Awakening Patch Notes 24/08/2012

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  1. Theia

    Theia Senior Member

    Hello Folks,

    More patch notes for today.


    UPDATE: OK so we've found a couple of issues which means we're going to take more time on this update (sorry). To be clear and let you all know so you're not wasting your time waiting we think it's going to beseveral hours at least from now (10:57 GMT) . Thanks

    Reduce skill now works correctly.
    Fixed issues with the yell command.
    Fixed another mount loading crash.
    Old jungle horses should now correctly convert.
    Added a lost gate in Tindrem.
    Knockdown for mounts has changed. You now need to be at least 80% of the mounts max speed and the mount must be in boost mode.
    Fixed a couple of issues with strange characters crashing chat.
    Fixed issues with skills not updating correctly in the UI unless you relog.
    Book timer now correctly comes back on relog.
    Fixed an issue with offhand weapons having a strange arch.
    Fixed an issue where the armor of your horse wouldn't correctly be shown when you mounted it.
    Dismounting a pet will no longer visually remove the armor of the pet.
    Open Bags in the pet equipment window now works correctly.
    AlwaysTarget should now correctly work
    Help channel should now correctly work again.
    Optimized skill update speed.
    Reduced the "grey zone" area around the tindrem arena
    Fixed a focus error when using the skillbook.
    Locking and unlocking skills should now correctly work.

    Thanks all! Especially to the Focus Group who are testing and not playing!

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  2. Amelia

    Amelia Senior Member

    Thank you
    very quick patches !
  3. Takir

    Takir Trial Member

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  4. xrabidx

    xrabidx Member

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  5. monaroq

    monaroq New Member

    Brilliant work, this expansion was a bit of a mess to start with but very impressed with the fast turn around on fixes. This patch fixes my biggest problems aside from Mounted Archery being completely impossible. Good job SV.
  6. Guiltless

    Guiltless New Member

    player storage vendors?

    mounted archery?
  7. slydur

    slydur Well-Known Member

    GOOD JOB!!
    Maybe chests next? =D
  8. Darkelfv

    Darkelfv Junior Member

    what is wrong with mounted archery, my bro killed a bear on a mount no problem...
  9. Abys

    Abys Trial Member

    Thanks for the next patch but at this point none of us are playing and we are all "testing" but yes the focus group seems to be doing good.
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  10. monaroq

    monaroq New Member

    I know a bunch of MAs and none can hit reliably from most angles though occassionly you find a sweet spot.
  11. Marcus Aurelius

    Marcus Aurelius Silver Supporter

    Just as I finally get the last one from CDN! :p

    Thank you developers for the speed of these patches. :)
  12. kenvic1

    kenvic1 Gold Supporter

    wont update again patch, is it going to like this all the time now,must be better way to update patch, this ways seem to work when it wants
  13. xzxDJxzx

    xzxDJxzx Member

    Please add roaming mobs to the world :)

    Otherwise fantastic quick patches.
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  14. kenvic1

    kenvic1 Gold Supporter

    version mismatch again, and says client is up to date, everytime patch this is going to happen
    my version is
  15. Theia

    Theia Senior Member

    Yep, hang in there, new patch.
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  16. belking1

    belking1 New Member

    Are there people downloading the patch yet? My client says its up do date but I get version missmatch.
  17. Incarnadine

    Incarnadine Honored Member

    SV restoring the faith, one patch at a time
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  18. kenvic1

    kenvic1 Gold Supporter

    so when it says mismatch error, the game is off line, and we have to wait for the patch, and keep starting mo untill patch is ready
  19. Marcus Aurelius

    Marcus Aurelius Silver Supporter

    Or the patch might be ready but the distribution is slowing down in certain regions.
  20. belking1

    belking1 New Member

    should It not release for everyone at the same time.

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