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Discussion in 'Nobleman's Wisdom' started by NINEN, Aug 19, 2013.

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  1. Unseeker

    Unseeker Trial Member

    Looks like someone drank a lil' too much of his potions...
  2. alahadi

    alahadi Junior Member

    Why does it go down to 18 again if 100b+5M?
  3. Groenholdt

    Groenholdt Senior Member

    So I'm doing some heavy testing of how to determine values with decimals. First I need to test how much dmg my Mind Blast does and how much health I really have. This gives some interesting results.

    I start at 147/146 HP (Already bugged here)
    IF I do not use a Camp Fire to rest up at, when I use Mind Blast I will get 106 HP.
    IF I do use a Camp Fire to rest up at, I will get 107 HP.

    When I begin my test with ingredients my results varies if I have 107 or 106 in HP (new hp curve).

    Anyone experienced this problem?
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  4. Notime

    Notime Oghmium Supporter

    yea, I just look at my health(mostly on my fighter) with 198/197(same weird stuff), get some fall damage like 33 and im at 165, do it again for 33 and im at 132hp, i mean its not really that accurate but in combat that 0.1-1hp isnt really a killer.
  5. reaverx

    reaverx Well-Known Member

    I heard there is a way to get the decimals places, THIS IS A MAJOR PROBLEM WITH ALCHEMY.
    Worse yet some people claim to know a way; not sure my self if true or not, or even how it might be done.
  6. Groenholdt

    Groenholdt Senior Member

    It's hard.. and I'm not even sure it's possible.. Since there is so many unknown factors and currently I dunno how people can say "it's not 6 HP, but 6.0 HP".

    Sometimes when I relog I get a new health value.. It's just making me frustrated xD
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  7. Groenholdt

    Groenholdt Senior Member

    Alright... Done some more testing and here's my result:

    Everytime I do something to my HP, IF I relog I will have one less HP than before. Like it cannot calculate my real HP when I'm in game but first after a restart.

    What I tried: Mind Blast, drinking Red Jambura Juice (took around 20-30 potions and relogged after each one - 1 less HP each time).
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  8. Groenholdt

    Groenholdt Senior Member

    Let's continue spamming this thread:

    The bug I described is only a visuel bug. It have the same decimal but only a -1.0 value (which is irritation enough). I recommend resting again untill you have the correct value (fully rested, still sleeping, with 146/146 for example. If 147/146 => Lose HP => Rest up => repeat etc.).
    I'm not 100 percent about this but haven't got any failures in my calculation... yet

    Disclaimer - Before reading this remember I'm still testing and this may be all false info!
    So I found a way to determine the decimal. I must say it was kinda tricky and it didn't make it easier that my HP wasn't 146.0 but 145,7. Since my Con is capped at 45 and my height is something too I think no one has 140.0 HP but instead 140.3 HP (just an example).

    Some random info from my testing:
    • MO is using 1 decimal (1,0 / not 1,00 / not 1)
    • Red Jambura Juice has a healing value at 9.0 for 10 PU
    • Mind Blast reduces your health at 40.0 HP with minimum skills
    • Do not relog when you're testing!
    I need to do some more testing before I can confirm how to determine the decimal value.
    If you think I'm wrong please say! (and ofc why :b )
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  9. jacuseTNT

    jacuseTNT Trial Member

    Thank you, your formula was very useful.
  10. lord_yoshi

    lord_yoshi Member


    You're forgetting that your weight also gives you a bonus to hit points, more specifically your maximum health reserve (which is also not an integer, but less important).
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  11. Hertix

    Hertix Well-Known Member

    The visual bug doesn't actually change your hp value at all, you just won't be able to see your true hp until you gain hp or take damage. And MO most definitely doesn't use just 1 decimal place. I can test the accuracy of some ingredients to the nearest .005 hps.
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  12. Groenholdt

    Groenholdt Senior Member

    Yeah.. I did some more testing and one decimal wasn't enough to get correct results.. Meh, makes it a lot harder
  13. reaverx

    reaverx Well-Known Member

    The cursed question is how to discover this accuracy without testing the same set ingredients at the same levels for MILLIONS of times, in order to gain mean average.
    I personally can't see a game mechanic that allows you to get such accuracy without such tests.
    *NOTE: I'm NOT accusing anyone of anything!*
  14. Muloch

    Muloch Member

    His method is clever, smart, and logical and 100% within the game mechanics, but I would not fret over it at all like it seems that you may be, because you don't need this level of accuracy to run your standard tests and figure out everything from individual multiplier strength to optimum ratio use.

    I have never used this particular testing method even tho I know how to just because I didn't find it necessary as I was going thru my tests. But it certainly is a great tool I would consider using once I have all my data collected to go back and see just exactly what each component and then the recipes happen do exactly just for accuracy sake, or to be completely comprehensive, but I don't think it is necessary to make progress and to deconstruct the system at all.
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  15. Groenholdt

    Groenholdt Senior Member

    The research I have done doesn't use millions but just some thousands of units.. I don't even know why but I like to know that the result I get is 90% accurate.

    Right now Im just figuring out what effects the HP and how to test it properly.. I done all the gathering and gathered nearly every info about the pickables... except the alchemy and cooking info.
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  16. reaverx

    reaverx Well-Known Member

    millions/thousands, where's the difference. It's a painfully slow process.

    1. I'm sure it is "clever, smart", but not so sure about "logical and 100% within the game mechanics", yet to be convinced, guess I'll never know LMFAO.
    2. " I would not fret over it at all like it seems that you may be, because you don't need this level of accuracy to run your standard tests and figure out everything from individual multiplier strength to optimum ratio use", I'm not freting, just pointing out the pain.... and to be honest, I'm not sure I can do this later part. I've been testing for some time, and there's such little difference combinations I've tested thus far, I can't tell very much at all for certain.

    I've still got lots to test, mainly because most of current tests have told me jack all...
  17. Groenholdt

    Groenholdt Senior Member

    The "Max Health Reserve" doesn't change unless you gain or lose weight. According to the results I get either "Health Reserve" or the hidden decimal(if any?) in your weight affects your health. Right now it's pointing to the hidden decimal.

    If either one of these is true your health is changing everytime you're taking damage and since I'm using fx MB to lower my health my HP will automaticly change too.

    Am I missing something?
  18. Golgotha

    Golgotha Well-Known Member

    Max health reserve will only go down if you are being hurt while "in the grey". When your bars are in the positive (the top 25% of your reserves), your max health reserve will not lower.
  19. Groenholdt

    Groenholdt Senior Member

    Yes, it will also lower if your bar becomes "grey". Forgot to mention that. Still it doesn't solve my little problem

    Let me use an example:

    Health Reserve / Max Health reserve
    1000 / 1000
    Weight: 108kg
    I calculate my HP to 150.5

    Health Reserve / Max Health reserve
    800 / 1000
    Weight: 108kg
    I calculate my HP to 150.1. I exercised/(lost some hp and rested up again) a bit so maybe my weight is more like 107.8kg
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  20. Golgotha

    Golgotha Well-Known Member

    I thought it should possibly be added in that to get a Purify Potion "chemical reaction", you need your Advanced Potion Making to be maxed out. Just food for thought for those who are experimenting to find said recipe, and dont have this skill maxed, not knowing that it is needed.

    Now, Im not saying ALL chemical reactions (surface=scratched) will need 100 Advanced Potion Making, just noting for this one solution.
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