Cooking for the Masses

Discussion in 'Nobleman's Wisdom' started by Golgotha, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. Golgotha

    Golgotha Well-Known Member

    Wait, you forgot milling.

    You have ore extraction appliances, but forgot the action. Milling, under extraction.
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  2. Bill _Hicks

    Bill _Hicks Guest

    Excellent ty.. btw the botony i was thinking more for the grains (Agrostology) in me beer. My lazy ass, useless character is well underway. :)
  3. StrongMad

    StrongMad Well-Known Member

    Doesn't having adv cooking increase the quality of some foods?
  4. Golgotha

    Golgotha Well-Known Member

    It does, you just dont get the extra slots.. even though I remember reading patch notes once that said it was fixed..... SV?
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  5. Turkis

    Turkis "The Biggest Catch" Champion

    It actually was fixed when they patched several months back. If it's currently not working it was rebroken with a proceeding patch. Sounds like Seb needs to be poked with a stick.
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  6. Ascendance

    Ascendance Senior Member

    Advanced cooking seems to have a drastic effect on the more advanced effects such as height growth and sophistication, but it only makes a minor change for health/stam reserves etc.
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  7. Skaine

    Skaine Member

  8. powN

    powN Senior Member

    All of em like carcass except brown molvas. I think brown molvas like normal horse food. Not sure.
  9. ThaBadMan

    ThaBadMan Exalted Member

    Brown ones like same as horses do. Like dile soup.
  10. Dhan

    Dhan Exalted Member

    Woot 100 soph food. :)
    Now I just have to work on the ingredients because it is a bit pricey.
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  11. Finnley

    Finnley Well-Known Member

    Dam levelling a advanced cook takes some dedication.. Cant wait until i can brew my first beer
  12. Zergi

    Zergi Well-Known Member

    keep on boiling that water
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  13. Finnley

    Finnley Well-Known Member

    Its the milling and the material lores that take time. Cooking + tools is not the issue ^^
  14. Dhan

    Dhan Exalted Member

    Yeah cooking tools + adv cooking you can level in an hour or two, except smoker tool :(. Some material lores can also be maxed in a few minutes if you are willing to buy it from the vendor. I never tried to level milling though, the yields with 0 milling are pretty decent already.
  15. Zergi

    Zergi Well-Known Member

    grind stuff the most easy and costly way would be buy red jambura and grind it

    low skillgain due low output
  16. Finnley

    Finnley Well-Known Member

    I am levelling milling by gathering rice in tindrem garden.. There are some nodes and a crusher. The nodes there refill in about 15 minutes and I get about 2k to 3k per run. Does somebody have a better idea on how to level it.
  17. Dhan

    Dhan Exalted Member

    Sounds pretty effective, but I would honestly just level it over time with oats or something else that's good
  18. Finnley

    Finnley Well-Known Member

    Yeah milling is 82 now and i can still get obese. Just need to get the press and the crusher/grinder skill up then i can start brewing.
  19. Finnley

    Finnley Well-Known Member

    So i am trying to make good stam food and what ever i try to mix and match is much worse than ambrosial raw oat ... Am i doing something wrong?
  20. Dhan

    Dhan Exalted Member

    I don't think you are. I've also tried and gotten the same result. I don't think there is anything better than raw oat.

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