Another terror attack in London

Discussion in 'Off Topic & Other Games' started by Emphyperdrive, Jun 4, 2017.

  1. Groenholdt

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    It sounds way too complicated still.. Not effectient at all :) and room for lots of errors. A manned truck is still easier. A controlled toy car would still be more efficient xD

    Remember you do not have 40 skilled engineers in a small area in Europe which can build this. More likely 2 or 3 unemployed with no related skill :)

    Btw, the manikins are ridiculous. If a car is going toward a guarded building it will be stopped with or without a driver :b to me this SkyNews just want to make headlines
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  2. Emphyperdrive

    Emphyperdrive Member

    I would say on the contrary, it would be very efficient. They dont have to waste the limited man power they have in Europe so that guy that would have give his life once can now operate these things until he is caught, if he is caught at all. The only thing missing is a live stream cam or even better a drone that can follow the car and be its eyes.

    You dont have to be a skilled engineer to follow a basic set of instructions that these 40 engineers have perfected in Raqqa. Its kinda like a terrorist Ikea manual. Why dont you just watch the video and then comment on it.

    The manikins are a not ridiculous at all. It would be more suspicious seeing a car drive on its own in the city rather than something that looks like a human and the helicopter heat cams wont see the difference.
  3. Schönfeld

    Schönfeld Member

    Well i just read what you writed on this thread , every shit post you made.
    I came to the conclusion that you are just a racist arrogant dumbass prick , that only thinks about himself & his girlfriend & no one else , so basically just an egoist asshole.
    Human created society to help each others , if you can't stand that then just kill yourself instead of only thinking about you're shitty attitude that you are spreading on this forum.
    If you can't make difference about a normal guy who is muslim , & a full retard dumbass who calls himself muslim & bomb everytime then you are autist.

    You are saying that ALL muslims are ISIS you dumbass fuck,
    It's not because you are german that i'm saying that you are a fucking NAZI , you got it ? no you don't get it ?
    Let me explain you:

    According to the shit you are spreading in this forum if every muslim is an ISIS member then they all commited crimes.
    Then if i follow you're ideology you are a german which means you are a NAZI , so basically because of you shit pricks that came to this world you killed 5.93millions of jews , without forgetting the other 5+millions of people that you killed.
    Do you think it's right calling you a nazi and accusating you of millions of murders just because you are a GERMAN ?
    Just think about this & stop being a douche bag , use a bit you're shitty brain & stop being a brainwashed dumbass.
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  4. snipervinnie

    snipervinnie Member

    lel is he really a nazi? Ehm... I mean... german?
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  5. Schönfeld

    Schönfeld Member

    Wrong quote
  6. Speznat

    Speznat Well-Known Member

    Funny, FIrst of all i didnt said that all muslims are terrorists, i said that most muslims living here in germany doing nothing, and shitting and laughting about germans, and doing often crimes wich they dotn get arrested for because german police is a joke.
    Sry but i only know the muslims in my country, and yeah i fukcign hate them same as i hate christ priests, and greenpeace, and vegans and vegetarians.
    So like your explanation, i can come to your keep, you give me equip for free, than im shitting about you and do some crimes to people in your keep, what do you do? get mad? do you want salt?
    Than my 10guildmates come and 4 of them making shit in your keep. Do you still want them there annoying your members?
    Sure german history is shit, but germans learned about, thats why germany is only country take so much refugees, because its a social country. The usa for example is more racism than germany. also more racism is in Poland, or Austria.
    But what in the Islam is missing is the same hard history like german history. Than they wouldn't bomb themselves or killing innocent people, because they would know that this is shitty. They must first learn that religion is the reason that some have a shitty life. If you beleive in some op shit might from whatever the hell than you dont rely on yourself and if you cant rely on yourself than you just an animal.

    If someone cant trust in themselve and see cant see the world as a realist than he lost.
    If you cant see the world how it is, than youre completly lost.

    //sry here is the salt of the real world:
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  7. Schönfeld

    Schönfeld Member

    So if i get it , you hate isis , guys that believe in religions , vegans , greenpeace , people , the world , the system , so you basically hate everything ?
    This is making things worst.
    I can't help with that , at least you admitted that not every muslim is ISIS , it's already a good thing.
    Also here.
    The world isn't germany ;)
  8. Evgeniusss

    Evgeniusss Junior Member

    Not every muslim is a terrorist(ISIS and whatever) but every terrorist is a muslim, now days islam is going to really bad direction...
    btw all religions are shit, maybe except budism..
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  9. Speznat

    Speznat Well-Known Member

    what have this to do with germany?

    if you cant face reality, than youre just a weak fuck, that "pray" shit. From praying you get nothing and it will help nothing and will not make you smart, just because you praying for an easy life.

