Big problem with the food.

Discussion in 'Round Table' started by johez, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. johez

    johez Trial Member

    I am very ungry with the raw food, becouse a pj without the skill of cook can cook better food than a cheff, and example: raw rye flour give 80% of stam nourishment ( this didnt need a tool and didnt need fire), and luscious fermented rye flour GIVE THE SAME, and u need a tool, and a fire and purified water and the skill.

    This is a big problem, i dont understand why raw food dont have penalties like poisoned or something like that.

    Other problem is why the tindremic grocer sell ingredients like flour, jamburra, cavolo etc..
    NPCs not sell steel and iron, why this npc sell ingredients?. IT does the profession of cook NOT SERVE FOR NOTHING.

    PD: i hope than henrik read this and change the mechanical of this part of the game
  2. Kha-Ri

    Kha-Ri Honored Member

    The penalty is sophistication, but it's not yet implemented fully.
    I am not that sure about this food crap, so you might as well read the threads where few things were explained.
  3. zormouz

    zormouz Junior Member

    It is a very stupid mechanic, and that's why the whole cook system is pretty much useless, which is unfortunate because I did enjoy cooking.
  4. realnaste

    realnaste Honored Member


    Dear SV

    I know you have been basing heavily on real life and I mostly do enjoy it this way, but please- Just imagine most creatures have some kind of toxins in them or their cells (cell walls) are hard to digest for humanoids without some cooking and/or adding chemicals from some spices. Of course those humanoids had the ability to digest everything raw a long time ago, but civilisation striped them off the enzymes needed.
    Make cooking a viable play style AGAIN gotdamit!

    With love- realnastre :*
  5. Just make it so the type of food you eat affects your metabolism. That way raw food fills up your reserves quick, but takes a long time to digest. While cooked food, if done right, fills your reserves up just as much, and digests better.
  6. zormouz

    zormouz Junior Member

    If they plan to bandaid fix it, it might be easier to triple the amount of hunger raw food gives, essentially giving the same effect. And logically, you wouldn't be able to eat as much raw pig as you would roasted pig, and good food would be needed.

    The biggest problem as a whole is that the whole cooking system is degenerative because of realism. The more you cook, spice things up, ect ect, the more nourishment it loses(generally) because ingredients don't supplement each other, they average and lose out. This is a horrible system because the best stuff(or good enough for anything) is at the very beginning. Base nourishment needs to be reduced, and change it so to get to the good stuff, you actually have to find what goes good together. Like mushrooms steamed with muse fruit juice , or beer, ect. I know beer isn't very nourishing, but the point is to have an actual worthwhile system, and cooking is not...

    i tossed cooking on my bowcrafter and butcher for raw pig and raw rye, zero skillpoints, food good enough for anything. No experimentation needed, no exotic spices from the jungle : vendor bought rye, pigs 10 feet out of the guard zone...that's just not fun... and sophistication is probably going to be a looong time away anyway.

    Cooking is one of the "almost there" systems in my mind, which could add a bunch more gameplay. I was hoping it would at least incentivize fishing a bit which is another one of the "almost there" systems.
  7. Raknar

    Raknar Senior Member

    Yes the whole system is pointless, they were afraid to scare PvPers if food actually meant something so by trying to make this system they managed to actually annoy both camps: the PvP guys that have an extra grind and the social guys that have a crappy cooking system.

    I hope some day they actually make a cook useful but not before they implement some trading tools, I don't want to spend 30mn yelling WTB food everytime I regear.
  8. Diphling

    Diphling The Desperado

    The food system needs to be removed. Food should be only to give minor buffs to skills or stats, or other utility effects, it shouldnt completely cripple my character because i didn't decide to eat XYZ food every XYZ hour.
  9. Slickboo

    Slickboo Senior Member

    Aggreed. Good food should give stat-bonuses and alike instead of taking stats when you decide not to eat.
  10. Raknar

    Raknar Senior Member

    That will make it even more of a grind since everybody would need to have it to compete. Big NO.
  11. Slickboo

    Slickboo Senior Member

    And now you dont?
  12. Raknar

    Raknar Senior Member

    Not really. And there is the advantage of the raw crap that any butcher can make good HP food and any crafter that works with wood can make stamina food.

