Chests in a new house

Discussion in 'Round Table' started by Deadheretic, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Deadheretic

    Deadheretic Senior Member

    Sv PLS! PLS! Fix that bugged shit! I realy tired to find my stuff after every reboot. This is broken more then old houses chest.
    Fix it pls.
  2. Haanibal

    Haanibal Trial Member

    noone gives a fuck xD
  3. Jatix

    Jatix Well-Known Member

    Well it would be pretty nice to be able to put our stuff in chests and not need to worry about it being magically gone the next day
  4. vermintide

    vermintide Member

    have no issues with mine
  5. Nefan

    Nefan Well-Known Member

    You're a cunt.
  6. Sebastian Persson

    Sebastian Persson Lead Programmer Staff Member Developer

    Sorted in next server patch
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