Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by Brurk, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Brurk

    Brurk Senior Member

    Blocking system needs abit of tweaking, you can block/perfect block everything in 360 degrees almost and you can even perfect block without blocking the right side.
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  2. Sebastian Persson

    Sebastian Persson Lead Programmer Staff Member Developer

    This confuses me as I programmed and tested it, could we get more input on it?
    It's a real easy tweak now, can be done during a standard server-downtime but I'd like some more input on it!
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  3. Brurk

    Brurk Senior Member

    What I mean is that the whole blocking arc is almost 360 degrees now, you can block in one direction and just move back and anyone who tries to hit you will either get perfect blocked or blocked without you even having to pay any effort trying to prevent full dmg.

    There is no way at all to do full dmg to a person who just holds down their block button. They can even stand still on one spot and look up in the sky and block in the back too.

    If both players in 1v1 knows how to press down their blocking button, the fight will never end :(
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  4. PoeX

    PoeX Silver Supporter

    The only blocking that should exist really is perfect blocking. Because what's the difference between blocking in the wrong direction and getting hit where you're not blocking. There's none.

    The negative part of it would be that it would get easier for zergs, but at the same time it would be more skill based.
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  5. featherz

    featherz Senior Member

    Its not 360 degrees side on attack is a normal block front is perfect back is a back shot but when actually moving its very easy to block its nice but currently I could make a khirite hybrid and be almost invincable, it needs more testing but duals go on forever if you bandage, a hybrid with 6 weight that can TL and corrupt is the way to go again.
  6. PoeX

    PoeX Silver Supporter

    Thats why you Only should have perfect blocking and it should cover slightly more than 180 degrees on the side youre blockning.
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  7. Brurk

    Brurk Senior Member

    This is what we need! This suggestion is perfect!
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  8. Tehmudjin

    Tehmudjin Honored Member

    Yeah, if you block to the right youre open on the left. Shouldnt be blocked at all.
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  9. The doctor

    The doctor New Member

    With new blocking system daggers wouldnt make fun to play because you never break
    through the block
  10. Rulant

    Rulant Well-Known Member

    Bitch about people getting around blocks then bitch when they try to fix it.
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  11. t2ddyb3ar

    t2ddyb3ar Senior Member

    Fucked up blocking even more, Dual strike still hitting 90's, corupt's still op as fuck. Things i noticed after playing for 20 min. Sigh...
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  12. Atha

    Atha Senior Member

    really uninteressting to do melee...
  13. Arigard

    Arigard Well-Known Member

    They take so long to fix anything and when they do, it ends up being more retarded than it was before and further away from their motto.

    Skill matters? Ha. Laughable. Gear, pots and gimmicky mechanics matter. Adapting to the newest overpowered class combination matters. Nothing else.

    Choose your own path? As long as it is with a weapon/concept that actually works. You have to also hope that the path you choose isn't broken in some way.

    SV, for the next patch. Do everyone a favour, delete duel strike and these other one click shitty mechanics from the game, fix the weak-spot mechanic and bring in a decent counter to corrupt. Do this and I will re-sub all three of my accounts and I guarantee a lot of people will instantly re-sub.

    No one is going to give two shits about a free game if their first experience of a *skill* based combat situation is getting two shot-ted by a guy spamming 1 key, or corrupted to death by a naked mage. I don't even know why I bother to post here anymore, it just makes me angry. I desperately want to re-sub to the game that I enjoy-ed playing. Stop murdering it and give it back to me. I want to play, I want to give you my money, but you are doing your best to stop me.

    Just remember folks, every time you duel strike someone, somewhere in the world a kitten dies.
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  14. The doctor

    The doctor New Member

    Why corrupt?
  15. t2ddyb3ar

    t2ddyb3ar Senior Member

    Couldnt have said it better. +1
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  16. PoeX

    PoeX Silver Supporter

    Because no one has a purify potition like we did before. So mages continue to spam corrupt on someone and there's nothing you can do about it.
  17. Sebastian Persson

    Sebastian Persson Lead Programmer Staff Member Developer

    Remove all form of melee blocking that isn't a perfect block. But keep the current if perfect blocking while hit in back normal block.
    Make it easier to make purify pots, possibly release the info on how to make em.
    Nerf dual-strike even more. Possibly add a hard cooldown, something we don't have on any skills atm, to the combat-moves.
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  18. t2ddyb3ar

    t2ddyb3ar Senior Member

    Yes you should release info on purify pot's. Just think about it there's no way too get off anymore it last's a pretty long time does dmg overtime and prevent's you from doing any healing. It destroy's Solo pvp.
    Dual strike need's too be nerfed till its on par whit overhead in effectiveness i think. Its a skill based game having key bashing skills that hit for 90+ in mortal ruins all skill. And tbh i think this already too you guys way too long too fix. There was enough feedback on this skill simply being broken.
  19. kaloo

    kaloo New Member

    Dagger Weakspot dmg is to high too on some combinations. 80 torso 100+ head is abit odd.
  20. The doctor

    The doctor New Member

    Yes i always played dagger also before awakening and i must say it was much funnier before awakening it was really hard to handle so i played with 1h sword and dagger but since awakening i just use dagger because u dont need nothing else why dont you make blocking system like before the patch but make the fights slower so it would be harder to hit someone in the back but it shouldnt be a block when you get hits from backside??

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