    "Dont pray for easy lifes my friends, pray for more strengh"
    John F. Kennedy

    Believing in something that dont exists cut your mind. If you believe that everything gonna be alright because chakra or carma told you. than you just search an excuse instead of facing how it is. Same if you protest against animal life stock. The people that think that massive animal breeding should be changed, are exactly that people that cant think one step ahead, or cant see how it works, because everything have a simple explanation(in the mind of a god lover). Like on my car accident, a women said, thanks god that you are alive, than i said, Srew yourself with your fuckign shithead of a god. Than the medic wanted to discuss with me about religion, i still think he regretet it to asked me. And the matter that im alive is not god, or any higher might, its just fucking luck. Because i reacted fast and know that the asshole behind me will immediatly drive with 130kmh in my standing car. The asshole that drived in me, needed a chopper, but i didnt stop to insulting these asshole, texting on phone while driving, I screamed afte ri hope you die someday of your own stupidity. In the end i didnt informed if the person really died, but still it dont matter.

    Believe in something is shit, you can only rely on logic and stuff that can be calculated or splited in logic.
  10. Schönfeld

    Schönfeld Member

    Damn who said that i pray & shit ?
    Nice story bro. may god stay with you.
    I agree with this.
  11. Speznat

    Speznat Well-Known Member

    And i agree with that that you are agree with that. So we have an agreement.

    I would say:

    Islam needs to rely and think of Logic and rational explanation things instead of praying to nothing.
    And christs should stop being Morality assholes and charity people that use tax money to rape children.
    And that Atheist should make Party Hard, because they already understood.
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  12. Evgeniusss

    Evgeniusss Junior Member

    ISIS speaks for Islam:
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  13. Emphyperdrive

    Emphyperdrive Member

    You cant say that ISIS speaks for Islam but it is definitely a islamic organisation, no doubt about it.

    Its like saying that Al Qaida speaks for Islam.
  14. snipervinnie

    snipervinnie Member

    We should eliminate everyone here defending Muslims cause they're definitely #ISISconfirmed
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  15. Evgeniusss

    Evgeniusss Junior Member

    The leader of ISIS Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
    holds a PHD in islamic studies - his islam is true and pure islam, thats why all arround the world joining ISIS.
  16. Emphyperdrive

    Emphyperdrive Member

    He has also spent years in camp bucca, dedicated to terrorists/radicals and became the leader of ISIS not even 3 years after being released from it. He is not the only one tho, at least 5 major ISIS leaders have spent a few years in that camp before being released to form ISIS.

    "Camp Bucca has been described as playing an important role in shaping the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.[84] The detention of large numbers of Jihadists and ex-Ba’athists during the Iraqi insurgency provided them with the opportunity to forge alliances and learn from each other, combining the ideological fervour of the former with the organizational skills of the latter.[85][86] Former Camp Bucca detainees who went on to become leaders in the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant include Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, detained between 2005 and 2010 during the Iraq conflict and who is now an ISIS senior leader, its chief spokesman and is said to be running the entire country of Syria. Al-Adnani, in 2014, called for lone wolf attacks throughout the world and is thought to be the inspiration for terrorist attacks throughout France. He was killed in an airstrike in Northern Syria on 31 August 2016.[87] Others include Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the ISIL; Abu Muslim al-Turkmani, al-Baghdadi's deputy; Haji Bakr, who spearheaded ISIL's expansion into Syria; Abu Abdulrahman al-Bilawi, the military leader responsible for planning the seizure of Mosul; and Abu Ayman al-Iraqi, another senior military leader.[85]Abu Mohammad al-Julani, who founded the Syrian Al Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra Front, was also a Camp Bucca detainee.[88]"

    The reason why muslims across the world are joining ISIS is because they see the faults in capitalism and they want to create a better, more pure and at the same time more strict society that has Islam at its core. How ever ISIS is doing things that contradict many aspects of Islam, such as to never kill people with fire (which is strictly forbidden in Islam) or killing innocent women, men and children.
  17. Speznat

    Speznat Well-Known Member

    SO youre not innocent if you beleive in aluh shitbar.
    Oh yeha right islam kills no innocent people, yeah and im santa claus with a carrot hat trying to feed crokodiles in the antarktic. The letter "P" in the word islam stands for "Peace"
  18. Emphyperdrive

    Emphyperdrive Member

    People have always killed people... its simple as that. No matter what religion you believe in or dont believe in there have always been crazy psychopathic people who kill innocent people in the name of their ideology.

    If all muslims started killing people and doing suicide runs, every single person on earth would be dead by now.
    All the none muslims would be dead in the middle east ages ago.

    Germany kills people as we speak and will continue to kill people as they sell/give weapons to kurdish terrorist groups which eventually will turn on Turkey as soon as they are done forming their land in Syria and Iraq.
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  19. arissarpl

    arissarpl Member

    I rly stoped even reading all your propaganda. Idk where are you come from, and i might not understand islam fully. But after searching for reasons why islam terrorists kill, there are few main reasons:
    1. Because you are disbelievers.
    2. Because you are liberals ("We hate you because your secular, liberal societies permit the very things that Allah has prohibited while banning many of the things He has permitted").
    3. Because some of you are atheists.
    4.and so on, because some of western countries invaded some of middle east/africa countries earlier.

    As Speznat stated before "P" in word Islam is for "Peace".
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  20. Emphyperdrive

    Emphyperdrive Member

    So tell when did these muslim terrorists start killing people?

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