Arena Now Open

Discussion in 'MO Events & Contests' started by Matthos, May 10, 2015.

  1. Matthos

    Matthos Trial Member

    Arena Is now open for a while so go have fun!
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  2. Luhidy

    Luhidy Senior Member

    Approved. I just saw the gates were opened
  3. RhodriTaliesin

    RhodriTaliesin Cronite Supporter

    Open arenas are meh..

    I think there are plenty of people who remember the beauty and glory of arranged gladiatorial competitions with (trustworthy) people watching from the stands.

    Personally I think some asset adjustments to allow for people to watch from the stands but not allow them to jump over would do great things (Like some kind of fencing). Maybe add an actual pathway for spectators to go through to watch. Adjust the radius of the neutral zone that is the Arena Grey-Flag area so that spectators don't flag grey, only combatants on the arena floor do.
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  4. Matthos

    Matthos Trial Member

    Yeah good suggestion also another suggestion I had was maybe have a NPC or something to place bets etc
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  5. Luhidy

    Luhidy Senior Member

    We were going to make a gladiator event. You and me. Something went very wrong, I wanted it to happen :(
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  6. RhodriTaliesin

    RhodriTaliesin Cronite Supporter

    NPC would have to be able to track all combatants in a fight and determine a victory. Honestly, taking bets and gambling should be in the hands of the players.

    The Arena needs that overhaul that SV was planning, it would give true PvPers something to do and eliminate the thinly veiled excuses for murdering, ganking, and raiding "for PvP".
  7. cheaptrix

    cheaptrix Cronite Supporter

    Could add a tunnel way from inside Tindrem to the stands for spectators for one side and then the outside gate for the ring.

    Edit: and a door for reds on the other side of the stadium to the stands.
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  8. RhodriTaliesin

    RhodriTaliesin Cronite Supporter

    Well, technically there's already a doorway/pathway by the Tindremic Gardens where noobies spawn.

    Edit: It may or may not be commonly known. But there are an obscene amount of inaccessible tunnels and assets underneath that arena. I've been in there a few times and was able to clip my camera through the doors blocking the way and I could see tunnels and hallways for miles.
  9. cheaptrix

    cheaptrix Cronite Supporter

    Oh yeah, forgot all about the door up by the NPC in the garden. good call! :D
  10. Matthos

    Matthos Trial Member

    Yeah thats true the arena should be used more by players but seems like the players don't seem to do it
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  11. cheaptrix

    cheaptrix Cronite Supporter

    Been there twice lasted a minute before I was dead and moved on since not much to see in ghost form :p
  12. Luhidy

    Luhidy Senior Member

    No one is here been here like 10 mins xD
  13. RhodriTaliesin

    RhodriTaliesin Cronite Supporter

    Well, open arenas are kinda pointless. Why go there to get zerged meaninglessly when you can do that anywhere?

    Arena should be used for competitions. Gladiatorial combat, duels, skirmishes etc.

    With some inspiration taken from the Roman Gladiatorial bouts that are recorded in history, one can find some amazing scenarios to work with.
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  14. Golt

    Golt Member

    Still no one there, only met Luhidy while i was autorunning into a wall on my way there i think :p
  15. oykd

    oykd Senior Member

    oghmium equiped omw !!
  16. Golt

    Golt Member

    people came looking into the arena and walk away from me one by one only to come back 3 v 1 :(
    well at least i got a "fight"
    ill come back if the arena stays open after restart

    Edit: come on lyfender, you could at least have stayed there with your group, its empty again
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  17. Whill

    Whill Member

    I liked the arena when it spat out a topaz in the chest every 10min.
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  18. Rathgar

    Rathgar Well-Known Member

    Would give people a reason to go there and get some fitz.
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  19. Wreml

    Wreml Hand of the Emperor

    Reward with no risk? No thanks. I like the general idea, but nothing should be provided. Also are you thinking queue for different style matches like 1v1, 2v2 etc.? It'd be cool to be able to queue for different pre determined tiers or something.
  20. Cruzxavier

    Cruzxavier Well-Known Member

    I would like to see more leisure activities such as betting. Would add a lot to cities in general. Like fight between beasts (All NPC in origin, not player interacted, that is for the arena).
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