Cooking for the Masses

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    Cooking on Nave
    WIP - Will be Updated over the next bit here to get closer to a done state

    1. A Shift in View
    2. Reserves and Hunger
    3. Skills and Character Builds
    4. Food Groups and Cooking
    5. Tools at Hand
    6. Basic Use and Recipes
    7. Sophistication and Food
    8. Size Changing Food
    9. Food Extraction
    10. Nourishment Cooking
    11. Direct Heal and HoT in your Dishes
    12. Known Cooking Bugs
    1. A Shift in View

    Food in MO is one of the most complex systems I have seen in game. There are named recipes (which have their own purposes, each), reserve manipulation and multipliers, sophistication growth, and different tools in which cause different reactions from the ingredient types. Types of food are isolated to regions of Nave, and a variety of local food is capable of being made, which can EASILY make Ambrosial Raw Pig and Salutary Raw Rye seem likes childs play (I feel sorry for those who actually still eat this slop).

    Awhile back, when I first started to get into sophistication foods I had to think about how these foods would fit into an actual players diet. Who would waste hunger on something that mainly just for soph gain (this has changed a bunch since I can make some very high soph health and soph stam food now as well). When we look at the SHMS of each food item, you can see that there is a high concentration towards those sugary foods. Those high in mana reserve gain. Additives and Herbs have some nice examples as well, like the Salvia line (ooh la la..).

    When I started looking into the SHMS of the differing foods, I realized how you could find some good and better replacements for those two staple foods everyone is addicted to (AmbroPig and SalRye again... ). Even within the basic cooking tools there were gems where you did not need the Advanced Cooking Tool investment, to make them. I have a Bread recipe right now that gives as much Health Reserve gain as the ambro pig, but gives 27% SRG (Stamina Reserve Gain). Now, Ambro pig only has a 6%SRG, so when eating the bread, I am also helping to eliminate the amount of higher stam based food is needed to fill you up, cause you're a bow shooting maniac and you use a lot of stam reserve. THEN when you do this, you leave hunger room for those extras in life, the sugary concoctions, sweet breads, bubbly drinks and fruit syrups. When I was making sure I found the proper foods to fill my needs for how much HSM reserves I use, it was easy to include a dessert in with each meal. As well, cooking automatically gives good jumps to the sophistication of foods, by a proper cook. So having zero or negative soph would be a thing of the past, and you'd just get that extra fast boost when eating your desserts.

    So, Im willing to part with some knowledge to help jumpstart some proper cooking here on Nave. I am in NO WAY saying I know everything about cooking. There is SO much I don't know, and MANY MANY recipes I have not found (though I have found my share.. ). I do hope others will join in this thread instilling some cooking knowledge for the masses, helping to educate our people and bring us a bit closer to leaving the dark ages of Nave.

    2. Reserves and Hunger

    To understand cooking, you must first understand HSM Reserves and how they work.

    Note: There is an AutoHotKey Script attached to the OP in which you can run to use for measuring the SHMS of the food you buy and create... See bottom of thread for attachment.

    Used Abbreviations:
    • SHMS: The breakdown of the Soph, Health Nourishment, Mana Nourishment and the Stam Nourishment of the food item
    • Soph: Sophistication
    • HN: Health Nourishment.
    • MN: Mana Nourishment
    • SN: Stamina Nourishment
    • ALC: Alcohol Content
    • FP: Food Poison
    • DH, HL, HoT: Direct Heal, Heal Length, Heal over Time
    • DP, PL, PoT: Direct Poison, Poison Length, Poison over Time
    Reserves have two status'. Positive and Negative. When the smaller reserve bar above the main HSM bars are showing a matching color, you are in positive reserve. When you see grey, you are in a negative reserve. Most of the time you will want to stay in a balance of the positive reserve on each stat within HSM. There are situations though where staying “in-the-grey” is a needed course of action, though you have to watch yourself much more closely. Sleeping or eating can eliminate negative reserve, but to raise positive reserve (thus filling your reserve pools) you need the use of food.

