Awakening Patch Notes 23/08/2012

Discussion in 'Old Patch Notes/Annoucements' started by Theia, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Theia

    Theia Senior Member

    Hello all!

    First of many patches incomming. More very soon!!


    1.Added a lot of new characters to the valid-chat text - Some issues still there but improved.
    2.Fixed socket issues for several NPCs that were not holding weapons correctly.
    3.Fixed armored axe wielding minotaur animations.
    4.You can no longer spam the stable and get a messed up UI.
    5.Fixed speak for town criers.
    6.The Potion Ticket Vendor has been fixed.
    7.Chapliains in keeps should now correctly work. Might have to be replaced in some cases, ask for gm assistance if issues arise.
    8.Splitting stacks now works as intended.
    9.Fixed an issue with AI line of sight.
    10.Fixed issues with AI not correctly using their follow offset.
    11.Minotaur now regenerate more HP.
    12.Sound volume for Megnaton now reduced.
    13.Fixed an issue with pets trying to stand on top of you resulting in a hilarious headspin type of behavior. Improved.
    14.Fixed issues with equipping while mounted.
    15.Removed equipment restrictions when mounted.
    16.Fixed a weapon switching crashes.
    17.Removed the gate from Fabernum (didn't work as intended)
    18.Fixed several issues where you wouldn't see players in the correct mounted/unmounted state.
    19.Fixed "undefined" in petinfo.
    20.Fixed issues that made it so that some loot items never ended up in their lootbag.
    21.Enlarged serverside collision of some animals to avoid having them run into you when fighting.Improved.
    22.Fixed several issues with humanoid animations (bandit floating when attacking etc.)
    23.Fixed tutor interaction strings.
    24.Gathering tutors should now work again.
    25.Fixed a couple of broken chat channels.
    26.Fixed whispers to work as intended.
    27.Possible fix for the mount crashing.

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  2. Seath

    Seath Junior Member

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  3. dampir

    dampir Trial Member

    Very Interesting.... :)
  4. Rasp

    Rasp New Member

    Nice! :)
  5. Full Black Metall

    Full Black Metall Trial Member

    Nice,first of many bug-ironing reports !
  6. Seath

    Seath Junior Member

    These are the most important fixes im glad about :) Go SV!
  7. Lahuzer

    Lahuzer Senior Member

    Awesome guys. Keep this up and the game will be bug free in notime. :p
  8. Valkyria

    Valkyria Senior Member

    I am eager to find the newly introduced bugs,
    but hopefully my enthusiasm will be crushed. ;3
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  9. Aliwan

    Aliwan Trial Member

    I love you SV.
  10. HSDrac011

    HSDrac011 Senior Member

    all i got to say is awesome sauc3, especially for my posted Mount Crashing bug :), that specific one was making me angry for a bit their lol. good work guys, VERY good work, keep it up :) ..... i just have 1 concern actually, the AI fixes mentioned, do they allow for the mobs to actually perceive you and act accordingly now like how it was on the test server (how the testers said it was)?
  11. HSDrac011

    HSDrac011 Senior Member

    ahh man, this now sadly means those Giant T-Rex Terror Birds are guna rape people now.... tbh i didnt even attempt to attack them when their aggro was off cause of the bug because i knew their aggro would resume once u hit them t.t.... the T-Birds are probably the most scariest creature your able to tame atm... if you duno what i mean by "Giant T-Rex Terror Birds" then go see for your self haha.....
  12. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

  13. Bobzer77

    Bobzer77 The Writer

    Asks the guy who was on the Dawn test team :D
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  14. HSDrac011

    HSDrac011 Senior Member

    yea, AI works, a brown bear just turned around, stared at me and i stared back, then he let out a roar and charged at my ass, so i high tailed it out of there lol
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  15. Tizio

    Tizio Focus Group

  16. HSDrac011

    HSDrac011 Senior Member

    i should say AI works in the since the creatures actually notice you... however, the creatures roaming around Nave, i have yet to see
  17. HSDrac011

    HSDrac011 Senior Member

    and by roaming i mean of course "not haveing a static spawn"
  18. belking1

    belking1 New Member

    How to fix the bug that makes shit dissapear out of your inventory?
  19. Tizio

    Tizio Focus Group

    call a GM and do not drag and drop items over others for now ;-)
  20. Valkyria

    Valkyria Senior Member

    Shift around stuff until it pops up again. :D
    Works for me. :S

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