Burning mcs by grinding

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by chingaperros, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. chingaperros

    chingaperros Well-Known Member

    This game still have this stupid system where you need to leave your pc overnight to burn mcs doing absolutely nothing, its just dumb asf and very expensive. So how about you let reds grind out their statloss by killing mobs? maybe only in dungeons like mino or risars, it would even make them a hotspot again since everyone farms their gold safely in sarducaa now.
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  2. Aemone

    Aemone Senior Member

  3. Yeonan

    Yeonan Senior Member

    What if killing another "murderer" burned a murder count?
  4. Lord_Casso

    Lord_Casso Junior Member

    This is a extremely good idea in my opinion, and I'm not even red, because I hate how to burn MC u get a huge power bill, and I reckon this is the best concept so far, like make it so if Ur doing stuff MC drains faster, rly good starting concept :D
  5. Teknique

    Teknique Well-Known Member

    almost offensive at this point that star vault thinks breaking your parts and utility bills is even halfway a good idea.
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  6. Diemauer

    Diemauer Senior Member

    When the choice is between player activity and systems (timers, NPCs, hard caps, simple macro repitition) SV seems to choose automatic systems. Makes the game more boring than is necessary.
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  7. TheFireLord

    TheFireLord Trial Member

    Might be abused
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  8. Mandinga

    Mandinga New Member

    Theoretically you can already farm and do other stuff to burn murdercounts, what you are trying to say is that 8 hours of ingame time is too much per murdercount?

    Indeed, having to wait ingame time to burn murdercounts instead of actually doing something TO* burn the murdercounts would be the most interesting option, yet i rather not have to farm and grind endessly to burn a murdercount. A complete remake of the murdercount system is what its actually required and as a brilliant person mentioned in a thread, the npc law should only be applyed in each town as regional.
  9. Lord_Casso

    Lord_Casso Junior Member

    No the system doesn't need a re make (ok maybe statloss does) but it just shouldn't be that the only way to burn murder counts is drain Ur PC life and get a big power bill
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  10. gotcher

    gotcher Exalted Member

    How about we get *just one* mechanic in the game that requires and affects decisions, and not grind? :eek:
  11. art vandaleigh

    art vandaleigh Senior Member

    if you buy the 10k gold painting for your house, it burns mc's 5x
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  12. chingaperros

    chingaperros Well-Known Member

    I meant each mob you kill would slowly decrease your mc timer, you could still afk it if you want but this would just be a faster way that requires you to be active. I dont find grinding fun either BUT it would serve the purpose of forcing people into the wild and this increases the chance of pvp happening. What would you rather do to burn mcs then?

    I agree on the regional flagging and have suggested it before, I would add lawless zones on some parts of the map, maybe even letting guilds control the flagging inside their territory. Would make for a way better system than what we have now, but sadly SV havent been very willing on changing their flagging from an exact UO copy...
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  13. EpicYeni

    EpicYeni Junior Member

    What if you could pay to remove murdercounts? Like 25g (just a random number) a murdercount. Not only does it encourage someone to go out and farm to make money, but it includes a gold drain. Just an idea.
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  14. Mandinga

    Mandinga New Member

    Yeah i guess any other option to burn mcs is a good idea, yet i don't like this MCs system at all. The concept is flawed, does not benefit the non murderer players and its based on a tedious irrelevant punishment for the ones who choose to fo play the murderer role.

    I believe the criteria to banish players from cities should be entirely player based and i will always be inclined to my opinion that npc cities controlled by groups of players should have the hability to enforce their territory as they feel, and this blacklist mechanic should give the criminals different ways to bypass their criminal status or the hability to reconcile the relationship with the owners of the city by either paying a fee depending on the committed crime or plain and simple player interaction and diplomacy. No law status should apply to the wilderness.

    I also believe that without a wilderness criminal tag its indispensable for guilds to have different player tagging tools integrated in the guild UI, as example war targets are set to orange tag, green for guild mates, red for violent, grey as precaution and blue as non tagged.
    This way is how you can generate a player fame database inside the game for your guild to be aware of.

    Also, a good mercenary and bounty hunter mechanic in the cities could be that each contract payed by the town owners will increase double the value (in gold) for the criminal to pay to recover the non criminal status. This way owners of the city can choose to put bountys on someone's head that will not be tottally exploited by suicide mechanics (or until certain point), the idea could be improved yet its a good path to create a profession that doesn't require to look at a crafting table or hunt razorbacks all day long.

    I believe a system like that would not harm non agressive, arpk or blue characters at all and i believe it can build a more organic player interaction. I don't see how the design and implementation of such system should be that difficult but i rather have something like this instead of a grinding half made partial "solution" to a primitive penalty system.
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  15. Diemauer

    Diemauer Senior Member

    Reworking flags and murdercounts would require a lot of thought, manpower, and vision. Apparently, that's being spent on Kittens. Can't make this shit up.
  16. art vandaleigh

    art vandaleigh Senior Member

    u know what they should do, if you put out a bounty on a wanted player and kill them, you burn an mc
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  17. Lord_Casso

    Lord_Casso Junior Member

    Everyone is saying they want no flags in the wild, but there is a huge problem with this, see if I'm a naked on a donkey in the wild and some blue naked goes past with a bow, they r probs transporting or whatever and they don't want the MC from me, but if there were no MC in the wild everyone would always kill everyone. Like u usually see a tamer and go, oh yeah whatever, no MC in the wild KILLL. No MC in the wild just doesn't make sense and nobody would ever just pass by someone, it's not even PvP, it would just be senseless noob murder with no punishment
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  18. Diemauer

    Diemauer Senior Member

    it wouldn't be "senseless", it makes sense in a different way than you're used to. like people are more encouraged to create law order and reputation on a regional basis. rely on guild tags, local voice chat for identification, negotiate locally with players rather than think blue flags are a free pass across the game world. murdercounts are like a placeholder, its actually a burden to creating a sensible order where everyone starts as neutral and needs to create some alignment with others.
    of course it would help if there were reasons to actually want other people around your territory. creating that neutral assumption would allow/necessitate the expansion of more political tools, which builds community. regions should be locally run and the guilds that prosper are those that build safety and numbers through just laws and fair interaction. then you go to the neighbors lands and fuck shit up, but are only "red" in their area of control. now borders matter and so on. make sense?

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