    On your paper doll is the number representative of your reserves. Your positive reserve is the top 25% of the pool, while your negative reserve is the bottom 75%.


    When your reserves are in the negative, your current maximum is drained along with your reserve.


    So in the above picture, they currently have less available Max Stamina, than when fully rested or after eating some food with health reserve.

    • Health Reserves drain from being damaged and death in general. Total loss is based off damage received. Good poisons can have drastic effect on health reserves.
    • Stamina Reserves drain from activity, and death. Sprinting, jumping, shooting a bow, combat in general. Certain activities create more drain than others.
    • Mana Reserves drain from magical use and death. It takes quite a bit of magical use to drain this reserve.
    So, now we look at Hunger.This is the first bar to the right of your HSM Bars.

    HSMwith Hunger.png
    Shown above at Yellow Level Hunger

    You can gain a total of 1800 hunger. You cannot rest when your hunger is above 1080. A this point, you have to eat until your hunger has dropped below 1080 before you can rest. You can eat a total of 0.2 x 'your hunger' in food units. (For those not as good in math here... x2 your hunger and take the last digit off... example: 100 Hunger x2 = 200 (take away last digit) = 20 food.... so.. 100 hunger = 20 Food Units eaten).


    3. Skills and Cooking

    • Crafting
      • Cooking (S, Int / Psy)
        • Advanced Cooking (P, Int / Psy)
      • Crafting Appliances (S, Int)
        • Cooking Tools (S, Int / Psy)
          • Cooking Pot (S, Int / Psy)
          • Baking Stone (S, Int / Psy)
          • TurnSpit (S, Int / Psy)
          • Advanced Cooking Tools (P, Int / Psy)
            • Steam Pot (S, Int / Psy)
            • Smoke Box (S, Int / Psy)
            • Baking Pot (S, Int / Psy)
            • Fermentation Jar (S, Int / Psy)
        • Botany Appliances (P, Int / Dex)
          • Herbologium (S, Int)
        • Butchery Appliances (P, Int)
          • Butchery Workbench (S, Int)
      • Ore Extraction Appliances (P, Int)
        • Mechanical Appliances (S, Int / Str)
          • Press Operation (S, Int / Str)
        • Comminutors (S, Int / Str)
          • Grinder Operation (S, Int / Str)
    • Studies
      • Alchemy (P, Int / Psy)
        • Taste Identification (S, Int / Psy)
        • Alchemical Dissolvents (P, Int) * Also has Petrology (P) as a Parent Skill
      • Zoology (S, Int)*
    • Resource Handling
      • Material Lore (S, Int)
        • Animal Materials (P, Int)
          • Dairy Products Lore (P, Int)
          • Flesh Lore (P, Int)*
          • Arthopod Produce Lore (P, Int) Also has Arthopoda (P) as a Parent Skill
            • Honey Lore (S, Int))
            • Beeswax Lore (S, Int)
        • Botany (P, Int)*
        • Petrology (P, Int)
          • Alchemical Dissolvents (P, Int)
      • Extraction (S, Int)
        • Milling (P, Int)
        • Butchery (P, Int)
        • Herbalism (P, Int / Psy)
    *Denotes that there are sub-skills underneath the listed skill
    It is good to always remember, Cooking and Cooking Tools are secondary skills. No point investment needed in learning how to cook.

    4. Food Groups and Cooking

    When cooking in Mortal the available foods start to fit into certain roles. These roles can be seen when trying to discover named recipes, as well as they lead you to ideas in how to modify your food, or how to base foods off what is local to your area (Flour types are spread out across Nave... for example).

