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Discussion in 'Services' started by Cappello, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. adichee

    adichee Trial Member

    you say it is like school marks
    school marks are purely subjective and mean pretty much nothing
    I doubt this is what you want your service to be
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  2. Cappello

    Cappello New Member

    My service is at the convenience for the community. I make no income from this service, whatsoever. Also, my service is purely subjective based off the performance of the businesses. All business start off on good terms until they receive negative reviews, which can vary in nature. Essentially the more negative reviews a business receives the lower it's rating is. It's really that simple, there's no pricing included in the rating or anything. Just purely reviews from customers influences the rating of the business. This is return makes business care more about the quality of each sale.

    This is essentially free advertising for a business/service and a review board for customers. I'm not really sure how in depth you want the grades to be without invading a business's privacy.
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  3. Azidano

    Azidano Senior Member

    The issue being highlighted here, I believe. Is let us say I make a small business called "Calx Conners".

    And say I pay 20 people to write to you, Cappello, and give me an A+ rating.

    Similarly, say somebody hates "Rigerous Razorbacks" and they do the opposite, pay 20 people to five them an F.

    How do you know if the reviews are real or not?

    Btw, guys, Cappello is ICH's Human Resources Officer, the only member who holds a salaried position in ICH.
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  4. Cappello

    Cappello New Member

    The case is investigated from the point of how did "Rigerous Razorbacks" wrong you? Did they back out on a contract? Fail to provide a good or service? Then proof is provided and the other party consulted. If the case is vaild, then the business has an opportunity to fix the issue. If it fails to fix the issue, it's rating is reduced or the business is unacreddited based off of the situation. Situations resolved in a peaceful manner will not reduce rating unless it is immoral or unethical. Scams, robberies, ect will always result in a business losing it's accreditation as the BTMA will not accredit high risk merchants.
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  5. Bopkasen

    Bopkasen Well-Known Member

    Sorry, this isn't an independent rating. The original poster is a Human Resource Officer of IchorCorp. All listing of the IchorCorp is rated according to the conflict of interest.

    Please read the definition of the words, Independent, and the word, Conflict of Interest.

    When a financial companies used "business rating", it ignored the financial creditworthiness which may default and go out of business. Any customers that may lodge a concern or complaint based on the practice but cannot dispute the financial crediting.

    Please read "Moral Hazard". ;)

    Note to Moderator:

    This is a helpful financial guide information for perspective customers and inquiries. Any information provided are cited and may be accessible to anyone for unbiased research.

    An incorrect information disputed can be disputed by any one so long as they we don't purposely insult the member of the Mortal Online forum.

    Any "Report" post abused will be enforce according to the Mortal Online forum ToS.
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  6. ruben ibarruri

    ruben ibarruri Senior Member

    If you continue exploit and spam my service i speak moderators. Capello idea is independent. All ICH agent are independents. If you not know ICH rules you not must speak. If you not sgree with capello service open post in forum. I ubderstand you try exploit service for personal hate but i tired about you. I not need rrad the words becouse i know. You need ICH rules. I try be patient with you but your sctitude is insane. For last time if continue spam anf exploity service i speak with moderators. I the first circunstsnce since i play MO anf one guy harrasing me. You must be mad.
  7. Maturana

    Maturana Member

    I see million of trading posts, yet you only put ICH traders here. That are not the only and bestest ones. Will you add more? Or is it that you only want to do this with ICH?
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  8. Maturana

    Maturana Member

    Ah i have read your post, now i understand. But isnt like kinda forced to pretend buyers everytime they buy something to send you a message? I mean, most of the time people just get the shit and thats it. They wont even rank the thread of the sell. And i dont think would message you either.
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  9. ruben ibarruri

    ruben ibarruri Senior Member

    I agree. Capello must be recopilated more information about more active busdiness not only UXH but Capello is free for make with your own idea, of course. About if he s ICH member, in my opinion is fine. Not reason it would be problem. Only capello conttolled your own work.
  10. Maturana

