, special skill for make poison, but i can't use poison on my weapon? What i must do with that poison? Drink for suicide?
  11. superflypony

    superflypony Member

    I think so about poisoned weapons like daggers and swords. About real, evil poison., not corrupt 1-2 hp in second damage. Poison what will have cost like 10-20 g one potion, but that will be work great. Make enemy sick, can't health, as poisoning from food. Add special secondary skill for thief-add some poison in food of victim. Parent-pilfering. Low effect posion for arrows-you can spam with that, and powerfull effect poison for dagger on 1 hit-u can use poison only for 1 hit and if you really hit your enemy, but with evil damage. If you do that-more players will play for alchemical, now that don't popular-poison don't work/
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  12. longhairdfreak

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    I'd like to see flaming arrows in game for another purpose. Walk into a cave, fire a burning arrow into the ceiling for 1 minute of light. That way archers can go into caves as well, since they can't carry a torch and shoot. It would allow 2h weapon users the same functionality. Shoot and arrow into ceiling, switch to swords, kill and repeat.
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  13. drgyn

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    i really like that idea alot :) mini portable torches make it so you need cloth oil and a torch have to make or premake the arrow before time with cloth and oil(using combine) and light ti with torch before you shoot it or at least have a torch in your inv or a friend with a torch
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  14. Sarkhan

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    I'm under the assumption that things like this will come when both fletchery (if ever) and poison application comes in-game.
  15. wanderingbard

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    Has this had any result as of November 2015? The last time anyone got on this thread looks like 2013 so I was wondering if poisons are able to be used for weapons and armors now? I'm not concerned about the flaming I just want to know if I start an alchemist if I can make poisons to apply to weapons?
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    Stop necro bumping

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