Awakening Patch Notes 28/08/2012

Discussion in 'Old Patch Notes/Annoucements' started by Theia, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. Theia

    Theia Senior Member

    Hello Everybody!

    More lovely patch notes! Thanks to the Focus Group who worked through the night to confirm the fixes! And (of course) to Mr. Sebbe for the continued effort! Remember we might still have issues once this is ported to Live!!

    Thorax projectile effect now correctly works.
    Fixed a couple of Insectoid sound fx issues.
    Moving items directly from equipment into a bank no longer causes the item to go invisible.
    Thievery tutor typo in name fixed.
    Reagent typos fixed.
    Fixed issues with "swapping" items in the inventory/bank.
    Fixed several issues with UI causing item(s) desyncing.
    Stacking items should now be more responsive.
    Attribute locks now correctly reflect the state of the attribute.
    New pickaxes now look like pickaxes (checking this)
    Fixed a couple of wrong channel messages for guilds.
    Pressing use should no longer remove the crosshair when AlwaysTarget is true.
    Max sell for each broker with no skills increased to 7.
    Fixed minor issues with trade broker items not correctly showing up upon server restart.
    Toggle pet window correctly labelled in key binds.
    Bull Horse spawner now correctly spawn the correct horse.
    Max tax days changed to 15 (incorrect info in previous notes).
    Fixed magistrates not correctly updating their owned guild.
    Fixed issues with towns not correctly pushing tower AOE.
    Treasurers no longer have an upkeep.
    Keep priests should now correctly be able to rez you again.
    Fixed several issues with "game" messages.
    Fixed issues with new AI not correctly seeing player houses as valid ground.
    Fixed an issue where mounted players wouldn't be stopped 100% of the time by a palisade wall.
    Mounted players should now be able to ride on bridges again.
    Max inventory weight for pets is now correctly used.
    Fixed several issues with the treasurer.
    Made some optimizations to the skill tree to avoid hiccups when the tree is closed but skills update.
    Terror birds are now hunters.

    Thanks all!

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  2. Incarnadine

    Incarnadine Honored Member

    What? No book prices on Bounty Hunter and Assasin? >.<

    Is the Snoop book back on the vendor? Or able to raise some skills?
  3. xrabidx

    xrabidx Member

    Maybe fixing skill gain, so you gain skill while taming and CC would be lovely. Snooping still broken, can't gain anything. Can we sell books to the freaking Assassin yet? Why wont he buy "illegal items" he's a freaking assassin!!!

    Or de-OPing horses so they don't hit for 50 through full dense cronite.

    Maybe like also destupidifying the pathing on mobs?

    These patch notes are a bit of a let down, not addressing the real plaguing issues.

    Oh but wait, thank god we got the correct pickaxe mesh now. I can tell all my guildmates to resub, all the major problems regarding pickaxe meshes have been resolved.
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  4. Azeron

    Azeron Member

    Havnt fixed completly everything.. but its a start.
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  5. Incarnadine

    Incarnadine Honored Member

    As rabid said...

    These aren't the key issues =( Only thing I can say was a key issue imo, was the inventory stuff.
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  6. HSDrac011

    HSDrac011 Senior Member

    yay, T Birds now dont just sit their and twidle their beaks while you go around taming the jungle horses or them lol.
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  7. HSDrac011

    HSDrac011 Senior Member

    still looking forward to seeing the AI to where risars/humanoids start to go on war paths and stuff though, that would bring some life to the game definitely.
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  8. Xunila

    Xunila Cronite Supporter

    I hope I will find my lost stack of Calamine in the storage when returning home this evening.

    Hopefully the most annoying UI bugs with inventory and storage will be fixed now!
  9. Raknar

    Raknar Senior Member

    Although I agree with some of the stuff one must consider that the inventory bugs were the most important at this moment and those seem to be addressed.

    Don't understand why it is so hard to nerf horses though, everyone is complaining about them and it should be just changing some numbers.
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  10. Shalyna

    Shalyna New Member

    They should fix keep-workbanches.
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  11. Vishus

    Vishus Gold Supporter

    [email protected] Horse nerf.

    Rediculous: "Our system's fine and we don't wanna change it!"

    Get fucking real.
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  12. mxroxx

    mxroxx Junior Member

    Crafting inside player houses fixed? NOPE
  13. Valkyria

    Valkyria Senior Member

    Hey xrabidx, what do you expect them to do? Pull a rabbit out of a hat who can magically provide the workforce of 20 game industry workers? I know it's annoying, because they released a broken expansion and we were all hyped up, but that's ok I guess. You just have to relax and wait for the fixes.
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  14. Azeron

    Azeron Member

    Waiting too long, starting to get on some of our nerves.
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  15. Theia

    Theia Senior Member

    Yep it's annoying to us too. But they're working hard, and that's the third patch since launch: 23rd, 24th, 28th.... hang in there please!!
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  16. xrabidx

    xrabidx Member

    Oh I didn't know that was the situation, you have surely turned my point of view from that of an irrate money-paying customer, to that of a happy beta tester.

    Thanks for changing my perspective.

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  17. Khazarak

    Khazarak Trial Member

    Perhaps you missed that post about it being a bumpy ride? Or did you just skip it and move right on to your entitlement issues?
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  18. Theia

    Theia Senior Member

    Er... no, that is on the list and is under discussion and review...
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  19. knightrena

    knightrena Trial Member

    good job at this rate everything will be fixed soon
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  20. Riftmaster

    Riftmaster Senior Member

    I for one am pleased about this:
    Attribute locks now correctly reflect the state of the attribute.

    For me, that means I can now work at restoring the stats on my mage, which got messed up because the +/-/lock buttons were all fucked up previously.
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