Changes needed to the flagging system.

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  1. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

    As we all knew the Ratio of sheep/wolf is way off in favor of Wolf(those that arent here long enough sheep are people that dont have a red at all and arent greafers and wolf is the rest(reds,grifers....)).

    There are a few reasons that is:

    1. Once you go red there is no real reason to not kill more people.
    2. The punishment itself is only if they die(the not going into town thing is awoided by having blue alts)
    3. The punishment itself is a joke.

    There are multiple ways this can be combated and was suggested over the years.

    Most prominent is:
    1. Make it so that once you reach X MC(between 20 and 50) you go a different flag in that has permanent stat loss(cant be trained up) and for every 10 extra MC 1 extra % stat loss(also cant be stated up).(to balance that MCs need to be burned Offline and online at the same speed of (number between 6 and 12)h per MC)

    2. Add paladins that have 10% dmg and dif bonus aura(to any blue in range including the paladin) against red while Reds in aura range get 10% Dmg debaff and dif debaff against blues.(paladin is a title you get from killing X reds)

    3. Add Bounty hunter NPC(is mounted) That Targets the nearest Red(compared to town he is stationed in)(has infinite range when searching) and loots reds stuff and takes/kills his pets, every time he dies he resurrects a lvl higher(X min respawn timer depending on balance and town), if he loots X gold or X armor and weapons(need to be good quality) his lvl drops. IF killed his horse can be tamed(as good horse as lvl).(you cant escape from lvl 50 Bounty hunter or survive him in single combat(lvl 100 us immune to all but magic dmg(50% protection from magic)(1% migration per lvl)))(every town has 1 Bounty hunter tinderem has 2)(getting killed by one gets you 5% extra stat loss). This prevents small groups from coming near towns or reds trying to restock in blue towns using blue alts.(bounty hunter will teleport if stuck).(will not attack or target players inside houses or keeps/walls)

    4. Roaming lictors lots of them.

    5. 10% Stat buff of accs that dont have a red toon.

    Constructive posts pls.(none about grammatical errors as i am bad at English)(most of the changes posted need a MC reset)

    as for OP.

    1. more and more peneltys for more kills.
    2. Player titles that give you atack and dif bonus agianst reds.
    3. NPc that hunts Reds and doesnt leave loot or pats, He adepts by getting stronger the more he dies and weaker the more it loots high q gear and gold.
    4 and 5 are random no real ideas.
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  2. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

  3. Misora

    Misora Member

    I'm sorry but all your changes are detrimental to the game and will not improve the game play at all, if permanent loss was to be implemented, then permanent gain would have to be implemented as well, which would lead to archers with 300 + str , and TRUST ME, you do not want that at all. I disagree with your changes to a bounty hunter and lictors as well because that would lead to the game being less player based, and the game would rely on NPC's to do all the hard work, so fuck that.

    As far as changes go, there does need to be some. Right now Reds are rewarded for having random blues in there group, by this I mean, I group of reds attack a town, the defenders of that city try to fight them off, but get blue blocked by a troll in there group who isn't even there to fight, hes just there to fuck over the blue defenders of the town, well now those defenders become an enemy to the city because he attacked a group of outlaws who are trying to destroy that city?

    This doesn't make any sense to me honestly, Why should I be penalized for trying to defend my home town because some ass hole is a blue Scrub who runs around with reds and abuses game mechanics to win fights. It's not right, and it needs to be changed, And sure people will say why don't you just black list those blue players and it doesn't become a problem?

    Because for younger guilds its almost impossible to gain Territory control, the only way a tower will ever get put up and stay up is if you already have a lot of them, or have a group of 15 people on 24/7 standing at your towers til you have enough of them that they can defend themselves. but even grouping towers is detrimental to younger guilds because they don't have enough control points to maintain Groups of Towers, the only thing a young guild can do is spread out their towers as far as they can to gain the most CP's possible and by doing this their towers are easily destroyable .

    The current system is broken and favors those who are evil and want to kill other players.
    Those who take oath to defend the innocent are gimped, They cant randomly go around killing players as they feel fit, they can't randomly launch attacks in a fight like red can, no we must aim carefully because if we hit some one from a friendly guild that is blue, we turn grey, and then those we defend, and the guards of the city we defend turn and attack us.

    The game favors being a murderer far more then it tries to do with Blues, Being blue is a chain that restricts you from doing what you can to defend the realm.

    we need a system that gives honorable players immunity, just like the reds have.

    What I mean is this, a Red knows where he can and cant go to fight in his favor, a blue presumes that town is safe(I use this term lightly) and when his town gets attack he defends it, but the second he turns grey he is no better then the reds that want to kill every thing in town. but if say a Knight of the realm was in the town and had the free reign to kill all who oppose him and his city, he wouldn't have to worry about who he hits, he would simply be able to fight with full force and strike down the vile ones who want to harm the innocent.

    I honestly don't know how you can fix the system, But the system needs to be fixed and soon, or else Greifers and Murderers will continue to be the greater power in this world, and there is very Little to no reason to continue playing on the good side, with Honor and valor. Make this Values mean something, please.
  4. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

    1. was made to self limit the number of kills and doesnt need npcs to do it.(you want to kill random people well face the penalties)

    there is no such thing as permanent gain. the MC can be burned off to remove the perma stat loss penalty.(and if there were something like perma gain stats they would only be for blues)

    2. is a old idea that i copied from someone. But gives reason to be blue.