    Maturana Member

    Oh yeah, no problem with that. I was just asking, i didnt knew he is ICH. If thats the case its a meh post, i almost never buy stuff from ICH. I see several people in the forum with nice trade posts that do offer interesting stuff.
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  11. ruben ibarruri

    ruben ibarruri Senior Member

    The ICH reputation is very good. And all member try honored the ICH reputation of course.
  12. Maturana

    Maturana Member

    Yep, wont deny ICH traders have nice reputation. Yet are not the only traders in the game, like sayd before i see several trade/sell threads in the forum selling good stuff. And im sure most of them if not the mayority are very reliable.
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  13. Cappello

    Cappello New Member

    I can see where you may formulate this opinion, but the operation of IchorCorp is very strict. All members of the guild are merely independent merchants that MAY work together if deemed profitable and agreed on. IchorCorp as a entity really only leases NPC mining enclosements, which I have been thinking about removing from the list just from pure conflict of interest since I am the only actually salaried employee of ICH. Technically speaking, I'm not really even a member of ICH anymore... I'm an employee.

    If anything, members of the guild listed with the BTMA are at an even higher standard of operation for ethical business since I'm one of the main people within the guild, other then the Councilors, that write up Code of Conduct breeches. I have even wrote up a councilor for an accidental breech of conduct, Ichorous or Azidano can accredit that statement if you need verification.

    Hopefully I summarized everything pretty clearly and understandable, if you have any further questions please feel free to ask!
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  14. Bopkasen

    Bopkasen Well-Known Member

    Words can't express how I feel about you working for ICH and quote the word "independent" in a same sentence. Again, the term "conflict of interest" is a term that financial agent or employee of the financial company must abide by.
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  15. ruben ibarruri

    ruben ibarruri Senior Member

    If you know other guy that offer Capello service please said me about it.
  16. Cappello

    Cappello New Member

    Hi Nesfastor,

    You're free to register your business with the BTMA for free advertisement on this thread and public review summarized into a simple rating. I'm currently working on a better rating system that accurately depict the performance and quality of each member listed with the BMTA.

    Currently, ICH members public business are automatically signed up with the BTMA due to their agreement with IchorCorp's Code of Conduct. That alone ensures professionalism and high business integrity from those independent ICH merchants.

    As for your last question "will you add more". Yes!! We would love to add more, we just need businesses to register or reviews of businesses from customers and they will automatically be updated! It's the BTMA's goal to make a easy to use business listing so you can find all your favorite merchants and more!

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  17. Cappello

    Cappello New Member

    I'm sorry you feel that way, and I understand way your thinking that. Consider these facts about the BTMA:
    1. Completely free to all - regardless if your the business owner or the customer. You'll pay nothing to the BTMA!
    2. Unbiased representation - It does not matter what guild affiliation you are from, as long as you adhere to non-scandalous activities and are willing to work with the BTMA to resolve disputes you will be accredited.
    3. Represented from a Name you can trust - Yes, I am an employee of IchorCorp but with our strong standpoint on ethical business we're a Guild you can trust.
    4. No Trade Sanctions - The BTMA was created as a reference tool for finding goods and services, we have no power to prevent you from using other merchants not listed on our thread. The rating system currently is more to measure how long it may take for you to receive your goods from that merchant. As long as a merchant is ACCREDITED by the BTMA there is virtually minimum risk of using that merchant.
    5. Bad business, no business - We will NEVER accredit merchants known to preform scandalous acts in association with their business. These actions may include, but not limited to: Trade-ganking, scamming, extortion, ect.
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  18. ruben ibarruri

    ruben ibarruri Senior Member

    In my opinion capello idea is nice. Really like some similar service, is my opinion. Posible capello need developed mre spefical points but with some time he will can make excelent job. I trust is Capello idea.
  19. Teknique

    Teknique Well-Known Member

    The BTMA told me they like mudkips when they really didn't like. Mudkips any way to resolve?
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  20. Cappello

    Cappello New Member

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