    These are the main groups I have utilized in my cooking and recipes:

    • Flour Base - Oats, corn, spelt, barley, rye and rice (and their respective flours)
    • Liquid Base – Water, Purified Water, Juices, Milk, Cream
    • Oil Base – Butter, tallow and all the oils you can find / extract
    • Fruits and Veg – Usually based off sugars, though some can havea good amount of startch to them
    • Meat and Carcass – From either flesh lore (for the meats), or Zoology (for cooking whole animal and fish)
    • Additives and Herbs – Herbs, spices, seeds, leaves
    • Fuels – Woods, Alchemical Dissolvents (Salt, Bor, Nitre...)
    When I speak about cooking, and the recipes therein of each tool, I delineate to these groups. For in MOST recipes, you can substitute ingredients from within the same group (Common bread recipe will accept any Flour base or Liquid base and still successfully make bread if within the % restraints of the Bread recipe).

    A note on liquids... generally consider cream your health and stam liquid, and juices to be your soph based ones.

    For proper reading of the UI, you will need a good Taste Identification skill. It is a secondary skill under Alchemy (P). Diph's guide has the answer as how to help train it up:

    "Alchemy / Taste identification - Eat 1 piece of food at a time."
    How you do this exactly is hold forward and either right click some water or set it to a hotkey. You'll eat exactly one piece. Sometimes, it may bug out and prevent you from eating for a little while, just wait a bit before eating again.

    *Thank you LordYoshi for verifying.


    Here is a link (hopefully it works) to the layout of the SHMS of MOST (not all) ingredients. This number is the % location on the bar you would see with full lore and taste ID when the ingredient is RAW. I hope this helps give a good start to know where and want you want to start gathering and hunting. Remember, cooking tools treat different foods, differently.

    5. The Tools at Hand

    Basic Cooking Tools:
    • Cold Prepped – A natural improvement on the SHMS of a food item. Better than nothing.
    • Cooking Pot – Needs heat source to operate. Can throw just about anything in here to cook.
    • Baking Stone – Needs heat source. Makes Breads of differing varieties
    • TurnSpit – Needs heat source. Roasted foods, accepts fuel sources to roast with. Basic weaponry (worn blade) can substitute for the turnspit. Doesnt like Liquid Base.
    Advanced Cooking Tools:

    • Baking Pot – Needs heat source. Pot roasts and pie, oh my.
    • Smoke Box – Needs heat source, needs 11% minimum fuel source. Doesn't like Liquid Bases.
    • Steam Pot – Needs heat source, needs 31% liquid base minimum to operate
    • Fermentor – No need for heat source, needs 31% liquid base minimum to operate.
    6. Basic Use and Recipes

    Here is a breakdown of a few basic recipes to use with the cooking tools...

    Cooking pot... When there is no Liquid Base or Oil Base present in the pot, you will create a fried item.

    Adding in a Liquid Base:
    • <25% makes a Stew
    • 26-50% makes a Boiled Dish
    • 51%-90% makes a Soup
    • >90% makes a Decoction
    • You can get dumplings if you add in a Flour Base to the mix
      • Liquid Base 25-75%
      • Flour Base 25-75%
      • Filler <50%
      • At 1/1 FlourB/LiquidB You get Dumplings. Changing the water ratio turns it into Dumpling soup, stews and boiled.
    Adding in an Oil Base:

    • 44% (I think, have to recheck) Fat with filler makes Deep Fried Food.
    • Adding in flour can make it battered
      • Fat 44-79%
      • Flour 21-56%
      • Fill <=35%%
      • Battered and DeepFried TerrorBird McNuggets :)
    Baking Stone...

    • Flour Base 40%+
    • Liquid or Oil Base 20%+
    • Filler <=40%
    • Max filler can create some different variety of breads
    Turn Spit...

    • Can use up to 5% Liquid Base
    • Can use a Fuel Source to cook food (add in minimum 11% fuel source like Whitewood)
    • Shish kebab!
    Baking Pot...

    • MmmMm pie
      • Flour
      • Oil Base
      • Filler

    • Minimum 31% Liquid Base
    • BEER!
      • 60-80% Liquid Base
      • 20-40% Flour Base
      • <= Filler

    • Needs 11% Miniumum Fuel
    • Max 5% Liquid Base
    • Whitewood has natural healing qualities compared to other fuels
    Steam Pot...