    3.The mechanics above are made so that they adapt(mostly the bounty hunter thing) if the Npc bounty hunter gets killed a lot he starts getting stronger and stronger to the point he stops taking dmg.

    4. and 5. are just random ideas.(4 was said to be added but never was)

    And who said letting npcs do stuff is bad, we have guards(strongly nerfed guards for some towns and bugged for others).
    Max str is 121 or something so if you keep adding penalties from suggestion 1 it will lead to not being able to even use a bow.

    The fix itself can also be a combination of multiple ideas listed here.
  5. eldrath

    eldrath Honored Member

    I agree that there needs to be a fair punishment for reds that keep killing and have very high MC.

    Maybe the statloss should be temporary and reset after 1 hour online after getting killed. I just don`t like any mechanic that is based on macros or anything similar.

    How about this: Every character on a account that has a red on it turns light grey to everyone.
  6. Phenomenoz

    Phenomenoz Well-Known Member

    No punishments pliz.. im a good guy .. okey :(
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  7. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

    that isnt enough or balanced.(the second thing can be avoided easy)

    We cant have punishments that can be avoided like Stat loss(but you can stat up easy) or cant enter town(you dont need it you just have blue alts)....
  8. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

    Also a fix for not going red as easy from normal pvp.(MC reset after the changes OC)
  9. Phenomenoz

    Phenomenoz Well-Known Member

  10. Misora

    Misora Member

    1.) like I said if its perma its not Time based, Permanent loss would need to allow for permanent gain to counteract it, Any thing that punishes you for doing it to the point you are not allowed to play, is a stupid idea that needs to be thrown out, The reason this is a sandbox is because all play styles are acceptable, which means being a vile murderer is acceptable and you should not be punished for it beyond the point of no return

    3.) Guards are only there to force some sort of law abidance with the city, without them, every thing would be lawless and the towns would all be filled with Murderers, and make a new character would be , beyond impossible, However making these NPCS do more in a player created world is coutner productive, you want a bounty hunter? hire a player to do it, I'm tired of people wanting more and more AI control of this world, it was created and designed to be created and designed by in game players.

    If death as a red for say made you lose 5 maximum strength permanently, then thered need to be ways to increase strength permanently which isn't out of reach for these red players, just because they decide to play a different life style then you and me doesn't mean they should be punished to the point of not being able to play. the Permanent Gains would have to be an item in game that you can eat or consume to regain or even gain more, and this inself is a bad idea because LIKE I said, the permanent gain would out weight the negative loss of dieing, you would have MA's running around with 300 Str bows , Dealing 200 Dmg shots at rapid fire, you do not want that.

    No perma gain and loss is unacceptable, even if for say your perma gain could never exceed your beginning game Max, there would be no point in ever actually having it in, because then this game mechanic only benefits the reds who are negatively effected by this implementation, and the Blues would have nothing to gain from it.

    Edit: FurtherMore, Not every red is a murdererous villain, I have gone Red multiple times from killing griefers and those who hide behind a blue name, if I died and lost stats permantly for defending the realm, I would quit the game and stop subscribing because there would now literally be no point in playing with Honor and Valor
  11. eldrath

    eldrath Honored Member

    It would be avoidable with multiple accounts, yes. But even if you got a full fighter account and a full crafter account, you would still have to live with the fact that every one of your fighters can be attacked at all times.

    I only brought this idea up, because it kinda connects with the Deva system which should be in place. The possibility of having dozens of characters effectively reduces the consequences off your actions to zero in a social sense. Even if would not trade with someone who kills my tamer regularly, I wouldn`t know it is him now would I?

    If you decide to be a murderer all your characters should be punished. Of course multiple accounts will break that system too, but at least they support the game by paying more. ;)

    Actually my idea of a temporary debuff is not avoidable. You die, you have 10-50 % statloss till the timer runs out. Not stating up or any of that bullshit, just a plain debuff.

    To be honest in a perfect world there would be the flag for social punishment and mean etherworld mobs that hunt you and drain your souls. Static mechanics like statloss are bad, but it`s what we got.
  12. Phenomenoz

    Phenomenoz Well-Known Member

    I dont like the words "Perma" and "statloss" in the same sentance.
    please stop....
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  13. Grike

    Grike Senior Member

    I read the word Paladins then threw up on myself.
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  14. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

    you seem not only talk like a new person but also rage a lot.
    By perma stat loss i ment stat loss that cant be stated up but it is only semi permanent as you can burn off the murder counts and remove the stat loss that way.
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  15. eldrath

    eldrath Honored Member

    "Normal" PvP. I always find that term funny, because apparently no one agrees on what it means. If they did they wouldn`t give each other MC would they?

    The wardec system is another matter and I made a post in recent thread that explains on how to fix it.
  16. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

  17. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

  18. Misora

    Misora Member

    you must have the inability to read Correctly sir, I am by no means "new" if any thing I have a deeper understanding of what it means to be a Honorable warrior, AND I know what it means to be a Murderous scandral, Unlike you and these thread ideas, I have the ability to think from both sides of the fence, the only thing I agree with any thing in this Thread is that change is needed, but all of these ideas are terrible.

    Please do tell me why Stating up is any different from waiting for a timer?

    you realize that Stating up Encourages continued game play , while burning timers encourages bots and AFK players.

    I do hope you can open thy blinded eyes and see the error in your logistics
  19. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

    Wardec system is limited to the point of no one wanting to use it for normal pvp but mostly for in town greafing.
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  20. Grike

    Grike Senior Member

    Damn!, I thought Dsn wrote this thread..

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