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Discussion in 'Round Table' started by sunshiner, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. sunshiner

    sunshiner Well-Known Member

    Skilling this skill up is such a pain because you need to get it too 100 before you can even read heavy armor training, and the last 10 ish points are so dreadfully slow that even macroing them is a pain especially for those that cant just leave their pc on overnight (just the fact that doing so to skill up this skill is fairly normal, shows how wrong this is) Therefor I suggest the time it takes to get points in this skills should be reduced, especially in the higher lvls (80-100 and especially 95-100)
    with most other skills you can just get them to 80-90 ish and skill them up by using it normally, but with this one you almost have to do it all the way before you can rly finish/use the char properly.

    Off to bed now, but wanted to put this out there
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  2. Valkyria

    Valkyria Senior Member

    It's because SV is too stupid/lazy/whatever to fix little stuff like that, but people ask them to invent the universe, anyways. I don't mind though. I'll keep following this until it's finally over, it's fun.
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  3. DemonKnight

    DemonKnight New Member

    Make a tindremic plate suit from cuprum. The heavier the armour the faster armour training and heavy armour training rises. This suit will take you all the way to 100 heavy armour.

    Running into nets does not work anymore.
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  4. Napkin

    Napkin Member

    I do appreciate your recommendation but at the point, skilling up is a pain in the ass and almost everyone leaving their PC running overnight seems so unreality and unnatural for Mortal Online. There need to be a fix for that like speed up x4 on specific skills (just focus on those skills that will focus you to macro and leave pc running overnight) like armor training/heavy training and other things. So that has to be fixed seriously.
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  5. Bronzen18

    Bronzen18 Gold Supporter

    The fix is simple, allow Heavy Armor to be read once Armor Training is at 60 or 70. Will be much easier...
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  6. Muloch

    Muloch Member

    Absolutely! It comes down to poor game design in my mind for those skills. Basically, these skills that you must get to be viable, but which are 80% of the time skilled up by afk macroing are clearly the ones which need to be tweaked. An odd Idea I know that actually "playing" the game should be encouraged you know! :)
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  7. sunshiner

    sunshiner Well-Known Member

    ye this one would help drasticly
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  8. CaptainGuy

    CaptainGuy Senior Member

    You want to talk about hard skills to level up? Go fish. I freaking hate leveling fishing. Sure if you have excellent ping or you have some freakish superhuman reaction speed you can catch all the fish without having it maxed. If you don't have either of those though.....
  9. BongRips

    BongRips Senior Member

    Went from 80-100 overnight with 20% incumberance. Maybe the game is designed correctly and you aren't supposed to instantly wear the heaviest armor on your new toons?
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  10. sunshiner

    sunshiner Well-Known Member

    well i spend 2 hours macroing and got 1,5 point with 25 encumb (95-96) and that is by no means right in any way, and mind you thats only the normal one, then you need heavy armor training too.

    Could apply that line off thought to any skill then and make it into a complete grind, fact is your not even supposed to be leaving it on overnight, you say the system is working, but just the fact that you had to do that should show to anyone that the system is broken.

    I dare you, I double freaking dare you to go get armor training from 70 to 100 and then heavy armor training from 70-100 without using macroes and instead "skill from use" as the mortal vision so boldly claims, and go skill it by playing.
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  11. BongRips

    BongRips Senior Member

    Several other skills take as long to level up. Endurance, Breathing techniques etc. Often in games players mistake their own opinions of how things should work for how things should actually work. Perhaps you were to run around in 10-14 weight armor until fully trained? It still levels you, just not as quickly. Once you reach 100 armor training you simply read the heavy armor book. It's really not that hard. Nothing to be double freaking daring me about.
  12. sunshiner

    sunshiner Well-Known Member

    There is very much a reason to be doing so, because it would show how flawed it is.

    First off if you were to lvl it by running around normally with 0 encumberence the time it takes for it is beyond insane. And ye you just read the book but then you have to take that from 70-100 too. Fact is this skill is completely different from these others seing as it locks out the heavy armor book untill you have it at 100.

    There is absolutely no excuse for forcing people to leave their pc on overnight like that, it simply goes to show that something is wrong.

    If they want it to be something speciel to get heavy armor training then thats all fine with me, but then make it in a good way, right now you would have to run around with 20 encumberence for somewhere between 10-20 hours. If something is that drasticly time consuming that pretty much everyone leaves their pc on at night too macro it then somethings wrong.