    • Minimum 31% Liquid Base

    7. Sophistication and Food

    So, to start into how to figure out if your sophistication food is actually sophisticated, you need to know where the zero point on the bar is in the UI. It's at aprox 25%


    Your salutary raw Rye has a SHSM of 24/5/4/79. Which means you are below the zero point on soph (by having 24). YOU DROP SOPH TO EAT THIS!!! (EVEN AT FULL LORE COOK!!)

    Ambrosial Raw Pig though, has 27. So you go up, small amounts, by eating pig.

    This is why you see a general balance of zero, or below for most of the servers soph. Use this knowledge to start to regain your dignity, and crawl out of those sewers.

    Soph Drinks

    For the best results in soph gain from foods, you can craft SophDrinks. Juice base, with fruit chunks added in for those with the taste for something even more expensive.

    Using more juices in the concoction will build up your soph base, each acting as a soph multi to the dish. As well, adding in whole fruit adds into this base (wolf peach and it's juice does not act the same as the other juices in this manner).

    As well, it is very easy to find room to fit in soph multipliers when all ingredients are based off soph. Herbs and certain oils are excellent additions to foods to add in some sophistication. Basilius, Finol, Salvia, and Elavia Oil are some good examples of ingredients you can use as soph multis. There are many... And some which only show their true help when cooked in the right way...

    For example... If you add in pepper to a fermented flour and cream mix, you will get nothing good out of it... BUT if you roasted some pig up and added in a bit of pepper, you'd see a nice improvement to the sophistication.

    8. Size Changing Food

    When you have found a recipe in which can change your size, you will get a new bar like this:
    Both the growth and shrinking food, it seems, uses this bar. So you will not know what it will do to you until you try it, but if your concentration is not strong enough, you will not see anything happen. There are more than one way of achieving the end goals though, if your method is not strong enough (I have personally found two now for shrinking). You cannot go above or below your racial max and minimums.

    Types of food:
    • permanent shrink food (Verified by myself)
    • permanent growth food (Verified by PaveI)
    • temporary growth food (Verified by PaveI)
    • temporary shrink food (needs to be confirmed)
    The Growth and Shrinking of your Character will take up / gain attribute points (gain for shrinking), this is not an immediate effect, it takes some time for the server to register it so dont panic.

    Same goes for the damage bonus, it will jump up and down due to rounding when you eat / relog.

    Depending on the strength of the food you'll need to eat more units! The amount you need to eat is deceiving from the bar alone. A 9% food for shrinking for example is MUCH weaker than the 10% shown on the bar. Cannot imagine how much of the original 1% I was making would need.

    If you are eating growth food, make sure you either have attribute points available or at least one stat on a - so that it can go down as the height goes up.

    Shrinking food Recipe:

    Gamun Oil Decoction.
    1 Gamun Oil + 9 Water Base + CookingPot = Gamun Oil Decoction

    That's it. One Ingredient (well two, since you need the water base for a decoc and all). You dont need advanced cooking tools or advanced cooking (which both are the primaries under cooking).

    1 Salvia Oil
    9 Pirum Juice or Green Jamburra Juice

    that will give 1 cm per 15 units of food.

    Use it in cooking pot -> Salvia oil / Juice decoction

    Thank you PaveI for your contributions to the growth research and this thread.

    9. Food Extraction

    Gathering will only bring about the first tier of materials used in cooking. Here is a breakdown of the different skill/tools used in extraction in MO and which materials to bring to each, for best results.

