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    Hello Everyone,

    I wanted to talk to you a moment about crashing the client and players being banned for it. Recently we had an issue where a player was banned for crashing the game client that was observed by a game-master trying to save his loot, and as per internal policy, he was banned for 72 hours. We had the same case this time involving the pet relic, and at the time there was no observation or evidence to prove said complaint. So the offender was not banned, and it was brought to us as a matter of favoritism Evidence has come forward, and some internal logs, as well as the relic itself, also proves the case, so I have decided to ban the player and return the pet relic to the Que.

    I thought this was something our players already knew, but it has come to my attention since we do not post our rules publicly that perhaps they did not. In all the years I have done support, there is always one common factor that I feel is being ignored so I would like to try and explain this a bit more. A sandbox game is not; an excuse to exploit, as we are humans we can know right from wrong. Of course, this is a game so killing and stealing and things of that nature are acceptable, but let me explain what is not being this is a sandbox game a player going around trying clever ways to place territory control so that no one can hit or putting it inside each other. Knowing something is not intended but doing it regardless. As a gaming company when this happens we are always faced with a dilemma should Game-Masters or Coders resolve the problem. As of late, we have decided to ignore the issue and let the code resolve it and prevent you from doing it. This however, is not working, so in going forward this will be my warning to any player who feels the need to exploit or go around what is not intended will be banned when caught.
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