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    **SERVICES TEMPORARILY CLOSED** Sorry to any potential employers.

    I will be offering my services for the low price of 10s per page. This price guarantees that you will receive a book completely free of mistakes. The price also includes the cost of the books themselves.

    If you would like me to scribe something, you must send me a PM here on the forums containing the full text exactly as you would like it scribed. I will go over the text with you to ensure that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes (at least to the best of my ability). I will run it thru several spell and grammar checkers to ensure the highest quality possible.

    This service is great if you have neat ideas for in-game books but do not want to go thru the pain-staking processes of scribing them yourself.

    I will do as many volumes as required for your book, but please keep in mind that I completely start from scratch if I make even one mistake, so it is likely that it may take a while for it to get done. For this reason, I ask that you give me 3-5 business days (Monday thru Friday) to complete a project for every copy you wish I make. I will accept "rush" jobs for an extra 10s per page (20s per page), but this is only for cases when you only want an original made, or a copy of an already made book. Rush jobs will be completed within 1-2 business days.

    I will also do pamphlets (for events, guild recruitment, etc...) at a price of 3s per page. I consider the smallest book you can buy from the vendor "pamphlet" size.

    I will only accept one project at a time, and it's first come first serve.

    Overview of Services Offered:
    • "Regular" - 10s per page
    • "Rush" - 20s per page
    • Copies - 10s per page
    • "Pamphlets" - 3s per page
    LOCATION***IMPORTANT***: I only offer this service in TINDREM. I do not deliver. I will hold your book for up to one week after I have made you aware of its completion, after which I reserve the right to sell it, give it away, trade it, or delete it as I wish.

    Who to contact: Apoca or Genitar in-game. Preferred contact method is via forum PM.
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    Awesome idea, though it doesn't have any solid use yet, it's still a fun setup
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    Very nice, I hope you will get some people using your service, would be nice to see some of the work to.
    Good luck!
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    i started use books for personal journal. Great Idea Apoca!
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