    Rye -> Rye Flour
    Oat -> Oat Flour
    Rice -> Rice Flour
    Spelt -> Spelt Flour
    Corn -> Corn Flour (at the expense of most of the Corn Oil...)
    Karoton -> Karoton Juice
    Wolf Peach -> Wolf Peach Juice (Same as Press)

    Sea Dew -> Sea Dew Leaves
    Phasel Bean -> Phasel Extract
    Common Reedmace -> Reedmace Shoots
    Gamun -> Gamun Seed
    Salvia -> Salvia Carpels
    Horn Pepper -> Horn Pepper Seed

    Common Vitus -> Vitus Juice
    Red Jambura -> Red Jambura Juice
    Green Jambura -> Green Jambura Juice
    Malus -> Malus Juice
    Pirum -> Pirum Juice
    Wolf Peach -> Wolf Peach Juice (same as Grinder)
    Elaiva -> Elaiva Oil
    Palm Fruit -> Palm Oil
    Horn Pepper Seed -> Horn Pepper Oil
    Salvia Carpels -> Salvia Oil
    Gamun Seed -> Gamun Oil
    Brown Shore Kelp -> Brown Shore Kelp Oil
    Corn -> Corn Oil (at the expense of the Corn Flour)

    Here is a link to show food extraction rates, and the proper tool to use for each food item.

    10. Nourishment Cooking

    When cooking, you are generally trying to maximize and understand how to manipulate either the Health Nourishment (HN) or the Stamina Nourishment (SN). Here are a few ways of approaching how to maximize yourself within each category...

    Health Nourishment...

    Health Nourishment Food

    HN Food can be approached a few different ways. The standard in which you will compared to though, is Ambrosial Raw Pig. This comes from cold prepped meat from the domestic pig.

    Soph/HN for Ambro Pig 27/29.

    Now, a HM of 29 is quite high. It is more than ample for most anyone’s need (except for those who die a lot... you will need more HN to keep up with the loss of HR from death). There are a few basic ways of passing this...

    Easiest way, and one you can use so that you dont even have to leave town is just cooking cream in a cooking pot.

    This takes no primaries to do. Cooked Cream will have:

    Soph / HN : 30/29

    Now, I understand this isnt much of an improvement upon AmbroPig, but this is also just one ingredient, with the beginner tool. And you can just buy directly from the food vendor to make.

    Let's look into adding an ingredient than that is close to Tindrem, and will help out our fat content. Elavia Oil. You can get Elavia close by which gives an oil when pressed that is both good for Soph, as well as for HN.

    So, when you prepare the cream, and add in some oil (9/1), you can squeeze another point out of the dish and now have:

    Soph / HN: 30/30.

    I gave you a good ratio for the cream to oil. This is making the highest strength decoction you can out of the elavia oil you can. If you drop the ratio of oil to cream, you will get a weaker decoction... if you raise the ratio of oil to cream, you no longer have a decoction and it turns into a soup... (85/15 cream to oil will be down to Soph/HN of 29/25 now as a soup).

    Yet again, not much of an improvement. To get much more though, using a more advanced tool, such as the fermentor (which needs 90 in advanced tools to use.. the last tool you get to utilize) you can get that number much higher, with the use of the same two ingredients.

    The fermentor works differently that the pot though. It has a requirement of 31% liquid base. As well, the oil “can” become the main ingredient with better results. So when we use the same 9/1 ratio as we did in the cooking pot we now get:

    Soph / HN: 35/33

    But as I stated, we can now use the oil as our main ingredient and get more out of the oil...

    At 8/2 we get: Soph / HN of 35/35

    And if we max out our oil in the mix (which would be 69% due to the liquid minimum) and get a ratio of 31/69 Cream to Elavia Oil we get:

    Soph / HN of 27/38

    That is a 31% improvement to the 29 HN in which AmbroPig has while keeping the same Soph.

    Fermenting large amounts of oil is bad for Soph, generally btw. Elavia is a good one for high fat and good soph ratio though (and close by Tindrem)... when you use a fattier oil (like palm oil) you can get even higher HN, but would be losing even more of the Soph (but as a full skilled cook you can use 14 ingredients per dish, so there is room to try and help this out).

