Do you feel that there should be a feedback option for any interaction with a MOD/GM?

Discussion in 'Round Table' started by Crack, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. Crack

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    I believe that there should be a feedback option for every interaction that you have with a GM/MOD or Customer Service Representative (CSR) from SV. This is not a crazy new idea, AAA titles such as WoW already have these kind of features, and it ensures that the staff that's there to SUPPORT THE CUSTOMER, is actually doing a proper job, instead of driving customers away.

    This would motivate the MOD/GM staff to not be so overzealous, and rather focus on aiding a customer, instead of constantly punishing and censoring people with no feedback mechanism.

    I am not going to say anything bad about the mods here, because it will just get my post deleted . But I am sure that if you read forums that are not as heavily moderated, you will see a continuing issue with the way the MOD and GM staff treat the paying player base.

    Now that SV has come to us with their hands OPEN begging for Donations, I feel that it is up to them, in good faith, to ensure that the customer gets treated properly, and a feedback mechanism would be an excellent way for that to happen.

    I also believe that those results should be made public, but that's open to discussion.

    P.S. in case this post gets deleted, I am posting a copy/paste of it thread in the Mortal Online subreddit, and hopefully some one can start a similar thread on MMOG forums, so we don't get silenced like always.

    Edit: Link to the reddit post, for posterity
  2. Odazland

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    What i really liked about The War Z is how the devs are gathering information from there playerbase.

    A simple "vote" feature (after closing the game for example) would be nice for MO too. These could be questions like "What feature should we focus on?", "Please rate the predictions system" or "What bug should we fix first?". Like i said, a good method for devs to gather information and beside that it also gives a good feeling to the players.

    A feedback option for Customers Service would be nice too but is not that important for SV and for the MO Players (at least i think so). I would rather see a "in-game" feedback option for game features.

    Would be interesting what Parateus or any Dev thinks about this.
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  3. ApocaRUFF

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    Support staff are paying customers who have volunteered to spend their time helping others. Just throwing that out there, since you make a big deal about how they treat PAYING customers.

    I've honestly never seen one instances where someones post was deleted or they were punished without reason. The only response people can come up with when they break the rules and get punished is, "Hey! You guys can't afford to punish me! I am a paying customer and if I get punished I will end my sub!"

    As for in-game staff. They help however they can. They are restricted in what they can do based on guidelines set up by SV. From counselors all the way up to GMs. Insulting them or telling them how shitty of a job you think they are doing because they can't loot your corpse that is on the side of a mountain for you is like yelling at a cashier at the grocery store for not carrying the kind of carrots you like. That's beyond their control.

    Simple solution that doesn't require SV to program a new features: Read the rules.

    I like Odazland's idea for game feature feedback, though.
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  4. Incarnadine

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    I don't see a poll here -.-

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