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Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by zdkazz, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. zdkazz

    zdkazz Member

    so in skyrim i had the same issue as in this game where do we stash things? (do i even want to know) so i modded skyrim to have bags for my stuff, but i cant mod this game to have them... so can we please have some bags that are equipable and perhaps exstend the inventory slots by 5 or 10? not modify weight just add a few more slots... it would add to this game so much...

  2. Sebas555

    Sebas555 Senior Member

    Bag vendor... in every city...
  3. zdkazz

    zdkazz Member

    but there is no show on your char and you dont need one to carry to carry things...
  4. Sebas555

    Sebas555 Senior Member

    Well in-game, all caracters has a default bag on him with 36 slots. Yes it doesn't show in-game but it's there. And you can have extra bag to have more slots. (I'm sure you know this already...)

    Aminations of this would be nicer... I agree.
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  5. Ascendance

    Ascendance Senior Member

    Visible inventories would be nice, but it still wouldn't make sense. You would need a giant sack to fit a full suit of armour in.
  6. zdkazz

    zdkazz Member

    True true for example in that pic I put upon carrying so many armies and weps lol no man could ever Cary what is in my pack, but it still feels more immersive...
  7. Midkemma

    Midkemma Well-Known Member

    I like the idea of using bags to increase the amount of items you can carry, kinda would need to either add in sword sheaths to get a more 'real feel' while still being fantasy or allow slots in the inventory to allow such mechanisms.

    Without a bag you would have 4 slots. (sword in sheath(1), shield on back(2), lefts hand(3) and right hand(4))
    Small Bag you get 16 Slots
    Medium Bag = 28
    Large Bag = 40
    Massive Bag = 52

    To add to this then you could put increases in weight carry capacity depending on the bag, with the current 'maximum' carry weight being used to calculate the carry weight of the Massive Bag.

    Say something like;
    No Bag = 50% of max carry weight.
    Small Bag = 65% of max carry weight.
    Medium Bag = 80% of max carry weight.
    Large Bag = 90% of max carry weight.
    Massive Bag = 100% of max carry weight.

    Daydreaming about this a bit more, it would be nice to have a 'bag slot' which we could use for bags... or for larger quivers so 25 arrows at a time isn't the max.
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  8. zdkazz

    zdkazz Member

    yes please also make the bigger ones only make able by tailors (they need the love)
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  9. Midkemma

    Midkemma Well-Known Member

    That would be great, only able to buy say... small and medium from util vendor? Large and massive have to be crafted? But they all can be crafted anyway?

    I like making the larger ones for crafters to make :)
  10. zdkazz

    zdkazz Member

    This is exactly what I was thinking we should also get some tunics for town use for the crafters to make cause all the naked people in town just kills the immersion for me lol
  11. Energyo

    Energyo Junior Member

    Doesn't seem all that important imo.
  12. zdkazz

    zdkazz Member

    Yeah it's deffenitlt not a priority lol but it would be nice after they do other things...

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