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Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by Xunila, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. Xunila

    Xunila Cronite Supporter

    I laughed very hard when I found the art vendor in Beth Jedda selling three paintings for 400 gold each and one for 4k gold. But today I found the art vendor in Tindrem with one painting for 10k gold!

    Are there really players who bought those paintings so far?
  2. Keurk

    Keurk Honored Member

    have anyone tried if one of thoses painting is having an effect once in your house ?
  3. ZiggyIggy

    ZiggyIggy New Member

    I doubt people will try it and if they do, they likely won't say the effects.
  4. gotcher

    gotcher Exalted Member

    at least it's a proper gold sink, not like the upcoming "grind or lose" kind of "gold sink"
  5. ZiggyIggy

    ZiggyIggy New Member

    The only thing is not many people are going to be buying them just to test so it doesn't really sink that much money. If they stated or hinted what the benefits were, I'm sure it would be a real gold sink.
  6. gotcher

    gotcher Exalted Member

    there are people out there who have close to million of gold (probably some that have more than that as well). I'm sure someone will drop 15k just to decorate their house with a painting.
  7. agead_drem

    agead_drem Senior Member

    There is an art vendor in Morin Khur as well. One of the paintings there has a price tag of 8k gold.
  8. Toxius

    Toxius Cuprum Supporter

    Its it different from the tindrem/beth jedda vendors?
  9. Xunila

    Xunila Cronite Supporter

  10. Ichorous

    Ichorous The Argent Speedster

    Isn't it all just epeen in the end? I don't see why a vanity gold sink is better than a victory gold sink. Why do you find one hurdle acceptable and the other unacceptable?
  11. P0W3RK1D

    P0W3RK1D Member

    hek , if i could make atleast 30G per painign i would totally become an Artist in this game
    you want me to make you painings to decorate your house? come and get it thenXD

    *is an artist and anime style artist in real life*
    (but, if i can make money from this i can take requests....HOWEVER....I WILL NOT DRAW PORN.....)
    its not that i cant....its that i dont want to XD
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