    And, if you took 3-5% of that oil, and brought in some soph multis you would not hurt your HN too badly, or even, replace some of the cream with a bit of juice and see major boosts in the Soph department.

    You can though just ferment your pig meat with some cream. If you use a 69/31 ratio you will get:

    Soph / HN of 34/33

    Botanical oils can be time consuming to train, thus having an oil base to things will be of lower quality for longer (grind out Botanical Oils with Corn -> Corn Oil around Mok'Ki area...)

    Stamina Nourisment...

    Stamina Nourishment Food

    When it comes to stam food, the norm is Salutary Raw Rye. (Soph / SN of 24/79). Having a Soph of 24 is a negative, and will drain your precious sophistication. We need to get food above 25 for it to be positive.

    To achieve this we can ferment some cream with our flour to give it the needed boost. A 31/69 Cream / Rye Flour mix would produce:

    Soph / SN of 31/79

    And this is directly from vendor. No need to leave town. AND... wait for it... NO MORE NEGATIVE SOPH!

    When it comes to SN, I have found no way to raise it. I am not saying there isnt, and I sure hope there is (and those who have found it). To combat this, we can look into the materials in game in which have a higher SN base than the Rye Flour.

    Oat Flour. Best choice for Soph and SN. You could just cold prep it to get a better food than Sal Rye, or you could bring it to a advanced cook who puts it in a fermentor and mixes it with cream, or Red Jamb Juice.

    Ingredient Mix.......................Soph/SN
    31Cream / 69 OatFlour ............34/91
    31 RJJuice / 69 OatFlour...........40/83

    Spelt will also give you better results than Rye.

    Now, all of these recipes here only use 2 ingredients. You have room for 5 more on a normal cook with no point investment, or 12 more with an advanced cook. This is much room for soph multis in here to spice up the dish. A good start would possibly be to split up that red jamb juice into a few different juices... (remember the section on SophDrinks??)

    11. Direct Heal and HoT in your Dishes

    Foods can produce healing effects, just like in alchemy. Not as pronounced, and dependant on your hunger... but it does have it's place in the cooking world. You can modify the healing capabilities of the foods with the proper use of additives (just like in alchemy... actually, the additives work as the multis in alchemy... I just dont like the word multi, thus I use additive...).

    So to start, lets look at HoT...

    Here is a list of the bases for HoT (the ones which come with natural HoT based as a % on the UI bar)

    Horn Pepper Oil - 20
    Thymus - 17
    Nymph Herb - 14
    Honey - 9
    Vitis Juice - 8
    Horn Pepper Seed - 8
    Vitus - 5
    Palm Fruit - 5
    Spongewood – 1

    There are also a few other materials which have natural HoT to them (like crops seed, blood kua and it's meat) and as new materials get introduced into the game, there will be more. This is more of a current list of mats which are more currently, readily available.

    And here is a list of additives in which you can use to modify the HoT of the food. The ratio numbers show the min/max amount of each additive you can add in to get a bonus effect. Finding the right ratio for your mixes is much more of a task.

    Ventriosus- (81:20)----- (11/12:1)

    Gherkin----- (78:23)----- (1000+:1)
    Gamun Oil ---(78:23)---- (1000+:1)

    Myr Rose---- (90:11) --- (374:1)
    Horn Pepper-(90:11) --- (374:1)
    Gamun Seed-(90:11) ---(374:1)
    Porcini Mush-(90:11) --- (374:1)
    Drakon-------(90:11) --- (374:1)
    Saburra Pdr--(90:11)-----(374:1)


    And here is a bit of mats to look into when trying to modify the HL (which is a bitch btw... )

    Nymph Herb
    Palm Fruit
    Palm Oil
    Red Jambura
    Red Jambura Juice
    Elaiva Oil
    Steppe Rush

    Now we can look at the DH in foods.

    Here is a list of the Bases for Direct Heal in descending order...

