Darkfall New Dawn Launch Jan 26th.

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    What is Darkfall: New Dawn?
    Darkfall: New Dawn (DND) is an FPS-MMORPG set in the high-fantasy, vast, un-instanced world of Agon. The Darkfall franchise was originally launched by Aventurine Studios (a totally different development team) in 2009, with Darkfall Online. Aventurine then morphed it into the often-criticised Darkfall: Unholy Wars, and struggled to return that game to Darkfall’s glory days of 2009-2012.

    It’s the only game around that’s got high-skilled FPS PvP, massive clan and alliance warfare, politics, war-mongering, spying, diplomacy, crafting, trading and PvE – all in the one place. The game breeds a social nature.

    The graphics might look outdated now, but the gameplay remains superb. The changes its new developers Ub3rgames have brought to the game have already gone a long way.


    So what’s changed from the original Darkfall game?

    Some highlights that are in for launch:

    • Localisation – banking and marketplaces will be local but you will have global access to your gold (Think EVE Online)
    • Armour traits – different armour types provide different potencies, and you can mix and match to suit your own playstyle
    • Titles – you can choose how you want to specialise in the available skills with up to 5 different titles (think of this like a skills soft cap/class system)
    • Meaningful alignment – going red (Bad) is a choice, but one that will make things much harder for those who dare kill their own kind, risk vs reward!
    • Spawn scaling – work together (even with people you don’t know) to get more loot and XP: mobs get harder and give better gains/loot when you bring more people.
    • No fast travel – keeping the world localised, encouraging trade and the need to defend local, specialised resources. Control your own territory or encroach on your neighbours!
    • Village control points – ‘king of the hill’ style village captures to gain your clan much needed clan meditation points, gold and local resources – and the same for you too!
    • PvP has completely changed – gone is the old DFO meta where you needed to level up all skills to be viable. In come reactive blocking, weapons that are all useful (even the one-handed weapons and shield combos), encumbrance and magnitude greatly affecting archery, spell powers and damage.
    • Mount inventories – to help you carry your gear, loot and wares
    • Dynamic harvesting – the further you are from safety, the better drops you’ll be getting
    So much more than can be listed here!



    January 2018 launch date confirmed
    Ub3rgames – the game’s developers – have confirmed that Darkfall: New Dawn will launch on 26 January 2018

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  2. Teknique

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    This game again? Did they make the inventory UI not junk yet or what?
  3. LordJan

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    Honestly interested but if Pop isn't more then 500 then is it really worth..
  4. Lord_Casso

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    And people complain about mortals graphics?
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  6. jhackman

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    Game world is too big to make it worth playing with the low pop. Can’t believe they suckered some investors to redo that shet.
  7. Valhalo

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    What happened to RoA, wasn't that released only recently?
  8. Yeonan

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    "It’s the only game around that’s got high-skilled FPS PvP, massive clan and alliance warfare, politics, war-mongering, spying, diplomacy, crafting, trading and PvE – all in the one place. The game breeds a social nature."

    Strange, MO has all of that...
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  9. LordJan

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    And at-least Mortal has good Melee. I hate Darkfall swing around aimlessly and spinning around.
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  10. SF Ranger

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  11. Yeonan

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    Nah PvE is actually decent, ill admit it can be easymode with MA but on foot there are some real challenges like akreps and minos
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  12. Theodosius

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    You realize the game you're currently playing has a fraction of that, right?
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  13. Jatix

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    Was interested in DND for a long time but for everything good they have added they added several trash things. Chances are the game is going to be a tedious waste of time.

    They want to make darkfall a meaningful world but thats just not really possible. Its darkfall. It has 0 immersion, trash crafting and meh pve. And for some reason they think making it so someone has to ride for an hour to get some mats to some crafter main and thats supposed to create meaning and a good economy. Idk to me it just sounds boring.
    Going red makes u complete ass. They put too much into trying to make their systems make sense that they forgot we wanted to play for fun and dunk.

    I always wanted titles but crafting titles are a joke alt fest.

    Mobs dont drop intelligent loot which made pve even more a waste of time grind than before. Once you get good stats no point in going anywhere to not pvp.

    And these are besides all the other core darkfall crap issues. Like bhop, instant mount spawning, instant weapon switching, trash blocking system, rays, hold left click greatsword online melee, haste is in the game, etc.

    I might play release cuz I already own the game to try and dunk nubs with race wars when the pop is high but I just cant actually support the game when I hate the majority of their changes.

    Well a lot of us arent playing MO right now cuz pop is a joke. I'm hoping Sv misses our subs and starts working on a real patch.

    And the way DND works you need more players for the game to feel not dead than MO. The world is way to big and messy, MO is much more hotspot friendly.
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  14. Mittica

    Mittica New Member

    looks like yet another junky 3rd person mmo that will stay in early access for decades and never kick off. MO looks better or at par in every way so i'll just commit to one game for now.
  15. longhairdfreak

    longhairdfreak Senior Member

    Darkfall and MO have been out for pretty much the same amount of time, if you consider all darkfall versions. Aly and I are playing this now and are having fun. Been in game 4 days now. There are a lot of new systems that are good additions. The only problem is darkfall keeps getting re-released. First darkfall. Then darkfall unholy wars. Now two separate versions of darkfall are coming out at the same time. Darkfall New dawn and Darkfall Rise of Agon. We're trying out new dawn, it seems more realm vs realm as opposed to everyone against everyone, but time will tell. Might be backing the wrong horse, but having fun so far. Aly has historically had crazy good luck opening the chaos chests, getting the top prize in 1 hour of chaos chest being released originally, then in darkfall unholy ways she god a villa deed. The chests alone are addictive, lol. Anyway, I wouldn't knock it till you try it (Or know someone who does). It is not just some random game, it does have quite a long history.
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  16. jhackman

    jhackman Senior Member

    A long history of shutting down.
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  17. Mittica

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    Prove it. Find a place to see how many people who are playing "are not" steam users. For science. We all know the dismal steam chart numbers showing 200-400, but most of the die-hards joined before steam and wont show on that list.
  18. chingaperros

    chingaperros Well-Known Member

    lol the only ppl that dont use steam are irontengu and manflayer, its just a myth told by Seb so they can deny their game is dying

    and 200-400? you wish, charts show 100-140 with the month peak not going past 200, its really one of the lowest pop Ive seen for MO, but SV dont listen and want to release more magic schools instead of fixing tc and adding sub tokens...
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  19. Weeknd

    Weeknd Trial Member

    What a shit.
  20. Jatix

    Jatix Well-Known Member

    If you launch the game from the folder so you can dual client it will still say you are playing on steam. The only way you wont be picked up by steam charts is if you use the old non steam launcher to install and patch, which is very few people. I'm fairly confident this is how it works regardless of what people seem to claim to try and make the pop sound better.

    And steam charts show 131 peak in last 24 hours, not 200-400... Logged in last night for once to see if game is as dead as I thought and it was. The only people on were the few diehards who cant quit even tho theres nobody to fight on.

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