Chest of the Gods

Discussion in 'MO Events & Contests' started by LGM Discord, Oct 27, 2012.

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  1. Hertix

    Hertix Well-Known Member

    Just saying it took us 2 hours of preparation and 4 hours of dungeoning with 15 players in the Sator dungeon to get less loot than we can get from a dumbass chest in our backyard. Why would my guild bother doing difficult things again when the same stuff is practically given away. Loot and economy is serious shit in a sandbox game, and I don't know how they decide upon what to drop but from my experience many GMs have little to no understanding of how much time/effort is required to get most of the things in this game. Need an approved list of items and guidelines from the devs when doing stuff like this if they don't have that already.
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  2. Sarkhan

    Sarkhan Well-Known Member

    Something needs to be done to ensure an event with award such as this needs to be MONITORED more carefully. If ones going to give a high reward, there needs to be high risk. The mobs should be controlled by the GMs to as much an extent as possible, so it isn't a walk in the park.
  3. Crack

    Crack New Member

    There was one mob controlled by GMs... he was invisible/under the floor to half the people there, and then he just kind of wandered away.
  4. oheyo

    oheyo Junior Member

    I do hate how 99% of the events they do discourage solo players, or small groups, or for that matter any group that isn't combat oriented. Its been too long since we've had a dance off, baking competition, or ummmmm treasure hunt?
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  5. Hertix

    Hertix Well-Known Member

    The gold would not take that long to filter out if those people/guilds were still playing the game. With the pace of activity at least in my guild, logging on once a day, not finding anybody on to kill, and then switching to chilvalry then yes it will take a while. 100% of the energy now needs to be put into attracting and keeping new players. We need content for beginners, soloers, and small groupers: stuff that people can log in and advance their characters, skills, and wealth in 2 hours or less. We need much more places to explore, many more hidden pickables, nodes, chests, types of mobs, loot tables, the whole 9. On top of that at some point we need advertisements, I am guessing SV will wait until the last possible moment to start (get as much stuff in as possible) but the declining population is spurring more people to log off and play other games. Its depressing.
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  6. LGM Discord

    LGM Discord Lead GameMaster Staff Member Developer

    Thank you for the feedback , it does help more the you know I know that you all think we just want to close the thread and hide it that's not true I know that events like this depend on a lot on players to make it successful and I might have put to much faith in that, being that my AI couldn't offer the challenge at the time it was also killing my champion *something I did not count on* I have learned a lot I am sorry it was at anyone expense. Moderators I ask that you let constructive feedback through please do not remove the post that is unless of course it violates the rules.
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  7. Azeron

    Azeron Member

    Poop nvm zzzZzZzZZ
  8. jjmc00

    jjmc00 Member

    Events like this have never worked. I beg you discord and all staff, do not, I repeat, DO NOT ever do a gm run event like this again (or a gm run event ever). The tournament was bad, the demon spawning was bad, the pravum's defense was bad, stop kicking yourself in the butt, I beg you. It just saddens me to see this happen to you = (

    Whether it's lack of planning, game mechanics, or just plain bad luck, things go wrong
    GM events do not belong in a sandbox game.

    Do not interfere in the affairs of mortals.
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  9. Aralis

    Aralis Champion of Nave

    Thank you Discord. As Sapperdaddy was saying we all know how hard you GMs all try on this stuff.

    Personally I think the whole concept of GM driven events is wrong. They release unreasonable amounts of resources into the game and upset the economy. They don't have a logical reason for happening in game. And no matter what you do they will be perceived as unfair by someone.

    Player driven events cannot be unfair. Then it doesn't matter if the organisers screw over the players involved - that's how the game is sometimes. Being screwed over by the GMs isn't (or shouldn't be).

    Look at the tournament organised by JAWA a while back. Fun was had by all. Nobody complained at all. JAWA made a profit I think (if a small one) and had a reason to organise it. It made sense. Part of the reason was that players had to pay to enter. In these GM events a lot of people are just turning up in hope with nothing to lose. The event is a net moneymaker for players.

    And personally magic messages screaming what is going on to all players in the game is deeply unimmersive. It's treating the whole world like a giant arena.
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  10. Azeron

    Azeron Member

    No, I think GM events are good and bring the population together but I don't think that much of gold and what ever else was in that chest should be put in there because it puts months and months of farming to waste. I mean unique items like the Sword of Tears, Pravum Defense shield and the Ancient war god hammer bla bla bla is good and it inspires more people to go out there and take it from them. Don't think these items should be banked because as we all know we will never see the Sword of tears / Pravum Shield again because un subbed people who wont sub again have put it in there banks.
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  11. Brurk

    Brurk Senior Member

    They really have to stop giving materials and gold at all from GM events, add more unique stuff instead!
    I'm still waiting for a cool looking tabard !
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  12. Morfildor

    Morfildor Member

    I completely agree with this, unique items and such is fine, do not put money and materials in the chest, if you insist on doing it make it so its in gems or something like that. Nothing very valuable.
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  13. Hertix

    Hertix Well-Known Member

    Items such as lictor wings cannot be banked, so people wear them.
  14. ThaBadMan

    ThaBadMan Exalted Member

    Gm events in itself is good for the game, gm events with months of work is had for free or no time consume is not.

