Discussion in 'Mortal Online Media' started by Apachewarr, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. Apachewarr

    Apachewarr Senior Member

    Yeah Buddy. HERO didnt even come fight :(
    they will punk on my f2p archer but when i bring a real fighter they are no where to be found.
    Its alright unblacklist ApacheDom or the tier 3 will be coming down next.
    and give hybushie back his shit before he really gets mad and start spending gold xD
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  2. regularJJ

    regularJJ Member

    Im double checking now but no one should be blacklisted.

    I offered hybushie back these assets for the price of the upgrades we did since it was given to us. We have actually put more into this stuff then before it was given to us, so theres no reason why we would just give it to him.
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  3. Apachewarr

    Apachewarr Senior Member

    yeah they BL my dominator right in the middle of town
    if u can unlist me that would be greatly appreciated.
  4. masternoroup

    masternoroup Senior Member

    HERJ has lost a very valuable fighter with this blacklist
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  5. regularJJ

    regularJJ Member

    Yeah some people are going to get a talking to. Relogging to keep now, I apologize.

    Blacklist would rarely if ever be used, i cleared the people who gave our palisade passwords even. The only circumstance I can see us using the blacklist is for people proven hackers or exploiters.
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  6. masternoroup

    masternoroup Senior Member

    I thought you were going to crash from the campfire
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  7. Apachewarr

    Apachewarr Senior Member

    ty man your the only one that has been nice about this.
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  8. masternoroup

    masternoroup Senior Member

    JJ is a really nice guy lol
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  9. Albanjo Dravae

    Albanjo Dravae Well-Known Member

    Right on!!!

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  10. Qiksilver

    Qiksilver Senior Member

    It would only be fair If hybushie paid hero the amount of gold JJ had invested on the upgrades for the keep, :)
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  11. Deadheretic

    Deadheretic Well-Known Member

    Im interested, battering ram worked on a TC towers?
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  12. Sinner

    Sinner Member

    Everything this guy does should be greatly applauded, not for what he does, but the fact he takes the time to screenshot every frame and put it into windows power point.

    A solid 8FPS.

    10/10 -IGN

    5/5 - TheGuardian

    A 2016 must watch - Rock,Paper,Shotgun
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  13. Bonifatus

    Bonifatus Senior Member

    thought i was watching a 1/10 powerpoint slideshow
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  14. Hodo

    Hodo Well-Known Member

    One day when Apache gets a computer made in the 2000s you all will cry because he will be running a solid 20fps and rek everyone.
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  15. Hayasa

    Hayasa Exalted Member

    Bro... Where is Reshi?
  16. Bonifatus

    Bonifatus Senior Member

    Haven't spoken to him in ages :( maybe ask tedd / curt
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  17. Hayasa

    Hayasa Exalted Member

    Everyone is looking for him
  18. Najwalaylah

    Najwalaylah Goodwill Embassador

    Perhaps he's in a better place, now; with Venny.
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  19. 907JC

    907JC Member

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