An MO review by some random newb

Discussion in 'Round Table' started by deathshroud, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. deathshroud Exalted Member

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  2. Zergi Well-Known Member

    mad cuz bad
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  3. humble01 Senior Member

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  4. Strilan Exalted Member

    Welp, I see the reaosn he posted what he did.

    I'm sorry for your experience with the game, and you're probably not going to try it again, but still... Good luck, and hopefully MO improves enough for you to come back.

    I mean, the game's made headway since release, but it's just not enough to bring MO back from the edge of the "niche" cliff.

    Even so, some love it the way it is, and those that don't, like you, will leave.

    Good luck w/ whatever you play next.
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  5. audric Senior Member

    A review by someone who doesn't know shit about the game at all.

  6. realnaste Honored Member

    Hm. I wonder if I'm still banned on that site.
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  7. Droo_k6 Member

    Im lost why he is getting hate for that review. Its spot on.
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  8. Strilan Exalted Member

    Because people care about what he's said and want to affect his emotions somehow. That's why.
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  9. humble01 Senior Member

    The review is ignorant, whiny, exaggerated, and poorly written.
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  10. Strilan Exalted Member

    It is all this, and more. But it's true to an extent. He's angry, and he vented on another thread, I guess.
  11. Droo_k6 Member

    True, but he makes a lot of points known, points that make a difference for getting new players.
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  12. ponyKnight Well-Known Member

    Some guys from my country, who calling them self "igromania" was try to play this game lol.

    They ask about:
    1. Levels
    2. Quest
    3. weapon and armor from npc
    Another WOW crap shit after that.

    And some guys with naked ass and wornshort sword start to kill them on newbs spawn.....

    It was fun, when i with 100 defensef stance was in block, when some random newbs was train agressive stance and swords on me, and they ask "wow, that guy block everything with naked ass, he have max lvl in this game".

    Problem, what i love this game for idea, like we all dudes, but that newbs waiting from this game quality like from AAA blizzard game lol. High textures, no lags, no bugs....We all already deal with bugs, lags and crashes, it is part of game for us, but newbs can't deal with it.

    We love this game like woman, we know all her problems, sins and forgive it already. Yes, another bug. Oh, game crash. It is ok.
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  13. humble01 Senior Member

    I see MMOS on where the right side of the screen is a quest log.

    *Bring me 10 tiger butts
    *Talk to Captain Whatever
    *Kill boss #21

    Forget that noise, I don't want a chore list
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  14. ghuldan Senior Member

    fake dramas makes History
  15. Landor Well-Known Member

  16. RhodriTaliesin Cronite Supporter reviews, 'nuff said.
  17. ponyKnight Well-Known Member

    But anyways, instead of fixing any bugs, or upgrading the server, or fixing the hundreds of balance problems, you know what they did. They used the donation money to hire some one to do animations. Yep animations lol.


    So be prepared when you join the guild team speak, to listen to a bunch of lonely old men cry your ear off all day long.


    Why they don't deal what MO is Death Match with crafting system? All game like war machine, everything there made for pvp, end path of every thing in this game-killing someone.

    Magick for war there: Heal, damage, corrupt, purify.
    Aclhemy for war: Purify, heal.
    Craft for war: Weapon, armor.
    Everything for war there.

    This guy in Review want 3D online chat with some pvp without loot and war. Like WOW or perfect world. I don't want that. I don't want 3D chat online from MO.

    Mortal Online for me-man hunt online, like DAYZ, but with craft system. Players all day hunt for another players and murder them, after that they call it justice, griefing, pvp, anti-rpk, war, justice, etc etc.
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  18. Kha-Ri Honored Member

    Author is clearly angry about his experiences and you can hardly call this a review.
    But he points out what he didn't like as a new and emotionally fragile player; that can be worked on.
  19. Keurk Senior Member

    i agree, still PW wasnt only chating and trading all days. I had epic pvp on PW
  20. ponyKnight Well-Known Member

    I was try have PVP in PW, but all pvp was like who have better equipment and donate thing for heal. I think you remember this things, what heal you for full HP, when you have 1/2 hp.
    Alot of players was scared about pvp, they just was siting in guard zone and no way to kill them.

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