Do vve have camoufladge spell and...

Discussion in 'Round Table' started by DRAG0N, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. DRAG0N

    DRAG0N Junior Member

    Somekind of spell as povverfull as arrovvs yet?
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  2. Kha-Ri

    Kha-Ri Honored Member

    Sleeping in tall grass/bushes.
    Lightning on armored targets, flamestrike as a weakspot hit and on nakeds.
  3. Kokiri_Glade

    Kokiri_Glade Well-Known Member

    Ive seen you use Ws
  4. jackthestripper

    jackthestripper Senior Member

    Yes we do actually. Its called re-rolling and changing your characters name. Often used by nasty people when they have too many enemies, or owe too much money.

    If you have 500 gold you can also camaflouge your guild, by making a new one and selling all your assets to it, then quitting the game with your old guild. Often used in conjunction with the previously mentioned personal camaflauge spell. Enjoy.
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  5. Mhu

    Mhu Guest

    Bushes don't work since ppl can edit ini files of the game to get rid of bushes, trees, water and even the sun shine. SV can't deal with it.
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  6. Jatix

    Jatix Well-Known Member


    Is this bannable?
    @LGM Discord

    I have passionately hated people running through op bushes to mage heal my entire time playing this game..... If I could make them go away I would.

    Just dont want to be picked up by anticheat or anything and get banned. I'd rather deal with the bushes lol
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  7. Mhu

    Mhu Guest

    it is bannable for sure but the catch is they dont have anyway to detect it currently. I know ppl use that set up for years allready with no repercution at all.
  8. Lord_Casso

    Lord_Casso Member

    Don't be a cheater -.- just git gud at this game and don't cheat to get the upper hand
  9. Jatix

    Jatix Well-Known Member

    Have no plans on cheating. Just wish the game mechanics were good so we didnt want to.
  10. Lord_Casso

    Lord_Casso Member

    They are good
  11. mangjuan

    mangjuan Junior Member

    LIKE I said.... being in tindrem gy 'bushes' 24/7 isn't going to help son.
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  12. Mordakai

    Mordakai Junior Member

    So to understand you correctly, you adjusted an .ini file. That way you could see through the bushes in tindrem GY.. got it!
  13. Manflayer

    Manflayer Honored Member

    Noot noot?
  14. DRAG0N

    DRAG0N Junior Member

    I think you need to see the predatore's saga again to knovv vvhat camougfladge spell vvould be...

    And flamestrike vveakspot hit or lighting or armored targets... are still stupid useless spells that can be interrupted by arrovvs and normal blovvs... If vve had a spell as POVVERFUL (means to be capable of all vvhat the other accomplishes) as ARROVVS vve could have interrupt casting spells vvith other spells and also a spell that properly fights archers and foot or mounted vvarriors integrating vvizards to the normal vvarfare correctly as they should have been from the launch of this game.
  15. Bordelli

    Bordelli Well-Known Member

    Does your W key not work Dragon? Lol

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