Cooking for the Masses

Discussion in 'Nobleman's Wisdom' started by Golgotha, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. Sarkhan

    Sarkhan Well-Known Member

    Wow thats crazy! Amazing information guys.

    EDIT: Sounds like you almost have to prepare for growth, eh? Same goes for shrinkage mayhaps?
  2. PaveI

    PaveI Trial Member

    No, shrinkage is easier as it gives attribute points
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  3. MrB

    MrB Silver Supporter

    Great post! Im gonna start cooking myself because of this lol :D
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  4. StrongMad

    StrongMad Well-Known Member


    Best..... Food...... Ever
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  5. Prag

    Prag Junior Member

    Would you know the type classification (e.g. Oil, liquid, meat, etc) of peculiar edibles e.g. Copper coins, Argus, Skadite, Pyropite, Cotton, Silk etc?
  6. Rillas

    Rillas Senior Member

    Suggestion, can you change the font color of the text within the spoiler tags to something darker?
    Quite annoying to have to select the text everytime I need to look something up ^^
  7. Golgotha

    Golgotha Well-Known Member

    I was not aware the writing was overly light, or did not show up for some. Must be due to the diff forum templates. I will look into that for sure.

    Edit: Since it is all writing in the same colored font.. a question, is it just the spoiler text? Does putiing it into a spoiler change the color? Wasnt aware...
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  8. Sarkhan

    Sarkhan Well-Known Member

    Just to let you know, everything looks fine from the lighter-colored forum template, whatever its called.
  9. Rillas

    Rillas Senior Member

    When using the Mortal Online Legacy template (assuming most people use this) the default font color is light gray. The light gray text doesn't blend in well with the light yellow background color from the spoiler.

    The other templates (XenForo Light / Mortal Online) have default black font color which does work for everything including text inside spoilers.

    If you manually change the font color of text within spoilers to black it'll work for all templates.
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  10. Golgotha

    Golgotha Well-Known Member

    Better now?
  11. Sarkhan

    Sarkhan Well-Known Member

    I just want to give a double thumbs up for having the information related to advanced cooking tools being included, the fuels amounts, etc. Ever since awakening I've not had access to this info, and as such simply did not use those tools.

    But now, I can! Thanks again for the info. Time to use advanced cooking tools again.
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  12. Rillas

    Rillas Senior Member

    Almost, can you change all the text outside the spoilers to default (just click remove formatting)?
    This text is now also black and on a grey background it is less readable then what it was before.

    It was just the text inside the spoilers causing the issues, which does look good now.

    Edit: You also have an extra spoiler tag with no content in it above the spoilers with content, think you mistyped somewhere.
  13. Resin

    Resin Well-Known Member

    not sure when you changed font color to black, but it is very hard to read for those that use the black background.
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  14. Golgotha

    Golgotha Well-Known Member

    I heard I heard...

    I screwed it up worse trying to get the spoilers to show up better... Going to have to go through it later when I have a bit of time and fix it up.

    Im writing a section on making soph food right now too (or moreso expanding the section to show how to get into it more, since I keep getting bugged about crafting it for people and I do not have the time...) So I will get them both in here later to fix up the thread...

    Why do the forum templates not just work in conjunction without me having to fuck around with font colors???? Anyhow.. Ill update a bit later here.
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  15. Golgotha

    Golgotha Well-Known Member

    Okay, now it's fixed I believe.

    Still have those extra spoiler tags each time, but in the edit I cannot see why it is doing this (and I am slightly challenged, so I assume the error is obvious... ) so it will stay as is currently.
  16. Rillas

    Rillas Senior Member

    If you want you can PM me your content (while you're in editing mode) and I'll remove the extra spoiler tag.
    The rest of it looks perfect now.
  17. Godkin Veratas

    Godkin Veratas Senior Member

    Golgotha, this is a great guide. It's written in such a way that is easy to follow, informative, and also leaves enough mystery to be encouraging of individual effort. Thanks. A+
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  18. Diphling

    Diphling The Desperado

    I agree with this all, but the bastard won't sell size decreasing food.
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  19. Under Achiever

    Under Achiever New Member

    Cool informative post OP!

    P.S Can you make Bacon Sammich?
  20. Golgotha

    Golgotha Well-Known Member

    I attached a .zip file into the OP and this thread in which you can use to measure the SHMS of the food you create.

    I feel it only fair that people should get to properly compare the foods they make, and buy. Thus I am sharing the AHK file so that everyone else can enjoy food as much as I.

    Education is our key to proper crafting and non-pvp in MO.

    EDIT: You will need to have AutoHotKey on your computer first, and then run this as a script from it.

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