    Salvia Oil
    Salvia Carpels
    Seadew Leaves
    Nymph Herb
    Phasel Extract
    Vitus Juice

    Even though you would only ever use seadew and above for a potion, the other materials are listed just to show their natural DH stats (Spongewood has been on both DH and HoT lists... good for fuel in foods maybe?). As in HoT, there are a few materials not listed due tothe current rarity of them (a few fishables, somni... ).

    And here is a list of some additives for DH.

    Argus Sponge
    Calx Fish
    Queen Carc
    GJ juice
    P. Juice
    Muse fruit
    Blood Ore
    Meg Carc
    W. Bear
    C. Horn
    G. Oil
    Mino Carc
    G Jam
    Great Horn

    As with all cooking, what matters in the end is your ratios. They are what makes a good chef (or alchemist) stand out above the others.

    12. Known Cooking Bugs
    • Stat points and damage points do not update on UI immediately from size change food
    • Cooking tools and materials cannot be added to the cooking UI if the cooking UI is opened too soon after moving the items from your bank to your inventory, there needds to be a 1sec pause before openeing the cooking UI
    I would also like to thank Rillas for his help in organization and proper spoiler use in this thread. Good example of how excellent our community is...

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    One million Internets to you, sir.

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    Very valuable and well structured read, bookmarked it! :)
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    Yes, please publish this book in-game! Campana has a publishing service in Tindrem - she can help you with publishing and sales.
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    Still lots to type out... Soph and Food.. weight gain and loss and proper weight balance, size food mechanics (no recipes), Ill update later today with some more. As well, I have the other initial posts in this threads to show examples of named foods, verified recipes, and some SHMS highscores for people to submit (hopefully... )
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    Thanks for starting this guide I just last night experimented a little with cooking and actually used a cooking pot for the first time lol
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    High Intel is important for any crafter.
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    Just updated the skills section with needed stat for each skill
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    Growth/Shrink food info:

    Types of food:
    So far theres a couple known types of growth/shrink food:
    - permanent shrink food
    - permanent growth food
    - temporary growth food
    - temporary shrink food (needs to be confirmed)

    The Growth and Shrinking of your Character will take up / gain attribute points (gain for shrinking), this is not an immediate effect, it takes some time for the server to register it so dont panic.

    Same goes for the damage bonus, it will jump up and down due to rounding when you eat / relog.

    Depending on the strengh of the food you ll need to eat more units!

    Can i go below / above caps? That is yet to be confirmed, it has been hinted by a GM but it wasnt shown yet!

    As soon as i have further researched this type of food i ll release more info about it

    Some other info:
    From what i have seen different cooking tools boost certain stats like Health Nourishment, did you find that aswell golgotha?
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  15. Golgotha

    Golgotha Well-Known Member

    I have yet to confirm any temporary shrink with any of mine, but permanent is for sure. I am making a Midget currently, so I will see soon about below caps.

    Are you claiming confirmation of both permanent and temporary growth, with your own food? You have shown the growth of a FTP char, can you make a max halfbreed 216kallard to grow to 217 to confirm?

    Now with health nourishment.. are you speaking of the HRG (Health reserve gain) or about DH, HoT, and HL?
  16. Golgotha

    Golgotha Well-Known Member

    Updated with a link to the SHMS basics for food in section 4.
  17. PaveI

    PaveI Trial Member

    I have had my hands on temporary growth food, and i personally have the permanent one :)
    My plan was to make a 217 size one yes, but first i need to "refine" the recipe a bit more.

    And yes speaking of HRG
  18. Lahuzer

    Lahuzer Senior Member

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  19. Golgotha

    Golgotha Well-Known Member

    Oh, for sure. But it isnt just the HRG. I have found that a tool would treat two items, both with high HRG naturally (but in different food groups) different as well.
  20. PaveI

    PaveI Trial Member

    Yeah that would be the next step :)

    I didnt have the time to test too much on the combinations as i have been busy with some other stuff ^^
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