    Your implying it should be something special or hard to get and as such its working as intended, but that logic is flawed: The skill is not "special" and "hard to get" its simply a matter of letting your pc run with a macro for 2 nights and your done. So if the intend of doing this was to make it something where you had to use lower end armor first then it is also broken since it doesnt have that effect at the moment, since people just grind with macro for 2 nights to get it, this removes the only reason it should take so long.
    If it were to be hard to get then make it cost 100g to get the book, then it would be become something speciel.

    The way its currently being done it tries to make the skill hard to get, but completely fails at that and in doing so just creates a annoying macro time.
  13. Incarnadine

    Incarnadine Honored Member

    Breathing tech is indeed almost as much of a nightmare to get done... But Endurance? Endurance is an absolute joke to level.

    Problem between breathing tech and armor/heavy armor training, is that BT being a bit behind will hurt, sure, but isn't the end of the world less you're chasing EC around/being chased around... Armor? If you have shit armor, you have shit armor.

    Simple fix? Give the training skill ups for multiple "actions" at one time... Moving... Sprinting... Attacking... Blocking. All of these triggering skill ups (obviously not for every action, but maybe one per action per 5-10 seconds?) will encourage using them in action rather than just afk macroing. People will STILL macro them, but then again people still macro everything for skill ups now. It'll just make it an option to level it normally, at a "reasonable" rate
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  14. Sebas555

    Sebas555 Senior Member

    Why is everything as to be easy... it shouldn't be easy to become an high skill fighter. And instead of changing how the skills works to get rid of excessive macroing and toons running like robots on Tindrem plaza, SV should improve spam command detection and boot out any caracters having unusual behaviour.
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  15. Incarnadine

    Incarnadine Honored Member

    Then you cripple new players while leaving vets finished out.

    Doesn't help anything.
  16. CaptainGuy

    CaptainGuy Senior Member

    Breathing Technique is easy as hell to level up. You don't have to read a book or be over encumbered. You don't have to be swimming, fighting, sleeping, fishing, cooking, or casting spells. You just run. In fact, I can't remember a single time in my training of the five characters I have where I thought "damn I need to go level up Breathing Technique that's going to be a bitch."
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  17. BongRips

    BongRips Senior Member

    What I am saying is you don't have to leave your pc on overnight to get this. It is definitely achievable without leaving your pc on overnight. It is just quicker that way. If you are against leaving your pc on overnight then do it the hard way or macro while you do something around the house. I went from 67-80 manually! I wasn't even encumbered more than 5% and it was fine while farming. In one single night of leaving my pc on I maxed the skill. It really is not the big deal you guys are making it out to be. If you were running around in heavy armor instead of writing novels on the forums you might have 100 armor training too.
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  18. BongRips

    BongRips Senior Member

    Also keep in mind some things in this game take time. I only burned one single murder count while going from 80-100 armor training.
  19. sunshiner

    sunshiner Well-Known Member

    You and I have completely different views on this game, and ive already trained up that stuff more then a few times, but nothing should be that all out time consuming to get up it just goes against my filosify towards games in general (see all my above posts for those reasons) to have something force you into such a grind For no reason at all, and as such i think its about time its brought inline with all the others its silly to have something ingame that serves no purpose other then annoying people(we have enough of that stuff as is), stuff like the mc burning on the other hand, does serve a purpose. Also when it comes to new player retention, ive helped more then my truck load of noobs,
    and telling them about stuff like this kills it for quite some of them, this is one of those easily fixable things that does nothing but harm the game.

    This is one of those skills you almost always have to get to 100 to be viable, and when a skill like that forces people into macroing it overnight with no purpose for it, it just comes down to plainly bad gamedesign.
    And ye thx, i do know stuff takes time ingame...
    but this doesnt "take time" its not something you do, its like a book you have to set your char to read, except you cant use your pc at all while hes reading it. How does that serve any degree of a purpose except for breaking immersion and scaring away new players, pls do tell?

    hunting,extraction,minning and so forth contains actions and certain degrees of entertainment, this only does the opposite and it cant be in anyway compared.

    all my points above still stand, But i think we will just have to agree to dissagree.
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  20. Emporer

    Emporer Trial Member

    Please StarVault bring back the nets!!!
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