Discussion in 'Buying' started by Cearbhall, May 30, 2012.

  1. Cearbhall Exalted Member

    wants to buy 20k bleck in meduli
    pm me price
  2. Cearbhall Exalted Member

    Also Sanguinte
  3. bjbarsted Senior Member

    Are u after the bleck to raise the Bron skill or refining or just for the Bron because I can sell u some Bron in meduli if that's the main thing u are after
  4. Cearbhall Exalted Member

    bleck to increase my refining up
  5. bjbarsted Senior Member

    No wories I will see what I can do I have 10k at the moment just need to get that to meduli
  6. Cearbhall Exalted Member

    ok bought it
  7. Cearbhall Exalted Member

    Need more bleck please
    if anybody has some for sale much appreciated
  8. bjbarsted Senior Member

    I have 10k in Bakti but won't be home for 3 days

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