    If it starts getting evolved you need a dedicated crafter thats gonna make food much harder to get.
  13. deathshroud

    deathshroud Exalted Member

    they need to change it so eating raw food, human heads, whole carcass etc has a hgih chance of making you sick. Raw food that has been perpared has a lower chance but its still there and cooked food removes that chance if its an edible dish.
  14. realnaste

    realnaste Honored Member

    at least this
  15. Narrat

    Narrat Senior Member

    If being sick were detrimental enough, this would be a huge step in the right direction.
  16. deathshroud

    deathshroud Exalted Member

    i also think dying should not lower your hunger, its a stupid way of gaining loosing weight, should still eat away at your reserves though which could be recovered throguh sleeping.
  17. serith78

    serith78 Senior Member

    Cooked food giving more benefit wouldn't be a bad thing, but I"m really against the idea of having to mix multiple ingredients/processes just to get decent food. It's way too much of a burden to place on players who just want to login and go out and PVP or hunt. Not only would it be too difficult to find someone who knew how to make decent food, the cost of that many processes would be unreasonably high for a vital day to day commodity. Lastly, illogical combinations of food/cooking processes is unrealistic and in a way punishes cooks by forcing them to test random combinations instead of searching for logical ones.

    I think aside from maybe a cooked food tweak this can really wait until sophistication comes into play - that system seems to be geared to players who have more money to spend on "luxury" items that will benefit them. The other option would be using more ingredients in alchemy.

    If dying didn't lower hunger then gaining back the reserves lost on death (beyond level restored by sleeping) would take too long. I agree that the whole dying to modify weight thing is annoying, but I think this fix would create more problems then it solves.
  18. deathshroud

    deathshroud Exalted Member

    i would consider it done, but they need ot change the ucrrent values of individual ingredients that are overpowered or do what i saaid above and make uncooked food have a high chance of making you ill. so more minor tweaks and changes or an addition of what isaid above and it would be great. alchemy on the other hand needs alot of work.
  19. The major concern with the food system was that it was going to impact the PvP too much; forcing the players who would like to fight to farm non-stop for food, or otherwise attempt to feed themselves. However, as described by Mats, the real challenge of the food system is not to try and feed yourself; that's very easy, the challenge comes from making sophisticated food. As you will notice eating raw flower will actually make your sophistication go into the negative.

    In this regard, since sophistication is in the game right now, it's just not displayed. It will bring the needed depth to the players that wish it, while not punishing the players who don't want to be involved too dramatically. Sophistication will govern the more social aspects of the game, in particular your interaction with the NPC's found withing the game.

    The core of the Cooking System; the ability to actually make some sort of a dish, is complete; granted it could use a lot of dressing up like many other things related to the UI. However the repercussions for your diet are not all in place, as even the ability to adjust the stat-caps using certain foods has not yet made it's way in.
  20. Rankor

    Rankor Senior Member

    Sophistication has yet to be detailed so its kinda pointless for any cook to make "sophisticated dishes". As for the "Raw vs Cooked argument:

    1) In RL most all coooked veggies are less nutritious
    2) In RL most all raw meats carry the posibility of making you sick

    The problem here is that is not the case. You should have to cook meats to make them safe and then add ingredients to make them more nutritious. You should be able to most veggies raw, but should get a nutritious boost by mixing them. Individual ingredients, like flower, should be edible raw but with hardly any benifiet. Oh, and eating heads and carc's of other players should alway make you sick..... If not turn you in to a zombie.

    You should also be able to rename your dish when complete! How lame that every ingredient is listed.....

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