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Discussion in 'Nobleman's Wisdom' started by NINEN, Aug 19, 2013.

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  1. PaveI

    PaveI Trial Member

    you could just kill yourself :D that always is a flat out value, also make sure your character doesnt have passive regen ;)
    and yes its red jamburras as green ones dont have direct heal :D
    Theres another way to hurt you aswell, that is poison
  2. Zergi

    Zergi Well-Known Member

    pet attack me
    fall dmg
    drowning dmg
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  3. reaverx

    reaverx Well-Known Member

    can you do pet attack me anymore? (Like pet protect me, I thought it was gone)
  4. Zergi

    Zergi Well-Known Member

    idk go and try
    /pet 1 attack target YOURNAMEHERE
    /pet 1 attack YOURNAMEHERE
    /pet 1 attack me

    pretty sure one will work^^
  5. PaveI

    PaveI Trial Member

    i was talking about flat dmg not random dmg :)
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  6. Hertix

    Hertix Well-Known Member

    Well, let's just say there are quite a few testing methods out there to help you find more accurate results =D
  7. Sparhawk13

    Sparhawk13 Member

    I always just ran nekked through the graveyard a few times. Got me some exercise and fresh air at the same time!
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  8. Under Achiever

    Under Achiever New Member

    Really nice thread. Bravo to the OP!
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  9. lord_yoshi

    lord_yoshi Member

    A few questions:
    1. What determines the base ingredient? Another way to ask would be, can you have enough volumizers in a recipe to decrease the required base ingredient quantity to 1?
    2. Are there multipliers that have more than one "bell curve"? An example of this would be a multiplier that adds two hit points to a potion when adding 3 of it in, but adds four hit points when adding 12 in.
    3. Is the "bell curve" of the multipliers affected by the ratio of the total amount of ingredients, the total amount of ingredients that add to the PU, the total amount of PU, or the total amount of the base ingredients?
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  10. Hertix

    Hertix Well-Known Member

    1. I am not completely sure, though I have my theories. As for volumizers, the info on volumizing in this thread is a

    2. I don't think you understand the bell curve concept....The bell curve means that every adder will be most effective at a certain ratio to the direct healing base, but you also have to take into account the poison and direct heal properties of the adder as well as total dillution. amount of base ingredient.
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  11. lord_yoshi

    lord_yoshi Member

    Thanks for the reply. I was asking if there were multipliers that could possibly have two significant ratios, but I guess not.
  12. NINEN

    NINEN New Member

    If you feel the information provided in the volumizing section in the guide to be "a" then you should either correct me or remain silent.

    Making statements regarding the inaccuracy, and then failing to provide information is being intentionally cryptic on your part.
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  13. NINEN

    NINEN New Member

    Noted, thanks for your support.
  14. ird

    ird Silver Supporter

    Welcome back Ninen, nice post.
  15. NINEN

    NINEN New Member

    Thank you, means a lot bro.
  16. Mialonius

    Mialonius New Member

    You spelled "effect" wrong. Thought you'd like to know :) It's in the "Base" description (first one).
  17. NINEN

    NINEN New Member

    Fixed, and thank you for the correction. :D
  18. Unseeker

    Unseeker Trial Member

    I really would like the know the use of a poison potion? Since everyone can see what's inside your potion, what would be it's use?
  19. Ascendance

    Ascendance Senior Member

    They're useless. Maybe if we can poison weapons one day then they will be good.
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  20. Neix

    Neix New Member

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