Any game like Mortal Online?

Discussion in 'Off Topic & Other Games' started by frikazoide, Oct 10, 2017.

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    :rolleyes: I’ve heard that one before .
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    It isn't really FPS real-time combat. It's more like cooldown management combat. Also, it's space naval, not person-to-person.

    The Eve crafting system is more complicated than an average MMO, but is simpler than that of MO. It has fixed recipes and no qualitative differentiation (a Raven is always the same ship, no matter who crafted it).

    There is no skill cap in Eve and leveling a character is based on the passing of real world time, rather than actual activity in the game. The longer the game is in operation, the more prohibitive this leveling mechanic becomes to new players, as the power gap between noobs, casuals and veterans becomes impossible to bridge.

    Eve is a great game. It's politics system and TC mechanics are better than MO's. However, for the reasons above, it doesn't call me back after a break in activity the way MO does.
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    yea prol not altho Elyria will probably be good if it comes out working like they want it to. No game is like another game, really. If a game is like another game that just means you are playing cookie cutter trash.

    People *think* they need everything about MO, but I don't think they do. After being on various message boards of games in my life (+ random experience), I'm pretty sure most people don't know what they want or even what they like. They can tell what they like and what they dislike, but if someone said list all of MO's traits, which ones would you want to see developed, which ones would you want to see put on a backburner, and then had them play the game they came up with, there is a 50/50 chance they wouldn't like it.

    MO was ( am saying was, sry boys) an ambitious game. The only reason I'd say it's not any more is it's ambition -was-, what 'is' has maybe gone away from that, even tho a lot of the was still exists. MO got too complicated without adding much depth, again-imo. Too much shit for me to be interested. Maybe I'm 'old' now.

    In that way, even tho I missed the glory days, I was in a different mood then, and there wasn't TC. Game was maybe dead... but running around the world was an experience I'll never forget. It's too bad they never built off of that... because I imagine for many people, their first immersion into MO... being out in the 'dangerous' world and feeling as thought we were really walking around (cuz of the view) was an experience that will send them back to the game time and again. However, time passes, etc, I finally realized it isn't that interesting anymore.

    Dey shrunk the theoretical world, last-imo.

    A game trying to match MO should have first person, and try to recreate the running around the dangerous world feeling. Do away with pregenned crafting recipes and go from there. That would be good enough for me, in a magical universe where I'd still be able to put that time into a game.

    Remember: more tools is not always better because, in my groundbreaking theory, more tools in a sandbox becomes a limiting factor because each tool has an optimal use, so the more tools you can optimally use, the more meta the game becomes. "People" are the non limiting factor, the idea should be to focus on that.

    edit: fuckin love how I drop by w/ a wall of text once in awhile. I never realize how much I wrote until I press send.

    edit 2: also disagree with the economy thing, as long as you can farm for high levels of raw gold where no other player is involved, the economy is crippled if not broken. A better economy would force people to 'farm' useful things. Some do, but everyone should have to, if they want to make money.
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    Sounds like you need an easier game. May I suggest eso?
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    everything that is not mortal online is shit.
    Every other game besides mortal is in the whole shit.
    Even if 500Hours rust was fun. rust is still a shitgame compared to mortal

    If you all break it down, ask yourself what is the best game?
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    It does have the best economy out of ANY MMO out there. The idea that a player can play the game and never leave a station and just do commodities trading and make billions of isk is pretty amazing.

    Check their update page, it is set in stone, they will go into open beta in a few weeks. The NA server test launched today 13OCT, and is expected to run 2 weeks.
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    I believe that is what I said.
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    Of all those new sandboxes coming out, none have first person melee combat like MO. At this point I would be fine with some arena based game with MO melee combat (without prediction issue) and better bow/magic (projectiles) for a pvp fix. Full loot sandboxes are so rare theres almost no chance someone else makes it with similar combat.
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    Yeah vendoring shit for so much has really broken the economy, and im talking about trophies/fishing too. Raw gold should mainly be farmed in dungeons and ppl that farm mats need to trade em to actual players to profit. This would also create natural pvp hot spots, its pretty sad that SV is wasting so much time updating dungeons, only for ppl to keep ez mode MA farming in sarducaa
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    Darkfall might be the next best thing atm.
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    if Elyria allows third person it will not be as skill based as MO.

    3rd person allows you to see around walls and is generally junk. it can still be ok 3rd person but you're starting at a disadvantage

    Edit: watched some gameplay, that third person view is gonna be really extremely trash
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    we said games like mortal, df is having global bank, teleportation, and strict crafting recipes. We know you salty, there is others threads to show it. Like the recycle bin
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    dark fall was pretty trash I played for multiple hours and still had noobie protection. couldn't attack a miner. and other players were helping me do shit instead of dunking my brain in. that's kinda lame
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    Runescape deadman mode you just dont lose what you got on you ,but your bank , so more hardcore than mortal.
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    How many hackers and how many times does the server go down during a siege?
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    DND will have local banking and i hear the gms dont take 30 mins to help you.
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    there use to be a matt that worked at sv?
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    ultima online pretty obvious
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