Conan Exile is out!

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Artorius, May 13, 2018.

  1. Artorius

    Artorius Cronite Supporter

    Jump in... before the world is crowded with houses ;)

    I started a weekly serie on youtube here;

    (in french, en francais)

    The game certainly still has issues, apparently you might need to relog to see your loots when you die... But still a very good survival game, better than Ark, unless you prefer to have characters that poop all the time.
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  2. jackthestripper

    jackthestripper Senior Member

    game is shallow af.
    there are a crap load of servers, and 90% of them are all empty. even if you find a server with 5 or 10 people you almost never see them cause they are playing in the high level part of the map, most of them in bands of 2 or 3. it is ridiculously easy to do everything. from building houses, to harvesting to fighting mobs. i have yet to find ANY pvp that doesn't consist of a geared player 1 shotting a naked. there is literally no challenge to surviving, and once you build a few things there is absolutely nothing to do. NPC are completely retarded and wont land single hit if you simply run around a bit. there is literally no reason to stockpile anything as all resources are extremely abundant. if you do build something, there is a good chance that next time you log in half of it has been blown up by some random bored player that probably didn't even bother looting your base since he's been playing for a week and has everything he could ever want. you can climb almost any surface, making walls and palisades completely useless. game has absolutely no soul.
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  3. jhackman

    jhackman Senior Member

    Its so bad it makes me realize how good mo is.
  4. Artorius

    Artorius Cronite Supporter

    wow, rude.

    I have been a bit disapointed by the devs pushing back keys features such as sorcery and mounts but the game is great nontheless. It was my first "survival" experience and I love it.

    Tons of crafting, tons of stuff to build, places to explore, NPC to capture, etc. I have 177 hours on it and havn't done it all so if you do and stockpile everything in a week you need to get a life.

    Also, they made the beginning part of the game more challenging now with no auto health regen, dangerous weather effects, combat changes, etc.

    As for the pvp yeah, logging on to a raided base is no fun but you can play on pve servers.
  5. bolletog

    bolletog Senior Member

    Its getting abit silly with all these games calling themself survival games. The Long Dark is a survival game, Conan Exiles is not.
  6. jackthestripper

    jackthestripper Senior Member

    perhaps if it was your first ever survival game i can understand .....even though technically MO is just as much a survival game, or ta least it was back in the old days. true you don't die of hunger or thirst in MO, but mobs will kill you way faster.

    however, i have played too many survival games for this one to stand out in any way. from Dayz, to Ark, Don't starve, The long Dark, to Minecraft and many more, and yea (like Bolletog said) Conan Exiles is boring and easy as fuck.
    everything is just too easy and quick to do. crafting and building requires absolutely no thought, or grind.
    the biggest problem however is the fact that there are so many servers, which dilute the population down to nothingness. if you like to just have a game where you and your friends survive, build and explore then its ok, but if you want a thriving population with territory disputes and politics, then it falls short.
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  7. bolletog

    bolletog Senior Member

    This thread is officially hijacked and is now a thread about art, this is my art piece...respect it
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  8. Artorius

    Artorius Cronite Supporter

    I wish it had bigger servers too but all these games have tiny servers. It has it's plus, you won't get zerged by 50 peoples.
  9. bolletog

    bolletog Senior Member

    Never understood why u MO players always complain about zerging...isnt that supposed to be large scale battle
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  10. Artorius

    Artorius Cronite Supporter

    yeah large groups vs large groups, 50 vs 5 isn't so much.

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