    Gms in cronite gear or unique gear is good as it doesnt ruin someones hard work, it would be even better if gm dropped shit cant be banked which makes the drops needed to be used or u will risk losing them in a random encounter.

    Of course the loot should vary according to how difficult and dangerous the event is. That way noone can really be upset.
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  15. Energyo

    Energyo Junior Member

    The issue I find with the super rare items is that what tends to happen is they get banked and never really seen again. This is why something like gold or materials can be acceptable. But you cannot just throw 2500 gold in a chest for an event that lasts so little for time. No matter what in this kind of event the big guild is probably coming out on top.
    If you're going to do things like this maybe add non-locked chests in multiple parts of the world at odd locations that make you have to travel like Myrmopolis area(yea i still call it that), up in the mountains near fab, the ruins near meduli, etc. Have multiple locations with chests maybe having 50ish gold instead and maybe range the difficulty on this stuff with the harder difficulty areas having like 100g and some items. Maybe some gear can be thrown in too. It'll give both solo and large guilds something to do and no one comes out with all of it.
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  16. Morfildor

    Morfildor Member

    They are like tabards, you can bank the armor but not the wings, which i think is silly really.
  17. narsor

    narsor Junior Member

    Here are my 2 cents:
    1. I did not show up, knowing that I have no hope of survival amongst the wolf PvPers

    2. These kind of events should reward people with unique items only. No gold, no ore, wood etc.

    3. These unique items should not be bankable for longer than a certain amount of time. Lets say carry it on yourself for an hour to keep it in the bank for a day kind of restriction. It may be a good idea to make them undestroyable also (I am talking about player destruction, not durability hit)

    4. MO needs to support diverse game play choices. Now think that I am a soloer and an axe wielder. What can I do in MO?, Or a soloer with mace user, now what? Or a group of 3 people? I don't think that there's enough content for these people, may be the current features can keep you playing a month or so, but I think that's it.

    5. I know that there will be no event anywhere that I'll run into that I can compete. (Please don't tell me that join a guild. Of course that can be the official stance of SV, but then they need to announce it openly so that I can leave)

    6. I think there should be temporal events occasionally appearing on the map for some limited time, ranging from small ones that can be soloed, can be completed by small groups, and big groups (And loots acceptable by challenge level of course). This will bring on a reason to explore the map other than farming and farming only). Some of the events may be announced as rumours by the town crier even with a hint of whereabouts perhaps. Again the loot can be rare items, never raw materials , gold, or farmable items.

    7. The reason I am still playing MO (well, I am not playing really, logging once a day for an hour or two), MO is unique on the market, and I want to support it (that's my personal choice, I am not expecting the same from anyone else)

    8. I hope AI will be challenging one day, instead of challenging me by hitting like a bull and having crazy amount of HP or some very good resistance against certain weapons. It's OK to have more resistance against certain weapons for certain mobs, but have mercy! (No reality checks please, I am not living in medieval times, and do not want to)

    9. And most importantly, buy my horses on the market! :))
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  18. ltankhsd

    ltankhsd Senior Member

    I watched this event as a ghost. A few things I would have done differently.

    1. Not had the chest in the middle of an open field. It makes it too easy to just kite monsters away to get to the chest. I would have put it inside a building sort of like the ones you see in GK or Tindrem. That would enclose the chest guardians more and create chokepoints that players would have had to fight through to get to the chest.

    2. I might have called the event the "Hoard of the Gods" instead of "Chest" and made multiple chests in multiple locations so that more people have access to the locations.

    3. I think it was fine the amount of gold that was given out. Some people aren't very rich. I might have 300g between all my characters. The gold was given in 500g stacks so it's not like 1 person got all the gold. Perhaps the stacks could have been smaller and there could have been more of them to ensure even distribution among people who got tot he chest.
  19. sunshiner

    sunshiner Well-Known Member

    easy solution (to some extent) chest is locked untill all the mobs are killed.
    and take 60% of the loot from the chest and spread it out on the mobs
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  20. ltankhsd

    ltankhsd Senior Member

    That's a good thought too.
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