Crappy Armor Crafting Materials

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  1. Aleos

    Aleos Trial Member

    I can find zero information anywhere about what crappy junk materials to use when crafting any aspect of armor. Any list is outdated and any discussion goes completely off topic. It'd be nice for a small simple short and sweet list of totally crap materials that one can use to grind armor. HELP A DUDE OUT FFS

    thanks :)
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  2. Redhairdfreak

    Redhairdfreak Senior Member

    Soft tissues, quality leather (springboks), fullgrain leather, and wool (urials). Hard tissues to use, bone tissue (almost everything), and any wood type should be pretty easy to get a hold of and cheap enough if you plan on buying the mats instead of farming them yourself.
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  3. Ichorous

    Ichorous The Argent Speedster

    You can use cotton from the utility vendor to make robes and kallardian padded. You will need scales or boiled leather for khurite splinted and tindremic scale. Getting scales can be difficult if you're not accustomed to hunting the southern regions. You will need to learn, or make a connection. Keeled scales are generally the easiest type to get. Once you get to lamellar and plate armors, just use spongewood to level up.
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  4. Dalacor

    Dalacor Well-Known Member

    Kill cougars and springboks, get it butchered. That will give you most of what you will need plus help you with your lores. Sators are also excellent for scales and incis which you will need. If you start your crafter as a butcher that can also work as you can get lores up butchering your carcasses.

    This is assuming you already have a fighter/MA to kill mobs.
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  5. Kha-Ri

    Kha-Ri Honored Member

    1. Heavy robes (fullgrain leather or wool)
    2. Kallardian padded/khurite scout armor (fullgrain leather [not sure about wool as a primary material])
    3. Kallardian lamellar armor (bone tissue/fullgrain leather or wool)
    4. Tindremic plate (bone tissue/fullgrain leather or wool)
    • Fabernum/Tindrem - bush pigs (bone tissue/fullgrain leather).
    • Bakti - wisents (bone tissue/fullgrain leather/wool).
    • Meduli - pigs (bone tissue/fullgrain leather).
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  6. Mauzi

    Mauzi Status King

    In addition to the above you can use training materials for armors:
    • soft material: cotton (cheap from NPC vendor)
    • hard material: wood (hack yourself)
    • scales: keeled scales (buy rather cheaply or hunt yourself)
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  7. Aleos

    Aleos Trial Member

    Awesome! Thanks a lot guys you''ve saved the day. Truly. If anyone else would like to add more information it would be much appreciated. I'm sure i wont be the last to have this question asked/answered.
    Stay safe out there!
  8. Phenomenoz

    Phenomenoz Well-Known Member

    Khurite Splinted - main mat - scales only. (keeled/horned is decent)
  9. Akkrid

    Akkrid Trial Member

    thanks ive been looking for a way of crafting armors xD just been reading books in game xD

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