Bow Crafting: Help?

Discussion in 'Commoners Questions & Answers' started by Azruhda, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. Azruhda

    Azruhda Trial Member

    Hey! This is my third day on Mortal Online, and I've been trying to make my character a bow crafter... but I'm stuck.

    I'm only able to make one type of bow. I keep reading on the internet people talking about "sliders" to change the shape, but I have nothing. When I interact with the crafting table, there are 3 separate options, Self, Short and Decurve, with arrows on either side, but I can't click on them.

    What am I doing wrong? Or do I need a higher skill? If so, does anyone know what skill level I need?

    Thanks :)
  2. Badhor

    Badhor Trial Member

    You need to learn Composite Bows. Go to any librarian in a town to get it. It shouldn't be more than 50silver. It will allow to make bows with 2 materials: Wood (on the back) and Horn, Bone or Crepite (for the belly).

    You can also learn Long Bows and Asymmetrical Bows (which, when you read the books, should appear when you click the arrow next to "Short").

    Then you can learn Recurve Bows and Flat Bows (which, when you read the books, should appear when you click the arrow next to "Recurve")

    Not necessarily in that order. But I'd start with Composite, then Long, then Flat and the rest. You can get the Asymmetrical and Recurve books from the Crafter in BakTi or Vadda. All the rest should be available from the standard librarian npc.
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  3. Kalladin

    Kalladin New Member

    Decurve is the starting option Badhor Recurve is the one that you need to get from the crafter in vadda or some other khurite town like you said.
  4. Badhor

    Badhor Trial Member

    Ah yeah, just took one for another, true. Edited
  5. Kalladin

    Kalladin New Member

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  6. Azruhda

    Azruhda Trial Member

    Ah thank you! I thought I had bought all the books, but I missed out Longbow and Composite ^.^
    Thanks again
  7. privilegue

    privilegue Trial Member

    where did you buy all the books? I am currently looking for the Recurve book. There was a bug with the book missing from the guy in vadda, going to check again.

    EDIT: Found the book at the librarian in Vadda. Cost: 10s

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